If they can do it in the UK then why not here?

There are moves in the UK to strip Sir Fred Goodwin of his knighthood:

Sir Fred Goodwin built the Royal Bank of Scotland into one of the world’s largest banks, earning a knighthood and walking away with a multi-million dollar pension as the bank collapsed.

But the former chief executive may still face a day of reckoning: an unusual movement wants to strip him of his knighthood, a rebuke usually reserved for criminals.

The movement has the support of British Prime Minister David Cameron, who says the Honours Forfeiture Committee will discuss the case this week.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says he sympathises with demands that Goodwin lose his title.

The Daily Mail quoted opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband as saying that, “knowing what we know now,” Goodwin should not have been knighted.

Goodwin, 53, is likely to retain his other title of “Fred the Shred,” a tribute to his aggressive cost-cutting while expanding RBS.

Shane Jones has made similar calls here.

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  • Kthxbai

    You know, I’m starting to like Shane.

  • Mr Whale Oil,

    Is there somebody who has a title which you believe should be stripped of the title. There is no mention of a name in the article. 

    Are you implying the Right Honourable Winston Raymond Peters, or Sir Michael Fay? or somebody else.

    • Sorry just to clarify, I was meaning no New Zealander mentioned in the blog post, not the article you have linked to.

  • Peter Wilson

    I don’t think anyone should be stripped of honours, unless convicted of a serious criminal offence like child abuse, rape or murder. Make a decision, and stick with it.

    Otherwise, where would you draw the line if you wanted to look at moral or ethical issues. What say a knighted person was caught cheating on their spouse, for example.  

  • kehua

    They ripped old wharfie Henry`s off his crooked arse.