Just lovely

You have to wonder at the indignation of being caught in the act and how all of a sudden it is someone else’s fault.

Countdown Supermarket, Rotorua, New Zealand – 4th of January 2012 -10:38pm

Three local aunties take on the local supermarket staff in a desperate bid to obtain hugely discounted grocery items for free.


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  • Zelda

    Lots of people standing gawping could of assisted! That is one big butt bulging out of britches :)

    • Troy

      Slap their brown fat asses into shackles and starve them – warrior race? Nope – fucked up in the head – yep.  Hope they get sentenced to sewer clearing duties for a while so they can live amongst the stink that they are.   Personally, i woulda slapped the bitch down that was hitting with the bag – no mercy when it comes to self-defence.

  • sthnjeff

    Alll class…… especially the one with the Builders Crack Bob himself would have been proud of!!

  • Phar Lap

    What will happen to the Green and Labour foot soldiers.

  • Notrotsky

    Sad really.

    I expect several generations of welfare and drug and alcohol abuse, when will NZ do something about this or do we just accept that some families are fucked for ever more.

  • sthnjeff

    Two arrests have been made. A tenner says them and their families are “known” to police.

    • Gazzaw

      A tenner says that they will get a few hours community service that they will never do and never be penalised for not doing it.

      A total fucking disgrace in one of our major tourism centres. 

    • bb

      and their fat arses

  • Tony

    I am reminded of the UK comic strip ‘Fat Slags’.

    • Richard McGrath

      Fnar fnar!

  • Dave Stockley
    • Anonymous

      Well done, the Police had already opted to do nothing 16000 views on the internet latter and a bit of publicity they spring to action.
      Official policy
      “The message from police was that when people became aware someone was committing an offence they should report it so police could take action straight away,” Van Den Broek said.
      The sad Arse sorry excuse
      “He acknowledged that might not always be possible while an incident was going on.”
      The Reality
      It is very rarely possible for Police to act straight away while an incident is going on. The Fact is the first responder to any crime is always the victim. The courts in this case will apply the usual wet bus ticket approach.

      • Dion

        That would be fine if they cared less about traffic tickets and more about people having their property stolen in broad daylight.

  • Deanosse

    A Sad Reality, happens over most of NZ  mostly Maori and the welfare under class, Major reason i and my young family moved to Australia

  • Agent BallSack

    Redistributing the wealth Mana party style

    • Troy

      Yep, and it’s times like these that Hone goes silent like the coward that he is – always afraid to front up and criticise his own “half” race.  Put him in the sewer with them.

  • yougogirls

    all the rednecks commenting here should be ashamed of themselves! these proud and noble female warriors are simply taking back some of what was stolen from them during paheka colonisation  –  ‘he ropu hau he ropu tangata’ 

    • Paddles83

      Typical looser like those three fat fuckers

      • Vij

        No, yougogirls is another moronic idiot

    • Agent BallSack

      Maori had supermarkets before European colonisation? You learn something new everyday!
      Note to Petal – Sarcasm has to be obvious to be effective.

      • Peter Wilson

        I disagree. Sacasm needs to subtle, but more importantly, clever. (Witness the deterioration of the Tui billboards.) Only then can the more discerning among us appreciate it. Obvious sarcasm as exampled by ugogirls is a little disappointing.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps you should watch the video before commenting and then tell us what part was proud and noble about that behavior.
      He ropu hau (haere) he ropu tangata: A large party of strangers attracts onlookers.
      Kapo rere te kuri: A dog snatches the food and runs.
      My Great Grandfather was Proud and Noble and he would not approve of what Maori now uniformly call Proud and Noble behavior. He would also not understand what you are talking about with your bullshit made up te reo.

    • Qualanqui

      Proud? OK whatever you say mate if they had any pride they would be out working not stealing from hard working shop keepers who are struggling just to keep there heads above water a problem only exacerbated by scum like this  

    • Super Guest

       I think he’s taking the piss.

      • seconded

        calm down ladies!

      • yougogirls


    • Steve and Monique.

      fuck off loser,your lot floated down here,like the rest of us.And seeing as no one knew this place was here, 100kms each way,and you would have been eating penguins.

    • Riiiight…if they were true to culture they’d be shutting the fuck up while aman spoke to them and off flax weaving or preparing some kai…Warriordom was the purview of men.

  • just remembered where I parked the bike

  • Anonymous

    Fat Maori Cows why am I not surprised. Anyone want a wager I would say they and there extended family are known to Police, all on a benefit and living in subsidized state housing. It looked like one of them assaulted the staff member with her hand bag but that will be quickly ignored and the shop staff will be spoken to by Police for there own criminal actions. Interfering with the activities of this trash like unlawful detention assault etc. The best that the shop can do is issue trespass notices for a maximum of 2 years. The ingratitude buggers belief.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid you go girls. There is never any excuse or justification for that sort of behavior.
    There is nothing proud or noble about raping, pillaging, lying, cheating, and bashing your defenseless children to death.
    Why don’t you go back a bit further in history and address what the Maori did to each other.

    • Richard McGrath

      Don’t forget the good old tribal custom of cannabilism.

  • A-random-reader

    Rotorua – keeping it classy.

  • Max_power

    I think we make a mistake just because they seem to be Maori (as opposed to PI) that therefore this is a Maori issue. It’s not. This attitude is not racial, it’s across all races, applicable to certain people who appear never to have learned what it is not to be like this: i.e. they think its normal and that everyone is like this cos all their friends and cuzzies are like that, too, you see.

    As we know this entitlement attitude has been getting worse and worse over several decades and no politician on either side has the guts to deal with. Lefties never deal with it, it suits them to encourage it, so they do. But conservatives don’t, either.

    We all know there is a hell of a lot more the DSW minister could be saying about this, if only it was OK to ruffle lots of feathers for as we know, all the lefties get up in arms to protect the victims the instant allegations like that are made that such a thing could even ever exist.

    But that’s what conservatives have to do. They have to as a team aggressively take on all the bleeding hearts in politics AND in the media, and fucking deal to them, with words, to the effect that NZ isn’t taking this anymore and this is what’s going to be done about it.

    But they won’t do this, since Key doesn’t want to lose points for appearing to be mean, even if the only people who would think that don’t even vote for him, anyway and even if appearing to be mean is the right thing to do.

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about it is your fault. The White Mother Fucker plastic cards did not work.

  • Dr Wang

    Do they still allow bush-pigs into the shops down in Rotorua???

    • Richard McGrath

      They should narrow the doorways at supermarkets so heffalumps like these couldn’t get through. 

  • kevin

    The locals at  ‘work’ … The folk in the shop looking on appear pretty lame, no guts at all. There is the entertainment element I guess, like a bad movie happening.

  • If there are any lawyers reading this blog, could they be done for assault (one of them swung a hand bag at a store person?).

    Can we have three strikes for thieves?

  • kevin

    New weapon alert… handbag with long straps and a brick in it.

    The ho looks as though she has swung the bag using the same technique many times before.
    What a pack of losers.

    • sthnjeff

      Not a brick….just a 1 kilo block of cheese

      • kevin

        Stolen as well no doubt…

  • Steve Wrathall

    …where everyone gets a bargain…

  • Symgardiner

    I’d be stunned if this ever gets to court. One of the security overstepped and had a swing. They will be issued trespass notices for the supermarket and that will be it.

    • Michael

      He is entitled to defend himself with force reasonable in the circumstances. Given he and the other staff member were clocked with the bag twice he was only grabbing it to prevent it being used as a weapon against himself. If he’d pulled a gun and shot her, or attacked her after she fled then he might have a case to answer.

      • Symgardiner

        You might be right. But these things can be spun both ways. I still suspect I will be right about the result. Not that I am happy with such an outcome.

  • Bob Prangnell

    They wonder why we pick on maori. Today, for example, I was filling up with petrol and I noticed the car next to me had an expired rego Sept-2010.

    Then a few minutes later, someone parked in the prime disabled spot at the supermarket, smoking a no-doubt state sponsored fag.

    Both scum. Both maori.

    Small transgressions, but you see them all the time.

    • Anonymous

      1.       Did they pay for the petrol
      2.       The disabled parks are close to the door – makes for a faster getaway if the shop keeper is chasing you.

  • Bob Prangnell

    Maybe sharia law has some merit ;)

  • I guess that they thought it was another Fuckin’ Sale like your Jappa one from yesterday!

  • Chris

    Funny how the Black Bitches didn’t want to give up their stuff without a fight.

    Bring back the birch.

    • Tony

      Who?  Bill Birch??


    • Anonymous

      Read yougogirls above this is how this is how proud and noble female warriors are supposed to act.

      • kevin

        blob.. just a wind-up I suspect, we would hope so.
        But, of course the whole incident is indicative of one sector, unfortunately. Sad to say we got plenty of ’em in vegas.

  • Mike

    A perfect exapmle of the heaving pathetic underclass or whatever Cactus calls them.

    • Richard McGrath

      Heaving is right – as in wobbling edifices of lard

  • Anonymous

    To hell with the softly softly approach, I would have gone hell for leather to help the security guards after the first punch was thrown. As far as I’m concerned the ‘no hitting ladies’ rule goes out the window when the so called “ladies” are behaving like animals.

    These savage bitches need to be dealt to with an iron fist not a race relations wet bus ticket.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Rotovegas , not Rotorua

  • Tristanb

    Sadly I can see why the police would just ignore this type of stuff. They’ll need about 20 cops present for 6 hours to arrest them when they go to
    the state-funded house they live in to control the pitbulls and their
    even angrier breeding-partners. Then some judge will let those scumbag fatties off the hook, then charge the security guards with illegal search of their bags and fine the supermarket.

    I’ve been involved when people have reported homeless people shoplifting (sticking meat in their pockets, eating out of the pick-and-mixed with their filthy hands) and on questioning the thief, the guards get the usual “fuck off cunt” and they let the guy walk away without bothering to pursue – what’s the point?

    Of course the criminals keep doing it, because they keep getting away with it!

    I like those Asian shops where they print out photos of their old shoplifters and stick them on the wall. No doubt it’s against some bullshit privacy law, but I’m glad they do it.

    I hear the term Mana a lot from the multi-millionaire iwi leaders. Is that what this video is showing? That staunchness shown at 27 seconds? I’ve seen t-shirts that say “Mean. Maori. Mean” – why are they proud of being mean? No-one likes a mean cunt.

  • Steve and Monique.

    How about we just burn the treaty,Loos the PC bullshit,and stop pandering to all the low life scum in this country.That goes for all the useless assholes that frequent most of the races in this country.Fuck,I am sick of all this claims bullshit,and its spin off , hard done buy Maori,blame the white fulla for everything going wrong in my life rubbish..Everyone floated here,and as we all did not know the place existed,who can claim ownership.Geez there may have been someone else here before both of our people arrived.Evidence of that was likely eaten I would guess.Since Maori used to fight over each others land,can we say who owned what back then.Seems like an excuse just to get money for fuck all again.And considering that the land was fought over by us and them after we white fullas arrived..I guess the winning team take the spoils.Worked for you guys,before we arrived,.Now we have to listen to this proud warrior rubbish when it come to shoplifters.FUCK SAKE,grow a brain.To all the proud hard working,law abiding people of this land (of all races),well done.To the rest fuck off. 

  • Steve Wrathall

    Labour Party releases video outlining economic vision.

  • Agent BallSack

    In all likelihood there would be just as many young skins terrorising Asian or Indian shop owners out there, but without the subsequent coverage. Its not so much a dictator of culture, rather society.

    • Tristanb

      I don’t think there’s as many skinheads, but if they do terrorise Asian people (like happens in Nelson) then lock the fuckers up.

  • Bart

    Step one, stop their benefits.
    Step two, prosecute to the full extent of the law.
    Step three, when the case hits the papers, publish name, address, whanau, hapu and iwi affiliation, and their marae, so all their people know that shame has been brought upon them!

    • Richard McGrath

      Great idea. I love it. Name them, shame them, and set an example for anyone else who might be thinking about attacking shopowners. And if they can’t or won’t compensate the shopowner for damage and theft, flog them in front of a paying audience, proceeds put toward paying off the national debt.

  • Bill1239

    I suspect that some day, as a result of the ongoing development of face recognition technology, known shoplifters’ mugshots will be on a blacklist which will be available to all stores, most of which will deny entry to shoplifters. The only stores thus available to them will be special high security stores where the goods will cost more in order to offset the cost of extra security and surveillance.


    • Tristanb

      No it won’t. They’ll cry “discrimination!” and deny it was them.

  • Jps

    usual suspects…

  • bb

    fat bitches stealing food – the irony.

  • EX Navy Greg

    Imagine them in Glasson’s togs…..

    • Steve and Monique.

      Fuck that,Cant make raspberry jam out of pigshit

    • Richard McGrath

      … or pole dancing.

  • guavablue

    Surprising the guy who just happened to record didn’t upload it as “went to the supermarket. Nek minnit….”

  • Anonymous

    Irrespective of who these people are representive of, they are stupid. Did you notice at the end the person carrying the bag of stolen goods walked back in to hurl more abuse and had the bag taken off her.

  • Anne

    Undecided what’s more offensive – the language or the bum crack? Those gals sure ain’t ladies

  • Steve and Monique.

    You’re tax paying dollars hard at work again I see. Those girls should have someone up on a GBH charge because someone smacked the shit out of them with the ugly stick! I bet it’s the most exercise those three lardos have had for years. Just as well they look better in the dark!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a surprise, Maori’s shoplifting, I would never have guessed.

    Atleast tourists to Rotorua are now aware of how Maori earn a living. What scum.

  • Tom

    And there’s heaps just like ’em. Feral bloody natives.

  • James

    Does anyone know actually what they five finger discounted?
    Lesson here for everyone is to keep that mobile cellphone video ready at the sight of any 3 slobs leaving a supermarket,  hats off to the person who took the footage!

  • Larry

    This sort of crap aint new U Know. 20 years back visitors from Canada got their rental car outside Whaka done over by these low lifes. My cousin was at the time a Senior cop in Roto. When we asked for some action his position was tuff, just another one of the 16! car breakins done that day. So suck it up losers. And this, in a town we take pride in as a tourist Mecca, the Council spends zillions on economic/tourism develpment but all for what? Zero tolerance would make a refreshing change. Lets hope the next years of a Nat Gov give no comfort at all for these arrogant self righteous, entitled arseholes (F) or (M), whether at Countdowns or Gang Houses. Why the F should we have to accept this. NO way. BTW the Canadians left traumatised by the people/events and swore never to return … and they haven’t.

  • Peter Wilson

    Reminds me of the Warehouse security guard who chased down a shoplifter, and apprenhended them. Then, the security guard was sacked for overzealous conduct.

    • Richard McGrath

      He should have been given a bonus and a medal.