How about that global warming, huh?

Global Warming is delivering up snow to the South Island at the moment:

Summer’s latest dose of bad weather has brought snow to the South Island.

Snow was falling and settling on Porters Pass this afternoon, and hail was falling at Arthur’s Pass, said.

MetService this morning issued a severe thunderstorm watch, which said there was a moderate risk of storms from north Canterbury to Wairarapa this afternoon.

It would bring localised rain and hail, especially in Marlborough where a few of the thunderstorms could be severe and could bring large hail of at least 20 millimetres in diameter.


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  • Kiwikea

    I believe they prefer climate change now. It means any slight change either way from the normal weather pattern can be used as an example.

    • HeinB

      pffttt, everyone knows it’s only global warming when it’s warmer, “climate change” to cover all other possibilities.

  • Pete George

    Summer’s latest dose of bad weather has brought snow to the South Island.

    What nonsense – in the south we have had one of our best summers for a while, and yesterday’s rain (and a skiff of mountain snow) will help alleviate drought conditions.

    Someone on NatRad said something like “people in the South Island will be wondering what season it is”. Good grief. Most weeks we get some sort of southerly change, some can be cooler and wetter than others but it’s normal. It’s not often we change from a heatwave to a blizzard within a couple of hours but it happens.

    I have some news for those who report the news – there’s nothing in the way of cold air coming from Antartica to Southern New Zealand, so when it heads our way we get it.  Fairly regularly. ‘Season’ should be obviously different to ‘one cold front’.

  • Markmcdonald

    And there was the article in on Michael Mann in the Herald this weekend where he describes his hockey stick graph as unimportant and published in an obscure journal. The same graph which has been used as an excuse to “re-distribute” billions of dollars. FFS!

  • 6sn7gta

    2011 was the ninth warmest year since 1880:

    • Anonymous

      Is that after or before James Hansen stretches temperature readings 1200km to invent warming. Check this out:

      Go here:

      Note the box that says ‘Smoothing Radius’ – it says 1200km. Now click ‘Make Map’.

    • NZGroover

      “2011 was the ninth warmest year since 1880”. So what! It’ll probably get even warmer, that’s what happens when you’re coming put of an ice age

      • 6sn7gta

        this is in reply yo AGW skeptic.  the reply button is off the right side of the page,  how can you say there’s been no warming since 1998,  all of the graphs shown above clearly say otherwise

      • Anonymous

        To 6sn7gta: Sorry, practically no warming. If you go to & set it to ‘1998 (from)’ and ‘2012 (to)’ with ‘Linear Trend (OLS)’ you get the following:

        HadCrut3: -0.017 trend
        RSS MSU: -0.057
        UAH: +0.07

        Not much warming there. GISS is unreliable due to Hansen’s ‘adjustments’.

    • Anonymous

       I think that means 2011 was the second coldest year this century.

      There has been no ‘statistically significant’ warming since 1995, and a slight cooling trend since 2002. As this runs entirely contrary to climate model predictions, the error bars have now been stretched so far that uncertainty is the only sure thing.

      Why do we hear activists claiming that 2011 ‘weather extremes’ were caused by global warming, when the year was colder than usual?

  • Anonymous

    This documentary is a must-see –
    “The great global warming swindle” –

    You add up the Climategate emails, the proof (in the above doco) that CO2 rise is a RESULT of (natural) warming, NOT the cause, and the other bits of evidence, and it’s obvious that “manmade global warming” is dead in the water.

  • Kevin

    but man made climate change / global warming / whatever it’s called this week does give those in power a great excuse to tax and control the general population… 

    • Callum

      NZ’s ETS is solely for trade protection, not that anyone will admit it though.

  • GPT

    Best piece of marketing hippies ever did was to change global warming to climate change.

  • Thorn

    But Gareth Morgan did all that expensive research in 2009, and he has conclusive  proof its getting warmer. And we know Gareth is an honourable man – because he told us so.

  • Kosh103

    Anyone who thinks the human race is having little to zero imact on the climate given all the crap we pump out is a bit touched in the head.

    • Anonymous

      Prove it, where’s the tropospheric hot spot. We keep hearing how the evidence is overwhelming, where is this overwhelming evidence?

      • Kosh103

        You mean apart from the massive amount of scientific data?

    • Steve and Monique

      Volcanos erupting in the past few years have done damage to,and proberly had an impact on climate.Would be interesting to know how much.And before you say anything,we also are adding to the problem.How much is what is becoming debatable in the grand scheme 

      • Kosh103

        There is a difference between natural and  7 billion people. But as it is well known the tin foil head in the sand squad cannot grasp this, there is no point in trying to get people on here to understand it.

    • Thorn

      So Kosh by your logic, anyone who thinks the human race is having a significant to over-riding impact on the climate is a lot touched in the head?

      If you can put me on the right path, I have another question about climate change if you are prepared to give it your consideration.

      • Kosh103

        I am always willing to consider what the right have to say. Sadly most times it is mad hatter stuff they spout, but go for it.

    • Steve and Monique

      Hey only saying need to look at big picture.Focus seems to be on the human race only.We are adding to it.But is it not the release of hydracarbons,methane,etc doing the damage,and if so what do natural events produce.Please enlighten,as I am happy to learn something new.

    • Anonymous

      You say ‘massive amount of scientific data’. Ok, where & what is this scientific data? Please bear in mind that just because it’s warming it doesn’t explain why it’s warming. Where is this ‘scientific data’ that links the rising temperature to mankind? The IPCC states that a doubling of TOTAL atmospheric CO2 (not just man’s) can only raise the temperature a maximum of 1.2C. The no show of the tropospheric hot spot shows the H2O vapour feedback needed to amplify the initial warming threefold is non existent. C’mn Kosh, where’s this scientific evidence linking man to the rising temperature? If you can show it they might give you a Nobel prize due to the fact that no scientist worldwide has empirical evidence proving AGW. All they have is failed theory & failed computer models that fail because they are based on a failed & unsubstantiated scientific hypothesis.

      • Kosh103

        You do understand “warming” is a great ,misunderstanding of the who thing, right?

        And as for the proof – seriously???? You are that blinkered????

      • AGWSceptic

        Perhaps I am blinkered Kosh, you can help me & show me the proof. The fact is you don’t have any proof you fuckin’ know it all, loudmouth wanker, do you. I know this for 2 reasons – 1/ If you did you’d put it out there for all to see – 2/ There is no proof, no scientist has put forward any empirical (observable) evidence to back up the theory of AGW in over 40 yrs of trying. I just hope you’re not a science teacher.

      • Kosh103

        Do a simple google search agw, thats if you can take time away from attacking those with a brain.

      • AGWSceptic

        Still no proof huh Kosh.

    • Thorn

      Dark objects attract and retain more heat than light objects. Think through this demographically as one explanation for AGW. 

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Speaking of pumping out crap, who is a bit touched in the head?
      It ain’t me. It’s Al gore’s disciple

      • Kosh103

        No, you are not touched in the head. You have very clearly been fair smacked in the head.

  • Rockyr

    They have had climate change in India and Pakistan, the coldest year for 20 years.(nat Radio News today)

    • Steve and Monique

      Should root out Al qaeda.Dont like the cold.

  • jay cee

    ok, so ever bigger chunks of ice, ie icebergs, are breaking of antarctica because what? a whole lot of penguins are dancing in unison?

  • Anonymous

    What a great thread! 6sn7gta and Kosh got schooled big time.