John Banks’ deepest secret

This is the secret that John Banks wanted no one to know. He thought Don Brash was a “strange fella”.

John Key didn’t disagree.


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    No shit Sherlock.

    • Max_power

      Exactly. Isn’t it interesting that the only repeat only ones who are surprised by this “revelation” are the only people in the country who are actually paid to understand and report on politics.

      The rest of us who do other things for a living and keep an eye on politics as a hobby already knew that, anyway.

      I’d call it a circus but it’s not, since in a real circus at least their animals are trained. Journalists evidently aren’t.

      Wonder what breathless bullshit Walrus and Campbell unleash on this “revelation” tonight. Slavering idiots.

  • Blair

    Seen this? quite well done…

    • Anonymous

      Fail Blair.

  • Cactus Kate

    I quite like that Banks forgot Seymour was number 5 and called him Whittington

    • EX Navy Greg

      Yup , noted that,  Banksie didn’t do his homework on that one , poor form and not a good look