I’ve heard it all now

The drag queens are upset, so upset they are going to boycott Libra tampons….oh wait!

Agender NZ president Cherise Witehira, said many in the transgender community were outraged at the ads which were “blatantly transphobic”.

“It’s extremely offensive because it’s pretty much saying the only way you can be a woman is to get your period.

“That’s where a lot of the anger in the community is coming from – it’s saying you are not a woman unless you can get your period.

Uhmmm…pretty much…but “transphobic”? …oh  I suppose people might be a little bit afraid, what with all those hormones raging and all.

Many vented on the company’s Libra Facebook page yesterday, saying they were boycotting the product.

Bex Alphabet said: “I don’t think I’ve been so disgusted or offended by a tampon advert before (and let’s face it, most of them are terrible). Shame on you Libra. Not only is this a terrible, cruel reminder to people who might struggle with their gender, but also an insult to all women – how dare you imply we are that competitive and spiteful over a godamn period? So glad I don’t buy your products.”

Competitive? Spiteful? over a period? Probably not, but everything else probably…loving the boycott of tampons by transgenders though…genuis.


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  • Anonymous

    Was going to use your tampon….nek minnit

  • Anonymous

    Pathetic. These people are just looking around for something to be “upset” about. It’s like the Muslim shopworker in the UK who was “upset” about having to handle alcohol.

    • Paul Rain

      Or the Muslim taxi drivers around the world who’ve done the same. You create an environment in which hysterical people get any reaction apart from laughter, abuse, or stonewalling, then this is what you get.

  • The Early Bird

    Using tampons is nothing to be boastful about, the bloody things have been known to give the recipients ‘toxic shock’ syndrome. They absorb natural juices that are supposed to stay in the body?

    • Paul Rain

      Interestingly, the majority of the uteral lining is reabsorbed, just not so much as in most mammals. The theory goes that those animals like ourselves which do lose fluid do so because they have evolved to need thicker linings to protect and nurture their babies that then cannot be totally reabsorbed.

  • Louis Houlbrooke

    I don’t think those of us who aren’t transgender are really in the place to say that this is ‘pathetic’. I think we need to remember that transgender people are still people, and complaints like these, however legitimate, help remind us of this. So good on them, unless they try to get it banned or something…

  • Mully

    Holy Monkey – someone just has to be upset by everything, don’t they?

    They certainly aren’t helping the transgender community – especially those that are still struggling with it – by getting all uppity.

    Tell them to Man Up… Oh, right…

  • Thorn

    Most women in the Labour, Green, Maori and Mana Parties hand-roll their tampons anyway. Cherise Witehira would need a small spaniel to block her/his hole.

    • Mbw1964

      Thank you for making me nearly choke to death on my chocolate hob nob! Priceless, thorn, priceless!

  • John Q Public

    Why is it a crime to state the bleeding obvious here- that the man on the left of screen doesn’t have a vagina, therefore has no need for a tampon?

    • steve

      Yup,no matter how you wrap it,a blokes, a bloke.Even in a dress.

      • Mike

        Yeah I made a similar comment over at The Hand Mirror, which was promptly deleted.

    • Sweetd

      John Q, you need to start thinking leftie la la land politics, one only has to think they are a woman to be a woman, regardless of all the mechanical plumbing issues.  Same as one only has to think they are a Maori to be one regardless of any actual bloodline or association.   

  • ConwayCaptain

    C armen would be rolling with laughter and come out with some bon mot if she had seen this ad.

  • Scanner

    Hey, one of those women has an Adams apple, WTF

  • steve

    Ok guys,lets show solidarity with our transgender brothers,and stop using Libra tampons.

  • Monique

    My God! I would like to point something out here from a woman’s perspective, we have been suffering tampon ads for years with so many letters written i’m sure, complaining and still nothing has changed, so tell me why, because a wanna be female complains, that it should be pulled? If you want to be a female, then suffer like we have for years. Laugh at it for Gods sake, don’t take it so seriously. If they removed your diddle, i’m sure they didn’t remove your sense of humour as well! If it’s any consolation, I heard Helen Clark had a prostate check!

    • Monique

      Sorry forgot to change name from my husbands name Steve in above to Monique.But considering comments,has certain irony attached.

  • Anonymous

    Time for a word from…….CHOPPER

  • EX Navy Greg

    I tried them once and I still can’t ride a horse, cycle or swim…

  • Alex

    It’s the same old routine we saw with respect to the Air NZ safety video featuring Richard Kahui declining to kiss the gay steward.  Most gay men, myself, included thought it very funny, respectful and good natured (not to mention a nice element of gay fantasy of asking Kahui for a kiss).  But no they hard to listen to an unhinged extremist minority who saw it as nasty. 

    • Anonymous

      I work with a gay guy, and everyone at work loves him.
      We had some window-cleaners cleaning the outside of the office-block windows recently, and he came out with the comment “it’s raining men….”. 

  • Peter

    You ain’t a women if you need to piss standing up.

  • Lcmortensen

    Was there an outcry of Australians over the Mitre 10 Sandpit advert as being degrading to Australians?