Hobbit hater wheeled in to Ports crisis

Winning the war of hearts and minds mustn’t be important to MUNZ. Clearly, they are failing to win the workplace argument, and now MUNZ and the Hobbit Hater are trying to whip up the privatisation bogeyman.

Not content with having their leader Garry Parsloe ruin their PR, MUNZ wheel in the one woman who represents threats over job destruction, union ineptitude and excessive union arrogance – the woman who became known as the “hobbit hater”, Helen Kelly.

It is ironic that the “boys” on the wharf, where they have allowed just two women to work out of 212, are now having to turn to skirt to assist them. I hope Helen Kelly is insisting that the price for her help will be 50% of the new wharf workforce will be women.

For POAL to commit the same kind of error in toxic representation, they would need to appoint a consortium led by Roger Douglas and Don Brash to go on TV and look cranky and magooish.

Fortunately for POAL, they don’t look to be committing that kind of error.

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  • Kiwicanary

    Helen Kelly is helping New Zealanders lose their jobs faster than any government I know of. Way to go girl….or is that a hint of a ‘tache I see there……

  • Anonymous

    More like Helen Keller. Doesn’t see, doesn’t hear and is incomprehensible when she speaks.

  • nadis

    The ridiculous thing here is that you have perhaps NZ’s strongest, most tightly controlled and wealthiest union negotiating with a company controlled and owned by a council dominated by a left wing mayor and councillors.  And they are losing the battle.

    Beyond the obvious public posturing there must be some kind of behind the scenes battle on the left occurring.  Why is Len missing in action?  Where is labour on this?  What sort of lobbying and pressure are the council and Len getting?

  • ConwayCaptain

    The wharfies are going on about casualisation.  Well the wharves have been operated by casual labour since time immemorial not just here but o’seas.

    Originally the bosses had the upper hand and they ddint like you then you didnt get work.

    The the unions got the upper hand and the same happened.  Blokes turned up on the wharf at the window to get a job each morning.  They were put in gangs and worked in that gang until the job finished.

    Remember the Seagulls????  How many Uni students up until the 70’s got holiday work as seagulls on the wharf.

    It was v unusual for a ship to arrive and get the full number of wharfies it needed so the number of wharfies was controlled by guess who The Union.

    In the 60’s 70’s and early 80’s the Unions ruled the roost in NZ and the head of the CTU had an open door to the PMs office.  They ran the country with the wharfies, seamen and freezing workers + the Boilermakers holding the country to ransom.  Now we have the Communist Douglas a a Member of the NZ Order of Merit!!!!!!  He thought that Russia was the bees knees.

    Now the CTU make up 15% of the workforce and it is only the Public Service, NZEI and PPTA and the MU that are keeping it going.  Well the MU is on the way out.  If we follow the UKs line a la Gove then the NZEI and PPTA will be down the road and that leaves the PSI.

  • Anonymous

    Bringing in Helen Kelly will do them no good at all. 
    Unless I’m very much mistaken, Tauranga port contracts out a lot (if not all) of its wharf labour and they have the highest productivity in the country.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Good article by Brian Gaynor ( Certifiable tosser IMHO ) in today’s herald, the numbers are very interesting.

  • jay cee

    what i saw was ms kelly having her opinion sought and she gave it.
    surprise,surprise as union leader she didn’t feel obliged to brown nose
     the poal.  

  • Dr Wang

    The hirsute Hobbit Hater is wheeled in like an out-of-town hitman – here to sort the bastards, once and for all. As per usual, seething with anger and bitterness.

    99% of public perception can only be that again, she wades in to totally destroy any chance of a sane result.

    • Gazzaw

      MUNZ has learnt nothing from labour’s election experiences. They just do not understand the need to win over the hearts & minds of the people. Their 70s style thinking is just totally fucked.

      To bring in the Hobbit Hater is just crazy – Kelly committed the same cardinal sin as Fenton by abusing and insulting a much loved & admired national icon, Peter Jackson. Not only that she nearly cost hundreds of Kiwis their jobs. Most of us see her as a nasty piece of work.

      A PR disaster & FFS labour kept telling us it was all about perception. 

      • ConwayCaptain

        The MSU are in a time warp.  They havent progressed beyond the union tactics up to the 70’s and 80’s.

        They cannot see that a customer wants SERVICE.

        If they went to the Doc, Dentist or called in the electrician they would experct service,  They expect everyone to pout up with what they call service

  • ConwayCaptain

    I would think that Loopy Len must be trying behind the scenes to get Parsloe and Co to back down as it is harming his re election prospects for next year.

    Now if all the N SHore, Eastern Suburbs and Akl Central voters get off their arses next year hje wont get in.

    • Gazzaw

      I just love having the ability Captain to be able to refer to the election as being ‘next year’. I bet Len doesn’t though.

  • Agent BallSack

    Great idea. Call in the least liked woman in NZ after Darien Fenton to help out right when you need public sympathy. 

    Disclaimer: Darien Fenton is probably not a woman.

  • Lunacy

    totally off the subject. How old is gary parsloe isnt he up for retirement soon, so it does not matter to him if he losses all the jobs for these younger guys, gary your a dick. Stop your whining you overpaid, and underworked idiots and get back to work….. actually to late you have all just about lost your jobs well done Parsloe a job well done, are you sure ports of auckland didnt pay you some money for this. 

  • Wetfootmammal

    Hobbit hater? Time for one of those mental health breaks Cam.

    • notavictim

      turn up, she single handedly tried to ruin Wellingtons film industry.