Help Nashy name the baby

Stuart Nash has a new son, born yesterday…no name yet but perhaps he could choose one from the list of the 100 most popular boys names…number 49 is a good one.

I’m told that one cheeky Labour MP txt’d “at least one Nash knows how to conduct a successful labour campaign”…heh

Congratulations Nashy.

Perhaps readers might like to make some suggestions…nice not nasty.


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  • Petal


  • Anonymous

    Walter for the middle name – after great grand dad.

    • Willsomers101

      SN is adopted, so Walter wasnt related

  • Michael

    David seems to be a popular Labour Name.  Or Michael (it means “Great One”)

    • Kimbo

      You sure?

      It Is derived from Hebrew, and is a compounding and shortening (as is common in that language) of the words, “mi” (“who?”), “kha” (“as/like”), and “el(ohim)” (“God”, but in certain contexts it can mean “gods”, “high” or “great”).

      So it literally means: “Who is like God?”, i.e., “Who is as great and lofty as the God of Israel?”. Answer: (in the context of the theology of Israel: Nobody!

      So the name Michael is, in typical Jewish fashion, a rhetorical question.

      Just saying…

    • Troy

      Call him Helen – the mistress would be elated.

  • Lcmortensen

    How about Lochie, after the Speaker of the House?

    Interesting that David (59) is more popular than John (62)! And on the girls’ list, Pippa has jumped from 95 to 63!

  • Peter Wilson

    No. 49. Haha, I misread the table, in 2004 no. 49 was “Finn”. A bit cheeky though not quite.nasty. I’m sure SN is not finished yet.

  • Anonymous

    How about “Number 16 Bus Shelter”? It’s a real name – I kid you not. Google will prove it.

  • John

    So that must make Stuarts Farther PaNash

    • Agent BallSack

      smooth :)

  • kehua

    Take your pick, Slash, Bash, Crash or Flash.

  • Bo Jangles

    Nico, sort of after his g/d’s infamous black budget tabacco tax

  • wally


    • Stuart Nash

      Haha. Was keen on that but surprisingly Sarah wasn’t. Go figure…

  • Laurel


  • Apolonia


  • mangrove


  • Anonymous

    How about Chris in honour of Chris Tremain?

  • Mrstuartnash

    William Philip Halward Nash. Middle two are after Will’s grandfathers . Left Walter out: Been done and we have greater aspirations :-).

  • EX Navy Greg

    Good choice Stu
     Congrats BTW, hope mother and baby are all good

  • Number.15&1/2.Bus.Shelter
    i can hardly wait for that movie! ;)