Is this the horde that is going to take down America?

It looks like the next generation of Chinese are going to be a bunch of total soft cocks. This might appeal to metrosexual lovers like Cactus but probably won’t be much use when the good old boys in the marines come in to sort them out:

Gu Jianmei, 47, has taught at the Tianjia’an No. 3 kindergarten in Huainan, Anhui province, for three decades. She said the current generation of students had been banned from making any “big movements”, like jumping, dancing or crawling, because of fears the children might hurt themselves.

“We have padded all the stairs, bannisters, corners and the children do not do physical exercise. Instead we lie them on cushioned mats,” she said.

“They are more aggressive, and also more weak. They cannot control themselves and they give up when given tasks to do. Because their parents do everything for them, they do not believe they can do things themselves. They cannot even do up their buttons,” she said.

“Actually, this means they are less prepared for when they do come into a dangerous situation.”

Yes, lying on cushioned mats is the ideal start to life.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    This one child policy has wrecked th whole society.  None of these kids now in the 3rd generation of one child families has any uncles, aunties, cousins etc let alone brothers or sisters.  There are therefore no family support networks etc and this is in a society that for millenia has been built on “family”

  • It doesn’t really matter that they are softcocks, modern warfare is now one of technology, controlling the information, electromagnetic space. Remote snipers with big missiles.  

  • Politically Unstable

    They do not need to “take down America” – America is doing that to themselves…