Gun control kills jobs

The evidence is growing that gun control inhibits growth and jobs:

Ever since Barack Obama was sworn in as president, the economy has misfired. Jobs remain scarce and the market has yet to recover the value it had prior to the 2007 crash. Though Mr. Obama’s policies have unintentionally given a major boost to an industry he hates – firearms – even this one bright spot hasn’t necessarily translated into new employment.

Take Sturm Ruger Co., one of the few publicly traded U.S. gunmakers. Anyone who happened to invest $100 in the firm’s stock on Mr. Obama’s Inauguration Day would have about $532 today. That’s stellar performance in any business climate. According to company filings, Ruger had orders in hand for twice as many guns as it had the capacity to manufacture. Under ordinary circumstances, such sustained demand would be a green light to expand production lines and make new hires.

Unfortunately, Ruger, like most corporations, is afraid of what the Obama administration has up its sleeve. “The company believes that the lawful private ownership of firearms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and that the widespread private ownership of firearms in the United States will continue,” Ruger told the Securities and Exchange Commission. “However, there can be no assurance that the regulation of firearms will not become more restrictive in the future and that any such restriction would not have a material adverse effect on the business of the company.” Between 2007 and 2010, Ruger added just 10 employees.

As some states tighten their gun control laws gun manufacturers look at moving to states that are friendlier to their industry:

The regulation-minded states need to realize what Florida and Virginia already understand. Firearms sales and ownership are at an all-time high, while crime remains at an all-time low. Gun control doesn’t save lives or reduce crime; it just destroys jobs. Federal and state lawmakers could give the economy a real stimulus by repealing these obnoxious statutes once and for all.


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  • Kosh103

    Tight gun control is a must, and it is a joke for the right and gun nuts to be spouting off that it is the fear of gun control that is preventing job growth.

    • Only the left wing wants a disarmed public, much easier to take control. The worst dictators the world has seen have all been left wing and all have subjugated their population.

      • Kosh103

        Im not asking for a disarmed public. But to suggest gun control is a bad thing is plain stupid.

      • Kosh103

        Im not asking for a disarmed public. But to suggest gun control is a bad thing is plain stupid.

      • The only gun control that is good is hitting what you aim for…gun control the way you like it just takes guns off law abiding citizens, the criminals remain armed.

      • A-random-reader

        Hitler = right wing dictator

        Mussolini = right wing dictator

        Pinochet = right wing dictator

        Not to mention all the south American military juntas.

        Your argument seems somewhat unsound.

      • I was waiting for an idiot and along he came. Hitler and Mussolini were socialists. The nazi party was short for National Socialists.

        I’ll give you Pinochet.

        But I raise you Lenin, Stalin, Kim il sung, Kim Jong il, Fidel Castro, Mao tse tung, Gadaffi, Robert Mugabe, Tito, ho chi Minh, and pol pot.

    • Guest

      Having read your previous comments on firearms issues Kosh , you should probably give this one a miss

      • Kosh103

        So becuase I think gun control is a GOOD thing you would rather not hear about it. LMAO – get over yourself.

    • Kosh103

      So are you opposed to waitng periods for guns? Are you for the average Joe Blogs having free and ready access to, say, an uzi, or perhaps expanding bullets?

      • Guest

        You really have just helped me prove my previous point.
        There are no waiting periods in New Zealand, if you have the correct endorsement, the money and the permit you may purchase what you wish.

        “So are you opposed to waiting periods for guns? Are you for the average Joe Blogs having free and ready access to, say, an uzi, or perhaps expanding bullets?” 
        I am for the licensed having what he / she wants, as for expanding ammunition it is as common as cat shit here, I reload it all the time , it is the most humane way to put meat on my table, no restrictions.
        Just so this doesn’t turn into a slanging match please tell me what your ideal gun control would be and what you think it would achieve in this country

      • Kosh103

        @ guest – I am asking WO, not someone who cant even muster the effort to come up with a log in name.

      • Grantman

        Answer the Guest and stop behaving like a petulant baby.

      • Yep, they do now…in fact I trotted down to Hamills and bought another packet of 150gr Federal hollowpoint .308…they expand real good and I’m going to need them this week.

      • Anonymous

        have you answered Guest yet.

  • Brainiac 13

    You are falling for gun industry spin as the opposite is actually true. Gun control paradoxically increases gun sales.

    Sales started rising once it was clear that Barack Obama (a gun control fanatic according to the industry ) would take office. That led a whole a lot of people to line up for gun permits. Ruger’s revenues also rose in the year after Congress passed a five-day waiting period for gun buyers in 1994, and again after the criminal background check went into effect in 1998.

    But back to the issue of jobs. Why did Ruger only hire 10 more people between 2007 and 2010? Well CEO Michael Fifer has focused on making Sturm Ruger’s manufacturing operations more efficient ever since he took the job around 2006. Not be simply hiring more staff.

    Perhaps the truth is revealed by CEO Fifer own words … .

    “I think half the people in the firearms industry, if asked, would hope he’s not President, but then will secretly go out and vote for him again”.
    Why? Good for business of course.

  • Grantman

    The threat of political interference always discourages investment, whether it be in Africa or the United States.  Certainly the threat of political interference discourages the firearm industry from investing despite the boom in sales. 

    I find it difficult that any good businessman who sees an opportunity such as 100% more demand than they can handle would pass up the opportunity for at least moderate expansion.

    Gun control is something criminals say laughingly as they watch Joe Bloggs jumping through all the hoops.  They don’t get their drugs legally, neither do they get their guns legally.  ‘Gun controls’ is often perpetuated by complete firearm illiterates who should have no business dealing with the issue. 

  • Guest

    @ Kosh  I’d still like to to know what your Ideal gun control would be and what you think it would achieve in this country.

  • Kosh103

     WO so you are in favour of no gun control. Gee what a surprise. Where the hell is a “rolling eyes” icon when you need it.

    • Agent BallSack

      I think that often when I see you mangle the English language

  • Schoolboy

    WO claims: “Hitler and Mussolini were socialists. The nazi party was short for National Socialists”

    That has to be the most ignorant and uninformed comment I have ever read on this blog (which is saying something). They were self-described fascists, a designation that no one has ever questioned. The name, as any historian or schoolboy will tell you, was a ploy to broaden their appeal. 

    • Racism is not right wing it is nationalistic.

      Fascism supports a socially united, collective national society and opposes socially divided class-based societies (including liberal bourgeois society and Marxian proletarian society) and socially-divided individualist-based society.[13] Fascists claim it is a trans-class movement, advocating resolution to internal class conflict to secure national solidarity.[14] While fascism opposes internal class conflict, it favours a proletarian national culture and claims that its goal of nationalizing society levels social classes and emancipates the nation’s proletariat.[15] While viewing internal class conflict as unnecessary and resolvable, fascism believes that bourgeois-proletarian conflict primarily exists in national conflict between proletarian nations versus bourgeois nations and supports the victory of proletarian nations.[16]

    • Grantman

      Schoolboy you sure sound like a schoolboy.  Fascism and socialism are birds of a feather.  No right wing, free market capitalist wants a bar of either.  Sorry, both are firmly on the losing side of the political spectrum – way way left *shudder*

    • Thorn

      Did Kosh groom you or rear you?

  • Balanced View

    Seriously?? Have I missed the Sunday session somewhere? What a load of drivel. Arguments about gun control costing jobs leading to arguments over whether certain dictators were left or right aligned. Ridiculous.
    Come on Whale, please put your sane hat back on.

  • Gomango64

    given Sturm Ruger only has 1100 employees (the same number roughly from 2004 thru to 2012 ie under 1 Bush and 1 Obama administration) it is drawing a very long bow to blame Obama and poptential gun control laws for the lack of employee growth. Like most manufacturers in the US Ruger has been able to achieve productivity growth of 5 to 10% per annum while maintaining or reducing staff.

    Any fapping about gun control is just marketing spin.   Now if ruger were claiming an unwillingness to take on new staff because of uncertainty around healthcare costs, then that would not be ridiculous, but the gun control story is.

    • Kosh103

      At a guess I would say old Sturm is a white, middle aged Republican who will also be a member of the NRA. It is no surprise he doesnt like the black fulla in the White House who wants to take away all his guns (even thou thats only in his head).

      I would also guess he would blame that black fulla for everything and anything, and claim any success the black boy is having is because of the amazing set up old GW left for him.

      Just a thought. ;0D

      • Thorn

        Kosh, your guess is wrong.

      • Kosh103

        @ thorn – LMAO, yeaaaaaa No, Im right.

      • Thorn

        Alex Sturm died in 1951, you fool.  Obama was still in liquid form at this time.

      • Guest

        Still no answer to the question Kosh

  • Bart

    Gun Control kills Jobs?  I thought it was Pancreatic Cancer?   (Boom tish!)

    (Grabs hat and coat…..)

  • Grantman

    Under Bush did Ruger see 100% more demand than they could accomodate?  Unlikely.  So of course employees would have remained static.

    Clearly the threat of political interference plays a roll in the company failing to take at least moderate advantage of such a vast opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    Once again misinformed dribble from all concerned.I’m with Whale and Kosh on this one.
    The fact is that in states with liberal gun laws, and sensible easy to interpret self defense laws, have overall lower crime rates. A fact that gun control nuts don’t want to recognize.
    The fact is that New Zealand rates right up the top for crime by world standards for developed countries. A fact that is kept quiet for a whole host of reasons.
    NZ probably has more guns per head of population than the US has, but we have a much lower rate of gun crime. Probably because of our current gun legislation and how it is applied.

     If you Arm the Police you have to Arm the general population and vise versa. Otherwise you will have para military Police force, and more police shootings of innocent bystanders, and a whole host of other undesirable problems. If you have sensible easy to understand self defense laws you are going to have more civilians killing and being killed.

    I’m from the school of thought that everyone has a responsibility and obligation for maintaining law and order some full time and some part time. As such the Police should have no more power than that of an ordinary citizen.
    So how to we have a caring sharing society with no crime and everyone being polite to each other. In other words how do we all just get along? Whilst deliberating on that question. Remember the first responder to any crime is the victim.

  • Steve and Monique.

    To the young lady in the States who shot that scumbag who entered her house,and was promptly shot.Good use of gun control there,she got him in one shot.Law abiding gun owners do what they have to,and follow the law.Crims dont as witnessed by thefts of firearms around Taranaki.

  • Anonymous

    There is a huge demand for firearms in the US at the moment, the FBI approved 500,000 new FFL’s in December alone, it seems that a lot of people are getting tooled up and stockpiling ammo just in case restrictions are put in place. It appears that Osama is going to get re-elected as there will be no credible opponent for change.

    As for Ruger Firearms, it must be there pistol division thats backlogged as there rifles are shite.

  • Hamilton Pistol Shooter

    Not to mention all the other associated industry

    – accessories (ear muffs, scopes, sights, bipods, slings, clay birds)- reloading (primers, cases, dies, presses)
    – clothingGuns arent just about self defense and killing fellow man, there is a whole industry that relies on people being able to target shoot, compete, hunt for game and control pests on private land.USA aside, that very industry exists here in New Zealand and we as proven have a very low firearm death rate. I pity the store owners, the dads that go shooting with their spouse, sons or daughters, the athelete who train to compete at national and international level, the farmer trying to make a living off the land who needs to control rabbits, the native wildlife that is affected by pests.I pity all of this if the anti gun ever inflict their twisted, fear based policies on owners and thus the industry behind them. All for what ? a handful of lives most of which were going to be lost one way or another.

  • Guest

    Just to respond to the claim that fascism isn’t right-wing, here is a quote from the Doctrine of Fascism of the National Fascist Party of Italy: “We are free to believe that this is the century of authority, a century tending to the ‘right,’ a fascist century.”