It’s all about Casualisation…oh wait!

Cactus Kate is really doing a sterling job of busting the unions myths and today she has probably got the killer blow for their arguments about casualisation:

The problem with MUNZ’s, Fenton’s and the left’s argument about casualisation is that right now MUNZ is pursuing a case against POAL in the Employment Court to prevent the Port offering permanent jobs to “lashers”.

This is not a joke. They are AGAINST casuals getting permanent jobs. The POAL has proceeded to employ on a permanent basis.

Hang on some may say, is the Union not bravely leading the struggle against “casualisation” along with Third Woman on the Wharf, Helen “Clean Up” Kelly and the left?

You may think so, but not when the Union bullies (mainly old, white crusty’s like the charming couple we met yesterday on this blog) have the top jobs and like to take the overtime at their much higher rates rather than allow the lower paid workers to get permanent jobs.

See – it is never quite that straightforward with Union bullies is it Darien? Best you stay out of it then and go back to watching the Mad Butcher specials for some weekend shopping.

There is a reason that David Shearer is in charge. He’s actually thought about this, spoke with all sides and decided to stay out of it.

So let me get this straight…the union, a bunch of blokes who hate women working on the wharf are against casualisation in public but on the down-lo have a court case against the Ports of Auckland attempting to prevent the employer from making jobs that they like permanent because under current terms and conditions they are creaming it by the job being casual.

I think we can safely say the union has really over-stepped the mark now. Nothing they ever say can now be believed.


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  • I’ve read enough of this by you blogging types,I’m getting sick of this relentles bombardment of factual information, much more of this and I will understand what is going on. 

     Instead I’m going to wait for all this to be published in the Herald…………………………..

  • Agent BallSack

    Might be time to run more of those secret MUNZ video recordings Whale.

  • Light

    It would be worth checking out what other cases MUNZ currently has going through the employment courts. I believe there are about 5 which include the high profile Angus and McKean cases. The union continues to contradict itself and run around in circles it must be making its members dizzy.

    • lunacy

      oh you mean the racist McKean and Angus. that is what they are both  partly up for among other things. There comments were it was only a joke. Im not sure if its me but i didn’t know racism was a joke. Whale you really need to get a copy of Angus’s letter 

  • Whoever would have thought that all the MUNZ chappies would turn out to be a bunch of hypocrites. I’ll bet that Kosh will be heartbroken!

    • Paddles83

      Kosh whats happened MIA

  • Lesley

    And seems some in MUNZ are racists – they don’t like hard working Tuvaluans – probably because the Tuvaluans show the rest up!
    Racism claims rife within Ports of Auckland:

    “Angst amongst older Ports of Auckland workers about the employment of
    Tuvaluan workers has seen the Employment Court recommend the group seeks help
    from the Human Rights Commission to deal with racism in its workforce.

    Two dockworkers have been fired from the port for alleged racism after one
    wrote a column in a union magazine about the employment of workers from ”one of
    the island nations”.

    The other former employee slipped an anonymous note under the door of an
    administrator saying he wanted to apply for a job and ”if it helps I can do a
    month or two on the sun beds”.

    In two recently released judgments, dealing with bids for interim
    reinstatement of the two men to their roles, Judge Graeme Colgan said Ports of
    Auckland needed to ”engage external professional advice, the likes of the Human
    Rights Commission, to deal with the problem”.

    He said the circumstances of the dismissals indicated that the ”engagement
    of Tuvaluan stevedores on the Auckland waterfront has been met with a degree of
    hostility by some members of the existing workforce”.

    He said the summary dismissal of Andrew Angus, who wrote the note slipped
    under the door, and, very shortly afterwards, Graham McKean, who wrote the
    magazine article, ”has been [Ports of Auckland Limited’s] reaction to what it
    perceives to be racist elements in its workforce”.

    In Angus’ case, the judgment said he was dismissed after writing the note,
    which was a fake job application.

    It was racist in that it implied he needed to be from Tuvalu to get the job.

    Angus had worked on the Auckland waterfront as a stevedore for more than 19

    In the company’s submissions it expressed concern that if Angus was to return
    to work there would be a risk in him working with members of some ethnic groups.
    It said this would be exacerbated because Angus mainly worked weekends, when
    there were fewer managers and supervisors to deal with any incidents that may

    The court found he could be reinstated to his role, which was currently
    long-term sick-leave, while his personal grievance claim was processed.

    In the other case McKean, a stevedore for Ports of Auckland Limited for
    almost 18 years, was also applying for interim reinstatement while his claim of
    unjustified dismissal was processed. He was not successful in his application.

    McKean was an executive member of the Auckland branch of the Maritime Union
    of New Zealand at the time of the incident.

    In a column submitted to the September 2011 edition of the union magazine
    McKean talked about recent sackings and redundancies, and concerns about
    previous managers as well as the employment of workers from ”one of the island
    nations”, by which he meant Tuvalu, the court said.

    McKean also wrote about a ”quieter more subservient workforce” which would
    not question the ”ruling class”, which the court said appeared to be aimed
    squarely at his workmates from Tuvalu.

    The column was the subject of 11 complaints from other staff members and was
    variously called offensive, disgusting, racially divisive and insulting. The
    court found there was a likely negative effect on other members of the port
    workforce if Mr McKean was reinstated.”

    – Fairfax NZ

  • Anonymous

    The only surprising thing about this is that it hadn’t been picked up earlier. 
    How about some investigative journalism from the MSM instead of just regurgitating press releasing and cherry picking from blogs? Wishful thinking I guess

  • Anonymous

    MUNZ – well and truly busted. What a waste of oxygen they are.

  • Anon

    I see the intrepid Kelly has moved her not unattractive arse to Auckland from Wellington to take charge. I wonder which 5 star Hotel she is staying at ?

    • Anonymous

      …..the intrepid Kelly has moved her not unattractive arse to Auckland

      Too early in the day for stoned talk like that,  have some self respect,jesus

    • She might be staying with Parsloe, his import gave him the flick a few ears ago, now he lives in an apartment in Fort Street.

  • Scanner

    Wait for the next outburst from “Fuckup” Fenton when she shoots up and wishes the same fate on Parsloe she wished on to the Mad Butcher, can’t wait