HR for Political Parties, Ctd

KPI type measurement has a great weakness. It doesn’t include simple deal breakers, results or behaviour that deserve immediate termination.

The Moroney Effect proves this. Sue could diligently work away on all criteria in parliament but come election day she will only increase the majority of her National opponent.

This overrides any combination of KPIs. She is a failure and needs to be excised.

That is why there needs to be a No Dickheads Rule.


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  • Johnboy

    How did you find such an ugly photograph?

    I’ve watched her on parliament TV and never quite felt the urge to chunder quite so much as now.


    Fuck. I’ve gotta go!

    • It is a talent I have. Do you want to see the one of Darien Fenton?

      • Angry Croc

        Is your camera still working after photographing Fenton?

  • Mooloo

    Thats actually quite a nice shot of the Moron . You got her on a good day.
    It got so bad in Hams that the labour candidate for Ham east stopped wearing her labour rosette to meetings towards the end of the campaign, I think it was she did not want to be associated with the rabid mad dog on the westside.

  • Anonymous

    Whale, in theory a political KPI would have impact on incumbent majority as a significant indicator – it’s arguably the only one that bloody counts!

  • Chris

    All true – I’m a Labour/Green voter, live in Moroney’s electorate, and had to vote for Tim Macindoe…

  • Matt

    There should be a No Dickheads rule on blog sites. That way this one wouldn’t exist.

    • Peter Wilson

      Actually such a rule already exists here. Except that it’s:

      No Dickheads RULE !!

      I wonder if you’re clever enough to spot the difference. HINT: It means there are no dickheads, just differing opinions from people expressing them in unique ways.