Is the Herald running a political campaign?

It certainly seems so. This is from their “National” page:

Is the NZ Herald running a political campaign?

  • Yes (87%, 436 Votes)
  • I am blind and stupid (9%, 47 Votes)
  • No (3%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 499

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  • Gazzaw

    I would really like to see a media analysis by an expert impartial observer on exactly what agenda is being pursued by not only the Herald but also TV One & TV3. The takeover from the Horton family is ancient history, has the selldown by the O’Reilly interests affected editorial policy, is it the new editor in chief flexing his muscles, is there editorial direction from APN in Australia?

    I am only speculating. There have been changes that given the Herald’s monopoly affects how news is received and understood. We need to know. 

  • Mike

    Not only a political campaign, but a campaign using the usual Labour rules. I wrote a comment (to the editorial that the crown should pay the court bill for the tea tape ruling) challenging the “reporter” to justify the use of the word “inadvertent” in the report. My comment was moderated straight to the bin.

    • Anonymous

      Well, what did you expect? The popularity of Whale and Kiwi blogs owes much to the liberal policies on comments which seem to abused by very few.

  • Willsomers101

    Self interest ! . They probably have to pay the stringers legal bills.
    As for ‘inadvertent’,  Mike forgets all the media were  filming  Banks   INSIDE the cafe and were unceremoniously bundled outside so there was a reason to have the camera in record mode.

    • Mike

      Mike forgets nothing. If you honestly believe that the recording was inadvertent, you are a naive fool. (Note that saying that on Red Alert will get me permanently banned.) The real world is not an American court room drama where the most outlandish possibility is somehow accepted as “creating reasonable doubt”.

  • Anonymous

    This is just merely confirming what a good many of us know already in regards to the Pinko slant of the Herald…

    I agree with Gazzaw in that the monopoly effect of the Herald does sway how news is digested by the many sheepples out there…

    It is no wonder that a good many have given up on the Herald…

  • Michael_ellis

    The campaign they are running is that politicians/public figures have no right to privacy. Which is the same thing that the UK tabloids are trying to defend at the moment.

  • ConwayCaptain

    At the top of the Heralds front page is NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR.


    The NZH is now a glorified suburban giveaway paper that is distributed nationwide.  It is now a mish mash of poor local reporting, bylines from Daily Telegraph, Guardian, etc which are days old and pages and pages of advertising most of which take up more columns than the” news”.

    • RAS

      That’s a funny thing becasue I noticed it on the Christchurch Press header yesterday as well “NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR” but how can they both be … maybe they award themselves?

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  • Anonymous

    My,my hasn`t the editor ,whatever its name is, got its panties in a bunch?

  • Paulus

    The only blessing is that the circulation of the Herald continues to drop in favour of electronic media.

  • Angry Croc

    Its holiday time and the MSM needs fill ins as all the reporters are away.

    • Bafacu

      They don’t have any “reporters”

  • Bo Jangles

    All those coloured adverts taint the fish and chips

  • A-random-reader

    It looks to me like they’re using a CMS that’s populating a column with the latest election related articles.

    There’s been no other election related articles recently aside from ongoing Tea Tapes coverage, so it isn’t surprising that they fill up the column.

  • Anonymous

    Pleased to advise I cancelled my subscription a couple of weeks ago

  • Killjoy

    My comment of “A typical response from a MSM outlet caught up in the whole saga” was moderated and never got posted… Funny that.

    • Mike

      You were more restrained that I could manage…seems my comment had no chance at all – calling a “reporter” to account must be a capital crime. Whale should start a new service: Before you post your certain-to-be-moderated comment on some blog/newspaper, you click a few buttons and Whale gets a copy of the article and your comment, for all the world to see. We can keep stats of what it takes to get a post published.

  • Tristanb

    Ambrose told people that he was working for The Herald when he hid the microphone, then after recording it went straight to The Herald.

    Ambrose = Herald and Herald = Ambrose, so it’s not surprising that they’re biased about this.

  • Sara

    oh please please Rena break completlely…media are beside themselves cause you haven’t !   Every week the news item is ‘ Rena breaking up oh what ruin awaits, it is it is it is break……………… oh no not today

    • Gazzaw

      Sara you are absolutely right. Those breathless little blondes can’t wait to announce that Papamoa is smothered in a residual oil slick and 250 containers have broken loose.
      Those 5.00+ aftershocks in Ch’ch are getting oh so passe.

  • Ticketyboo808

    Funny I was thought the NZH is fill of old grumpy Tories with no souls – if you social conservative nuts think its pinko it must more balance than I give it credit! haha