How Tony Marryatt’s Salary was set

According to the Mayor

Councillors had “progressively” tested the size of the increase until they found a figure that most were happy with, Parker said.

Does anyone from the Peoples Republic know if “progressively” is an euphemism for pulling it out of your arse?


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  • Peter Wilson

    I wonder how it would work if public servant pay scales were decided by a panel, similar to a jury.

    Where people are chosed at random, and get to hear the argument for and against. There would be a cross section; working people as well as “higher ups” and the panel would get to decide the pay scales.

    This would work better than people (on high salaries themselves) deciding on high salaries for their bretheren.

    • Always thought something that called itself the higher salaries commission was some sort of bad joke.

  • Agent BallSack

    How did they decide his salary? Simple. They had a slide ruler with figures and levels of outrage next to them. Once they reached a level that was sure to piss everyone off, they stopped the slide. Voila!

  • bb

    progressively testded? what the! how about ceo role in relation the market trends of similar tasks = $$ and if maryatt doesn’t agree he can leave or take it. bet it aint half a mil year according to the market for a ceo underperforming then again old boss of mine runs co. into the ground and still claims he is a successful ceo! the reality he is self appointed – maryatt isn’t and he still gets away with this.