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This video from  Jefferson Bethke has 17 million views, it is well and truly viral. I don’t agree with everything he says but he does make some interesting points:

Now that the video is viral there are some great responses surfacing:

Jefferson Bethke’s video ‘Why I Love Jesus But Hate Religion’ has stirred up a lot debate in the past couple days. And while he has many, many good points to make, many of his critiques apply directly to the Catholic Church. I have nothing but respect for Jefferson, he is an incredibly talented, sincere, and gracious guy. In the spirit of dialogue, I thought I’d make a Catholic response!

This is awesome, debate about religion and belief using social media and modern techonology.

Lisa Fullam blogs about how this maybe how “millenials” are responding to and seeing organised religion:

These are the young folks who not only don’t darken the doors of churches, but don’t see any reason for doing so. As they see it, the Christian churches’ concerns simply don’t mesh with their concerns. (Ask any campus minister–many, if not most, will tell you that aside from a small group of, often, fervent “traditionalists,” most students are not so much alienated from church as utterly uninterested. It’s not hard to get a larger group on-board for social justice initiatives, but the whole Church thing? No thanks…)

But it’d be a mistake to confuse indifference to religious institutions with indifference to Jesus.


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  • Thorn

    WO, one of the best posts this year. Thank you.

  • Alex Taylor-Innes

    Agreed, thanks for the post.
    Grace alone,by faith alone.
    Such a simple message, a child can understand it, but can still be a stumbling block to the proud.

  • phronesis

     These attempts to reform the Church have been around for ever with Calvin and Luther obviously being the most successful. The media shift is interesting and may be similar in effect to the invention of the printing press that was fundamental to Calvin’s success. The Catholics are defensive as always even though the original video is probably more targeted at Protestant denominations as Catholics are a minority in America. Will be interesting to see if this guy systematises his theology and ultimately becomes what his youthful idealism derides.

  • It’s very much the antithesis of religion rather than malice. For example,  I need no intercedent 
    (i.e a priest) between myself and God. Good on him for putting forward his message in a novel way.

    As for the catholic dude, I only lasted for a couple of minutes of the old “we gave you education, science, hospitals etc” rant; completely missing history’s 20/20 gaze that shows the Catholic church using education to keep the masses suppressed in the middle ages, decrying any advance in science (think Galilleo) as an assault on their control and medical science as being an afront to the sanctity of the human body so that medical science and education was forced underground just to survive and improve.

    What a gyp!

  • Tristanb

    That’s amazing. I’ve never seen someone talk out of their anus so fluently! Some of it also sort of rhymes! It’s a medical miracle!

    He’s talking about the “religious” version of Jesus. JC wasn’t that special, he couldn’t do magic, and he didn’t rise from the dead. He was made popular by early Christians bagging on the Jews (e.g. according to Hyam Maccoby that’s when he’s called Judas).

    If you believe in God, it’s because you’ve been told He exists by a religion – so by talking about Jesus, this guy is just picking and choosing part of Christianity he wants. If you purely thought about what evidence exists (and ignored all the religious mumbo-jumbo), you’d come to the conclusion that there is no god. The world’s still a pretty cool place though.

    Agree with him that much of religion is shit, especially when people take it seriously. It can be a good way to make money, as Tamaki, Kim White,

    Tim Stevenson will agree. Not that there’s anything wrong with making money.

    Stop giving tax breaks to churches, keep church and state separate, never ever let Sharia (or fundie Christian) laws get a hold in our parliament and I’ll be happy. People can chose whatever they want to believe in.

    • Tom

      Spot on

      • dad4justice

        Bullshit Tom & Tristub and you know it!

  • Alex Taylor-Innes

    …..clearly a stumbling block.

  • Dad4Justice knew Jesus personally…..;-)……but they parted after Dad took being a total cunt seriously.

    • dad4justice

      Hey wanker James stick to watching porn you creep.