Killed for being SOCK

An arrest has been made in the killing of 6 month old Serenity Jay Scott-Dinnington:

The boyfriend of a Waikato mother whose 6-month-old daughter died of non-accidental injuries last April will appear in court today charged with the infant’s murder.

Waikato detectives yesterday arrested Matthew Ellery and charged him with murdering Serenity Jay Scott-Dinnington at her Ngaruawahia home.

Last night, Serenity’s mother, Chelsea Scott, responded to news of the arrest by changing her relationship status on Facebook from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’.

She also posted a message saying her “beautiful baby gurl” could rest in peace now.”Rest in peace my angel. Mummy loves u always!”

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Greene said the accused man would appear in the Hamilton District Court.

Another baby killed for the “crime” of being SOCK (Some Other C*nt’s Kid). It is a crude but accurate description and I do not resile form the crudity of the description. We need raw and visceral responses to the kind of animals that will kill children.


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  • Blam_blam


  • I’ve also blogged on this

    What I can’t understand is how Chelsea Scott had a higher sense of loyalty to the accused killer than she did to her dead child, given the quote further down in the story:

    Ms Scott said she knew who the baby’s
    killer was and pointed the finger elsewhere. On Facebook earlier, she
    had said the killer was walking around “as if nothing had happened” and
    she wanted to see justice done. “I know for a fact who killed her.”

    If she knew “for a fact” who the killer was, why didn’t she tell the police then. Oh; that’s right; being a nark isn’t the done thing, even when one of your own offspring is bashed to death. It turns my guts that people have such a distorted concept of loyalty.

  • Ihwarner

    Does this person deserve to walk the earth after such a terrible act…..poor wee baby …hang him

    • Brian Smaller

      Are you talking about the mother, the boyfriend or both?

  • starboard

    I understand the tart has had another baby in the mean time…and its been taken into care. Why do we pay these fuckers to breed .

    • Agent BallSack

      She’ll get that baby back and her next boyfriend will kill that one too, after all it’s SOCK.

  • Mong

    Boyfriend fucked up my DPB, nik minut plop out another. 

  • Anonymous

    Changing the relationship status on Twit/Face – yeah that’ll tell him

    • Agent BallSack

      That’s so all the guys know she’s available now, and she’s breedworthy

      • Hakim of Phut

        Have you seen any episodes of ‘Go Girls’ ?

      • Agent BallSack

        No I don’t watch that programme so you’ll have to enlighten me.

      • Boss Hogg

        Ball Sack, Go Girls is a low budget crap show about North Shore Sluts produced by South Pacific Pictures using your money – mostly.

        I think they managed to milk funding for about three seasons.  SPP dreamt it up after getting so much funding for Outrageous Fortune.

  • Chorus of “the poor girl what bullies men are from certain quarters of society. In truth she was a hopeless trunt (troll) of a person not worthy of the term Mother.

    Only remedy – calling a spade a spade and reversing the trend from SOCK to NCGBMAMK 
    **** Gets Between Me And My Kids.

  • Anonymous

    Why did it take until last night for the police to make an arrest? Who came forward with more information?

    I make the conclusion the the girl’s mother knew it was her boyfriend all along. They probably had a tiff last night and only then she came forward to the police. Why she would defend this deadbeat loser rather than seek justice for her daughter is beyond comprehension.

  • Peter Houlding

    SOCK doesn’t usually stand for “Some other C**t’s Kids”. It usually means – and this is at the root of it – “Some other Cock’s Kids”. The oafs can’t cope.


    The fact that she changed her status to single on Facebook says it all for me. The last thing I would be thinking about is getting on a computer when my child’s killer has been arrested, i’d be camped outside the courthouse until the little fecker showed his worthless mug.  Ellery is known in the Waikato as a crim, I feel for the grandparents. And now the scum has fathered another poor child and is also the father of a two year old, and she has had three kids and has none of them. It is far too easy for dropkicks like this to breed. I have a suggestion to help protect the vulnerable kids, start screening potential parents as seriously as we screen people for adopting an animal. If we have the power to say who is responsible enough to adopt an animal, why on earth do we not have the same powers when it comes to our kids?