Israel’s Army is less sexist than the Maritime Union

The Maritime Union, through its insistence that all jobs on the port must have people who first started doing lashings, has ensured that it is one of the most sexist workplaces in New Zealand. Cactus Kate busted this wide open and exposed the cock-fest for what it is.

It is somewhat ironic then that the Maritime Union has called in the girls, specifically Helen Kelly to save their collective butts.

But have a look at other high risk jobs around the world and you really can see just how sexist the Maritime Union is.

Take the Israeli Defense Forces for example. They have just blogged about the 5 toughest jobs in the Defense forces and showcased the women doing those jobs:

On the ground, in the air or at sea – the IDF’s women soldiers take equal part in protecting Israel at all times. The following positions are the most hardcore battle roles for women in the IDF:

1) Air Force Pilot:

Women can become everything from fighter pilots to airborne navigators after undergoing one of the army’s most prestigious courses. Just last month, a record number of five certified pilots, each specializing in a different field, successfully graduated the IAF Flight Academy. So far, 27 female soldiers have graduated and became IDF pilots.

2) Caracal Battalion Combat Soldiers:

The Caracal Battalion was originally formed to guard Israel’s southern border from the threat of terrorist organizations operating in the Sinai Peninsula. In 2004 the unit was officially recognized as a battalion, and today consists of a vast majority of women, who do everything from border patrols to ambushing enemy forces and thwarting the next terror attack.

3) Oketz (“Sting”) Unit K-9 Fighter:

The Oketz Unit is considered to be one of the most professional canine fighting forces in the world, both for their counter-terror methods and their treatment of dogs. Each soldier – both female and male – is partnered to a dog, whom they train to sniff out explosives, track down terrorists and neutralize hostile threats. The soldiers go into the field with their canine partners and do everything together, from searching terror facilities to chasing down an escaped criminal.

4) 76th Battalion of the Combat Engineering Brigade:

A vital part of the Combat Engineering Brigade, the 76th battalion is a unique unit which combines male and female soldiers whose job is to neutralize ABC weapons live in the field during battle. These soldiers go into the heart of enemy territory along with other combat troops during wartime, and help protect them from unconventional weapons.

5) Snapir (“Fin”) Unit:

Soldiers in the unit operate a small, speedy motorboat modified with an attached machine gun (called “the hornet”). Their job is to safegurd Israel’s civilian ports, especially from incoming ships, and to protect the IDF’s naval bases. Among other things, the soldiers’ duty is to dive under military vessels to ensure that no explosives or mines were attached to them. Both men and women serve in the unit, manning the motorboats and presenting the first line of Israel’s naval defense.

While these are only five (admittedly awesome) combat roles, there are many positions among the fighting lines open to women, with more being opened all the time. Find out more about other combat positions for women in the IDF.

Now let’s see the Maritime Union highlight all the outstanding jobs women are doing at the Port…oh wait…there are only two of them.

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  • Groans

    So WO this is what you would do to avoid being sexist.  It’s 2.30am, you hear some funny sounds, and you say to the Mrs, “Honey grab the baseball bat and see if anything’s wrong will ya”

    • My missus is a better shot than me.

  • Spanishbride

    As the Missus in question and having been in that exact situation before, I can categorically state that we both leap out of bed and without even communicating both head towards the noise.
    One time Wo didn’t even wake up when I was woken by the loud crash so I handled it myself as it didn’t even occur to me to wake him.

    • Groans

      Sounds like WO lives in a secure enviroment

  • Gavinc

    The maritime union have a point – women cannot parallel park the smallest of cars – How the hell could you trust them to put containers in the right place. 

  • Catweasel321

    I can’t work out if this article purpose is a denunciation of unions or a love fest for the IDF.
    I love it when everyday RW misogynists take on the personna of feminist advocates in order to mock and crucify the imaginary opponents in their heads.
    I read the linked to article by Cactus Kates ‘busting it wide open’.
    You must have a low qualification threshold for investigative journalism as it just a rant that quotes itself and puts words in the mouths of its subjects.
    Pravda and Fox news would be proud.