How to ruin your company reputation by employing tossers

Watch this video from a photographer in Scunthorpe confronted by two obnoxious morons intent on destroying a company brand through their actions.

I love the part near the end when the woman guard threatens him…”If I see you take one more photograph…”, he replies “And what?”…the perfect response to impotent tosspots who like to throw their weight around without any authority.


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  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the Labour Party when selecting candidates.

    • Hakim of Phut

      Did you not read WO wonderful stories on the machinations and heavy hands in Nationals selections. 
       Not long ago a senior  National cabinet minister got tossed off  an electorate because of his breaking the rules. Hes still back on the list.

    • BD

      Very similar to finger nails scratching the bottom of a barrel

  • Grant Stantiall

    Hahahaha clever Scunny snapper. I shall pass on the link to my Scunthorpe mate:-)

  • Agent BallSack

    I know its not kind to say but that chick has been slapped with the tard brush a few to many times. Watching that lesbian reminds me of the ohh so lovely days when Helun ruled the world country.

    • Troy

      Hate to correct you, but it was Helun and her “very close” girlfriend Heather Simpson that ruled the country (and now trying to rule the world from the UN) lol!

      BTW, the photographer was freakin’ awesome – her screwed her with logic, actually, just screwed her mind completely – kudos to him :)

  • Anonymous

    That was straight out of Monty Python , Lol.

  • Tristanb

    I could listen to the dulcet tones of arguing and whinging poms for hours.

    Good on the guy for standing up to those security guards, though. Ugly building to take a photo of, but we should be allowed to take them. Stupid bitch is position of authority – thick as pig shit.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like she’d been lying on the road during the bull run in Spain. Loved watching her rage level rapidly elevate as she began to realise there was fuck all she (it?) could do.

  • Brian Smaller

    I would like to know the context of this encounter. I have taken photos of buildings in the past because I like to make architectural models and photos give me ideas.

  • Brian Smaller

    Ahh – I read the link. Silly me.

  • None


  • Bunswalla

    Brilliant – it goes to show you underestimate debating laws with a well-informed englishman at your peril. The other plonkers were archetypical definitions of “Jobsworths” who unfortunately are still over-represented in the english workforce.

    Take a photo? Take a photo? More than my job’s worth to let you take a photo mate!

  • James Gray

    Brilliant… Reminds me of when the PPTA were on strike in the early 2000s, TV3 were filming cars leaving a union meeting, and some stupid bitch screaming out her window “HEY YOU CAN’T FILM ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION”