Kick poverty to touch the Samoan way

Is Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi the best PM in the world ever?

I mean John Key seriously needs to HTFU to beat this statement from the Samoan PM:

Samoans who claim they are poor are lazy, Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele says.

In a comment on the government website Savali, Tuilaepa says having no food, water, clothes, a home or access to medical treatment was poverty.

There was no poverty in Samoa.

“Every Samoan has claim to land. There are plenty of mangoes, pawpaws, bananas and breadfruit falling off and rotting on the ground, plenty of fish in the sea,” he said.

“The problem is too many people are coming into town and loathing around. They are lazy and do not want to go back to their village to work the land. They should stay in their village where their lands are and develop it.”

Tuilaepa says that some Samoans think that not having car, a TV or a European house is poverty.

“Those are luxuries. Having none of those is certainly not poverty.”

If there is no poverty in Samoa there sure as hell isn’t any poverty here. This is the image accompanying the press release on the official government website:

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  • ConwayCaptain

    Yes it is about time that this POVERTY scam was hit on the head with a few hard hitting ads like that one.

    Also these baby factories shoukld be put on long term contraceptives as a condition of getting the DPB

    • Anonymous

      Aye Captain, a scam it is. Tuilaepa nailed it with the “those are luxuries” comment. The same comment could quite easily apply here and include the likes of sky tv, ciggies, booze, dak, and pokies also.

    • Orangestud

      Great suggestion re the compulsory contraception as a condition of getting the DPB, I hate having to pay for demon spawn of lazy useless people.  But can you imagine all of the crying and handwringing from PC liberals such as John Minto and his ilk if that was introduced?  But who cares about them anyway!

  • bb

    i dont think i have seen an underfed samoan?…. i could be wrong…

  • Peter Wilson

    Absolutely. The latest scam is Labour claiming the reduction in Legal Aid will affect the poorest families and add to child poverty.

    • bb

      another reason not to vote labour.

  • Ben E. Basha

    Great idea Capt’n, just wait for the uproar if any one suggests that, let alone try and implement it. For too long gov’s have played with a straight bat to get re-elected and now the Leftards have to much say, eg MMP. Makes me wonder if a 4 year term might strengthen the resolve of PM’s/gov’s. Goes both ways though, imagine what clarkenfuhrer might have done without having to worry about an election every 3 yrs, saying that we might have got rid of her after 2 terms.

    • ConwayCaptain


      Simple answer is give the woman $100 pm extra if she goes on long term contraceptive at Govts expense.

      Damn site cheaper

  • Kosh103

    Nice to see the well off and the right still closing their eyes to the poverty in NZ and now Samoa.

    Yes there are lazy people, but eqaually there are people living in poverty in both countries.  

    • sbm1234

      Kosh, What I see is that for once someone has finally defined poverty as they see it. Given that they are a leader of their country, i suspect they are aware of what it means.

      Tuilaepa says that some Samoans think that not having car, a TV or a European house is poverty.

      “Those are luxuries. Having none of those is certainly not poverty.”I can’t recall any politician here putting a mark in the sand as to what poverty actually is, could be wrong as i don’t read everything that is printed.

      “Nice to see the well off and the right still closing their eyes to the poverty in NZ and now Samoa” I know i would open my eyes if someone would give me a definate point of reference to what poverty actually is, preferably a figure of some sort would help me “open my eyes”. Being that i am on “the right” and “well off” doesn’t mean i dont want to open my eyes either, just need to know what i am looking at, factually as opposed to touch feely leftist type untruths.

    • Euan Rt

      Have another look at the picture Kosh. You will not find that in NZ or Samoa. Our accepted understanding of poverty has become the norm for ‘the less well off”. Genuine poverty, is not a large problem in NZ. There are benevolent groups such as churches and  other NGOs who are looking for genuine people to support. The problem is that there are so many hands in the air from people who claim ‘poverty’ but who are really just greedy and lazy. If we could genuinely see who was poor and in need there would be a flood of support; take for example the recent Cambell live case of the boy with large teeth.

    • ConwayCaptain


      Having been to many places in my time at sea there is no real poverty in NZ.  The people who complain of poverty usually have too many kids and expect the axpayer to support them.  also seem to be able to give money to those parasites in ” the Church”.  The PIs are the worst for this and sending money home to “the Islands”.

      Anyone with half a brain would know that you only have the number of children that you can afford.  Not the ones that can be used to get money off the taxpayer.

      I have no problem at all with supporting people who need it but some of these are only “poverty stricken” because of their own actions.  ie having too many children.

      If you want to see poverty go to the Phillipines.  About 10 families hold much of the wealth + of course those arch parasites the Catholic Church and the rest live in poverty.

    • Tony

      Kosh – I really need to find out what yr definition of poverty is please?  I too have spent much of my life overseas (Timor / Afghanistan / Solomons / Bougainville)  and my observations are that the less-well off in NZ are products of their own inability to separate their needs from their wants.

    • Mickrodge

      Define “Poverty” please Kosh.

      Me thinks your mouth is writing cheques your arse can’t cash.

    • bb

      oh dear – so you don’t think the pm of samoa telling his citizens to get off their fat lazy arses and work when he knows and sees this happenjng to not say anything is rude. really – sounds like it was about time they got the cold hard truth. as for nz wish key would do the same but he is too p.c. and polite – he doesn’t like to be the baddie that’s why he has blimp-brownlee.

  • phronesis

    The left believe that poverty is relative not absolute. Those in poverty here might be well off in Samoa but that is not the point for them. This is why they hate the “rich” so much. Poverty in NZ isnt about not having enough it is about others having more. That they worked for it is meaningless to the left. This is why the economic policy of the left has no interest in actual growth but the redistribution of wealth. This bizarre philosophy has even been “proven” by those in Public Health who claim to have evidence that the poor are less healthy solely because the rich have more money than them. 

  • Kiwidon

    Well said phronesis!

  • Kthxbai

    Discussions on poverty tend to neglect an issue that we seem to have deliberately ignored for decades – the difference between the able poor and those who could not reasonably be expected to earn their own living.

    The real poor I’ve seen in the course of my work are those on invalids benefits with significant medical conditions who have extra expenses related to their disability but who are unable to offset some of their expenses through their own efforts – comparitive shopping, doing some things for themselves and so on.    They do qualify for some extra assistance, but it tends to be inadequate.  These are the people we are actually failing.

    Until we create separate categories of beneficiaries we will continue to subsidise the ablebodied and lifestyle beneficiaries at the expense of genuine invalids.

    And we need a cleanup of the invalids’ benefit.  GPs can request a review of patients they think are malingering but guess what?  It never seems to happen, or if it does it is done by someone not competent or qualified to address the issues the patient claims to have, and so the review promptly fails if it is challenged.

  • Kthxbai

    And before someone accuses me of dividing ‘the poor’ into deserving and undeserving – yes, that is exactly what I am doing.  Suck it up.

  • ConwayCaptain

    With the unemployed they shouls be made to do work for the dole.  In the 1920 that is how the mighty forest of the Central NI were planted.  They should be given work to help them find skills especially the long term.  No work no dole.

  • In Vino Veritas

    If the measurement of poverty is some percentage of the median wage, how can poverty ever be eliminated? There are so many wets out there that hang their hats on that sort of nonsense. The Samoan PM has hit the nail on the head.

  • Thorn

    In a nutshell, the Samoan PM is saying:

    Work hard
    Eat less
    Stop Bitching
    Results, not babies, make.