Is Brian Tamaki the new Ratana?

So yesterday political leaders with the exception of a dignified John Banks all prostrated themselves at the feet of Ratana, a maori psuedo-christian cult.

Can you imagine the fuss and furore if the nations leaders, not some backbench numpties went and prostrated themselves at the feet of another cult, that of Destiny Church and Brian Tamaki?

There was enough wailing about Tau Henare and some others going to Destiny’s conference, but imagine if they were treated the same as Ratana.

Brian Tamaki is really going to have to try harder to be taken more seriously. Perhaps he could ask Len Brown to broker a deal between Destiny and Labour since it appears that Labour is on the outer at Ratana.

The howling about a school for Destiny was deafening, they only way it could have been worse were if Chinese were the joint venture partners for Destiny.

So why is there no outrage when politicians crawl to other cults.


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  • Well there is outrage when politicians crawl to other cults – eg National and exclusive brethren. I don’t really understand how Ratana came to have such political importance. They had 2 MPs once who joined Labour? They obviously don’t wield a great deal of influence over Maori voters – otherwise they wouldn’t be so divided. 

  • Michael

    Because is an age of spineless relativism, Destiny actually stand
    for something. And the liberals, illiberally, don’t like it. Ratana, with all
    due respect, are meaningless. If I’d missed the news yesterday evening I wouldn’t
    have known the Ratana meeting was happening – though the result is the same – meaningless.
    Labour and National all pat the little Maori Christians on the head and carry
    on. Destiny has some power and the ‘liberals’ don’t like that. It offends their
    sensibilities that people actually really believe stuff. (Please note I
    personally don’t attend Destiny or agree with all their views).

  • Anonymous

    Because cults somehow acquire an unwarranted respectability when they become entrenched in a society.

    Christianity entrenched itself in the Roman empire, Islam in the Ottoman empire. Ratana have clearly been around long enough to become part of NZ culture. Destiny will, unless it implodes, have it’s day in the sun, though it’s relevance in a secular post god society will be marginal.

  • Annonomous

    I expect John Campbell will be hauling these MPs onto Campbell Live to explain their actions (Fronting up to a church meeting), as he did with the last lot. Or is the Ratana church more entitled to have MP visitors than Destiny?  Where is the media circus this time round? Proves Tau Henare right with his statement at point 13:18 in this video

  • Dr Wang

    The Ratana movement was always Labour’s bitch – until the bros finally realised that Labour had been taking their vote, but giving them sweet FA in return. So there are a few votes to be hoovered up there, but my experience of Ratana (including sitting through a racist service in the main “temple”) is that those votes won’t make it to any mainstream party anytime soon (least of all a honky outfit) so it’s always disappointing to see Key and co. fawning over them at Rat.Pa. The cargo-cult victim culture of the Ratana movement means they will always vote for whoever promises them the most handouts, the trick is for them to stop listening to the promises of those who can’t actually deliver the goods.

  • Thorn

    We pay homage to the bizarros of  HTRAE, the square shape planet. 

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Siones Wedding2  is on the money too, with Hannah T whinging in the paper this morning ,lol , and nobody had really noticed until she opened her gob.

  • Mickrodge

    Yeah I saw Hannah was having a whinge about the bishop with bodyguards & the ring kissing congregation in the movie.

    She even  managed to score double points by playing the race card.

    Cry me a river Hannah.

  • Steve and Monique

    Next Ratana, no.,Bishop Tamaki will start his litle town,call it a country,and become Pope Tamaki,then God,As long as theres a buck in it of course.