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Two of the Rotorua supermarket attackers have been arrested:

Two women have been arrested after a video of three women attacking Countdown staff went viral on YouTube.

The video shows two Countdown Rotorua staff trying to grab bags from a group of women as they try to leave the store. They verbally abuse the staff, kick them and hit them over the head.

The video has been uploaded to video sharing website YouTube and social networking website Facebook.

It has had over 15,000 views since being posted.

It was taken by a Rotorua man who was sitting in a vehicle outside Countdown Rotorua on Fenton St and uploaded to Facebook on January 4. Since then it has been spread around Rotorua, New Zealand and Australia via the internet and attracted many negative comments from Rotorua people angered by the women’s actions.

Rotorua Police said two women, a 50-year-old and a 30-year-old, both from Rotorua, have been charged with aggravated assault and theft, and will appear in the Rotorua District Court on January 15.


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  • Dr Wang

    It has had over 35,000 views now

  • Agent BallSack

    Extremely tempted to tag that video with ‘hot sexy kiwi bitches in topless wrestling match’ and send it viral around the world. Those girls mothers are probably very proud of them! Mind you – their kids groceries for the week were probably in those bags.

    • Gazzaw

      Hadn’t thought about the kids’ food. No doubt they will apply to WINZ for some food parcels (and likely to get them!)

  • Groans

    Watched this last night, wasn’t it awful.  Felt sorry for the staff, they should be on $91,000pa.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that the Police, claiming exceptional policing, have identified and charged 2 of the 3 offenders. The third remains unidentified. No doubt the rest of the gang told the Police to “Fuck off” when asked. My guess is still that they are from the same wider family group, are all known to Police are on a benefit and living in state subsidized housing. How hard could it be to find this criminal mastermind? No doubt in time it will appear on the American crime channels, we should have a sweepstake for the title of the programme. Put me down for worlds dumbest.
    I also noted that on TV1 website they identified the victims(staff) and obscured the faces of the criminals and that TV 3 actually ran a story on it all of 27 seconds. Or did I get that wrong, victims and offenders. Can we name and shame these fat cows before the automatic court name suppression kicks in.

  • Agent BallSack

    Knowing Countdown, and by definition Foodstuffs – those security guards are probably on $13 an hour. I hope the MSM showing their faces doesn’t lead to stupid revenge attacks.

    • Monique

      Applies to all Security officer (static site )staff in this country.Most big companies pay $14.50hr if you are lucky.Charge out at $25.00hr though.Should all apply to the Ports for jobs.

    • Paul Rain

      On the bright side, the police are probably still allowed to be enlightened enough to let the guards kick the shit out of any feral scum who do try something on.

      • Steve and Monique

        Has been known to happen.And turning a blind eye works both ways .Sometimes a good kicking works a treat.

  • All Points Bulletin

    Rotorua police have decided to hold an identity parade this afternoon in the hope of finding the third offender. They have rounded up all maori women in the town with an arse at least three axe-handles across and with a crack like the Greendale Fault. So far 1167 females have been brought in….. 

  • Anonymous

    Since when has a victim been entitled to name suppression? I did take the time yesterday to call countdown Rotorua and leave a message of support for the staff.
    There will be repercussions not only on the store but the staff as well. Don’t expect any support from the Police.
    Name and shame the fat slag’s, post there photos up on the wall in 8*10 Glossies and get a program together were they are trespassed from everywhere and they have to go out of town for there shopping.

  • kevin

    Certainly lots of aggression, does make one wonder if (own) kid bashing is also a past-time…

  • Justin

    Rotorua, the only place you put a baby in a dryer, all class

    • Gazzaw

      Try googling ‘Rotorua dog attacks’.

  • Magnitude 7.4

    That crack should be reported immediately to EQC

  • Steve and Monique

    Couple of names for a TV show in NZ,.NZ biggest losers—Big fat whanau challenge,–Black eye for the white guy–Days of our tribe__Its in the bag–Should get the ball rolling 

    • Anonymous

      Fail Of The Century, Steal Of Fortune, Extreme Ass Makeover, Nark In The Carpark…..

      • EX Navy Greg

        Spongebob strainedpants, Fair Ho. steal or no deal…

    • bb

      embarrassing whanau bodies…. 

    • Anonymous

      I guess they misunderstood the countdown slogan “shop smarter New Zealand” as a challenge to see if they were clever enough to make it out the door with free goods.

      • Steve and Monique

        XXXL files,Pot black, Once were affco workers..

      • R18


  • Made the news here in Oz.  Yup, proud to be an expat.

  • Anonymous

    On my Calendar Jan 15 is a Sunday.
    Looks like the main stream noddys have failed again. Does anybody know if they are still in custody and has cyfs looked at the family situation?

  • SJ00

    215,000+ views now :) its a pity the video stops, I’m sure there would have been several more minutes of abuse (and no cops turning up).

    • Dr Wang

      4 hours later – just on 230,000 views :-)

  • Allan

    They are low life, thick as pig shit and totally useless.  As long as their arses point downwards they will never do any good nor will they ever contribute to society, and will continually be a burden on the taxpayer.  Their benefits should be stopped immediately and they should be steralised so their gene pool is terminated. Only by taking these drastic tactics will this scourge be wiped out.

  • bb

    why isn’t the heading “fat thieving slags get arrested” now that be a real honest headline.

  • Turi Wiki

    I recorded that incident with my 4S and then immediately uploaded it to my Facebook page, YouTube account and sent it directly to TV3 and TVNZ Channel One. I believe it went viral from there. 

    I am an expat and i live and work in Queensland, Australia, and i was utterly disgusted at what was going on. People are saying that i should have got in and done something ‘physical’ to ‘help’ the supermarket staff, and risk an assault charge? get jabbed with a needle? or any other weapon that they may have had?These days you have to think smarter than the average, and because i did do that, they have been apprehended, arrested, and charged in a court of law, as any normal law breaker should.I am back in Enoggera, Queensland nowy work is done.ChurTuri Wiki

    • Agent BallSack

      I think your action was way more effective than stepping any where near the vile bitches. Well done!

    • kevin

      Taking the movie was much more useful, well done you. The onlookers in store could have been much pro-active though.
      I think Countdown do have an on-going problem such as this. The disabled car parks are right by the exit allowing a quick retreat by non disabled get away thieves who reverse in. At the checkout, one person goes through with the groceries, the others create a noisy diversion and the bag holder scarpers at the distraction with the others.