Irony is a casual worker holding a sign opposing casual work, but hey there you go, that is the logic of the Maritime Union for you.

He is moaning about not having a single “guaranteed” hour…I wonder what he has earned despite not having guarantees….of course he could have always gone and got a nice guaranteed hours job elsewhere, though I suspect the pay might have been substantial less than he enjoys presently.


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  • Guest

    Ironic alright  – love his Vanuatu t-shirt – could be a gift rather than a souvenir though

    • Ger

      must be souvenir…who else would think he can fit in it!

  • passerby

    I notice he can afford to go to Vanuatu

    • Notrotsky

      Probably nicked from a container

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Look at the fat guts on it!  It wouldn’t know the meaning of the word work.

  • Troy

    Fat ugly tattoed with sunglasses – the epitomy of a union member – should run for president of the union, or, just fuck off out of NZ and go shit-stir elsewhere.

  • niggly

    Hmm, I’m sure one could have some fun with that sign – the fella sure as heck doesn’t think much of Labour!

  • Justinspiderholden

    Looks like he earning enough to keep himself in Pies

  • Super Guest

    I hope he doesn’t approach his work with the same lethargy he approaches his sign making. “Oh, I fucked up, screw it, no-one will notice”.

  • Thorn

    In the gutter where he and his ilk belong.

  • lunacy

    he is not guarenteed any hours. Blame your union mates for taking all the call backs off you casuals, especially when your on strike. you know what the permanents think of you their famous saying ( fuck the casuals) and you stay in the union what for??? come into work on strike days and the company will pay you, you know this……

  • Gazzaw

    There’s a few bucks invested in his puku!

    • Dr Wang

      That used to be known as “executive muscle” but in his case it’s more of a “love handle” (yes singular, and over his fly – but it leaves one hand free…)

  • This guy has been a casual for 8 years so clearly there is a decent pay off. I’d love to know what kind of money he has raked in over the years. The pie comments are a bit mean bit nicer to perhaps look at his tattoo, watch & sunnies & make a judgement from that. Like anything in life there are always choices, pros/cons & pay offs. He might get lucky and one day get a roster 2 weeks in advance or even a month in advance but bet that wouldn’t change his hours – he could still be working 8 hours or 48 hours. 

    If he doesn’t like it he could always throw in the towel & be a loader for a transport company. He’d be on the same shift week in & week out but I bet he’d be earning significantly less!

  • t…

    After reading this I have to admit I’m slightly siding with these poor people… if you’ve got a young family this casualisation doesn’t work… it isn’t fair. Why can’t they have a normal roster?
    My husband works in an industry that is completely irregular.. sure it pays ok… but it’s fucking hard on family life and our marriage.

    • Pauleastbay

      Boo fucking hoo, only union scum would bring children into a strike.