He shouldn’t really be talking about taxes at all

Matt McCarten blurts out another anti-capitalist rant in today’s Herald on Sunday. But he finishes up with some breathtaking hypocrisy:

Twice as many children grow up in poor families now than in the 1970s and 80s, so the disparity will get even worse.

The solution to the poverty gap is for the state to raise enough taxes to fund schools, hospitals and housing. Then have economic policies and industrial laws that aim to create high-waged jobs.

Instead, our economic model requires the opposite. It seems it’s now a crime for a worker to have well-paid full-time job. Just look at the waterfront.

The solution for the problem of not enough taxes is for people like Matt McCarten to actually pay their taxes rather than steal employees PAYE. If people like Matt McCarten actually paid their taxes that were due I think we would find we would be a whole lot better off.


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  • Orange

    Ohhhh, Matt snapped!

  • Anonymous

    “Twice as many children grow up in poor families now than in the 1970s and 80s, so the disparity will get even worse.”

  • Anonymous

    Dear McCarten – There is **supposed** to be a “gap” between benefits and paid work. If there wasn’t, then there would be no point in working. Therefore, almost no-one would work, and the beneficiaries that you profess to “care about” would have no-one to support them.  
    It’s always “someone else’s fault”, isn’t it, McCarten? “Someone else should do this, someone else should do that”. 
    It’s never the fault of the slack-arsed beneficiary, is it, McCarten?

    • Kimbo

      “There is **supposed** to be a “gap” between benefits and paid work. If there wasn’t, then there would be no point in working”.

      Not according to the clever people in the Poverty Action Group, who are filling the public space with their anti-child-poverty campaign.

      Apparently, they have discovered an anomaly to the previously well-attested human response that has held true throughout recorded history that most will work as little at possible, if at all, for the maximum amount required to sustain their desired life-style.

      I believe that in academic circles the term used to describe their argument is “wishful thinking”…

  • Scanner

    Poor old Matt, the rest of us would have thrown to the wolves by IRD, but he seems to have diplomatic immunity, wonder how that works.
    Come on Matt pay up.

    • Troy

      he’s always been a scabby goat’s cock – he leeches onto topics of the day to push his social engineering agenda – pity he can’t just fuck off overseas and st… st… st… start elsewhere

  • Thorn

    He has a diseased mind in a diseased body.

    • kehua

      Thorn you are a cunt.

      • Thorn

        Then it is c*nts like me that make pricks like you stand out.

  • Michael

    Poverty can’t be solved by the means McCarten suggest.  The real solution is to get people employed – that means making them get into training that makes them employable. And if they don’t want to make themselves employable by voluntary means or by state compulsion, then they’ve made the choice not to claim against the state for income.

  • C4D

    what a blithering f*ck pig.

    I mean you are not going to get a society able to fend or better itself from such dweb’s are you?

    The entire planet need’s ideas, transformation, freshness, innovation, ways to solve the issues of evolution and problems, not create them with creating more from redistrubiting the dirt. …FFS….transformation, in scoiety, only occur’s when it is allowed to thrive and does so with less constraints. ….I mean what a bunch of absolute blithering, gibbering idiots: McCarten, Klark, Liarbour, bradford, tricky “trev” mallard…what a useless bunch of fat over ageing-unproven-f*ckpigs. total idiots. bleeding off the chardonnay teet of everyone else….i mean it’s just pure twaddle. No one needs with world government excuse artists.

  • Anonymous

    “The solution to the poverty gap is for the state to raise enough taxes to fund schools, hospitals and housing.”

    Ignoring the obvious hypocrasy of the tax cheat, the fact is that the state DOES raise enough taxes to fund schools, hospitals, and housing. The problem is that there is billions wasted on other “entitlements” and the upkeep of those who refuse to work, or demand the state subsidise their lifestyles, useless ministries and departments,etc etc That syphens off funds that otherwise could have been spent on these areas (this is of course ignoring the fact that the state ie “others” are not the ones responsible to provide these things anyway).

  • Gold

    See I’m in the top tax rate, but earn less than a warfie, nor am I a union hack. My job requires skills and qualifications far beyond the reach of a warfie, who’s chief qualification is dropping out of high school at 15. Yet in McCarten’s mind, I’m scum of the earth, while the union hacks on the docks are heroes of the workers. This is why socialism is wrong, it has nothing to do with “equality” or “income disparity”, it has everything to do with jealously and giving the power to those who haven’t earned it and don’t deserve it. Besides, what person in the right mind wants to be “equal” with a beneficiary?

  • captain Kidd

    He lost any credibility he may have had,just another small time leftie with prehistoric ideas.

  • Frederico

    Maybe Matt can cut a deal with this guy, maybe a tax trading scheme much like carbon credits between leftard hypocrites and hand winging white guys is the answer….

    • Frederico


  • Jassen

    There’s a post on their from Richard D in Tauranga that I really liked.

    I quote

    “Simple fix for your poor perpetuating poor,
    take the kids off the poor people pay the rich people to raise them
    then we will all be rich, because children bought up by rich people
    don’t end up poor.”

  • Gazzaw

    It’s bludgers like Matt that really piss me off. I’m on a benny – well I get super (& its the first gimme I’ve had from the national purse since I left school) but it’s been my choice to stay on working so I get to pay my whole super back and then some more as income tax. As for Matt not only does he not pay his own tax he ‘forgets’ to pay the IRD for his workers.

    I hope that the IRD really does you over big time Matt. At least I can sleep at night.

  • Elaycee

    The fact that McCarten thinks its OK for him to even raise the matter of taxation at a time when he is being done over for cheating the IRD of PAYE monies, stinks of rank hypocrisy. 

    Another socialist following the dogma ‘Do as I say and not what I do’…. 

  • James Murdoch

    It would not be hard to get this country back in the black for starters; fractional reserve banking dose not work all it does is create massive population polarity so can it and base our economy on the trillions of dollars of iron we have off the coast (which is currently being developed by an overseas country thanks to greedy maoris),  we need to consume what we produce and trade only the excess it is ridiculous in a country which is one of the worlds biggest dairy produces we pay so much for meat and dairy, remove debt completely return everyone to 0 and allow only business lending from the government at no interest, remove the treaty because c’mon we all drifted here just because the maoris drifted here a couple hundred years before us shouldn’t give them free reign over everything they are not native for fucks sake, apprenticeship university or the defense force should be the only choices after school no benefits because if you create the work (and c’mon there is so much work that can be done in this country and the only thing stopping it is the lack of money) there is no need for the dole except for the DPB but that can be mitigated by mandatory IUD’s or similar long lasting contraception.
    The whole system is screwed so we need to start over using intelligence and logic not greed and ignorance we need to be what america could have been if not for greedy barstads corrupting it to satisfy there own twisted gains, we need to carve a constitution that benefits only the people into the front of the beehive and every courthouse in the country so it can never be disputed and we need to stop working against each other twenty years ago you could go on holiday without locking your door and leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition in the drive and come back two weeks later and everything would be exactly as you left it, try that now days and all you would have is a pile of ashes when you returned home.
    Our society is rotten to the core and our culture has stagnated when was the last great anything musician, author, poet this can only go on so long look at what is happening here and around the world draconian laws are being passed with the cheers of moronic sheeple more interested in the latest iphone than the fact that thousands of kids are dying from starvation every hour for the want of a cup of fukin rice, it is ridiculous and people need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask themselves why are they perpetrating this lie.