Labour: broke and broken

Labour have abandoned a challenge against Paula Bennett, for cost, time and legal reasons.

Labour will not mount a challenge against the cliff-hanger election result in the west Auckland seat of Waitakere, confirming National’s Social Development Minister Paula Bennett in the seat.

“We have made the decision against seeking an electoral petition,” Labour secretary Chris Flatt said today.

“We have considered all the options; legal, cost, time.”

Bennett was in the lead by 349 on election night but lost to Labour’s Carmel Sepuloni by 11 votes after specials were counted.

But that was overturned after Bennett sought a recount that gave her the seat by nine votes.

Flatt said the party had discussed the possibility of a challenge with those involved in the recount.

“We have confidence in the Electoral Commission and the process they took.”

A petition could have cost $30,000-$50,000 and possibly more than $100,000 if Labour had chosen to challenge on the basis of malpractice.

There is of course absolutely no suggestion of malpractice on National’s part. Labour are more nervous of what an electoral petition would show on their side.

In short, it’s proof that Labour are both broke and broken – they can’t afford the challenge, and they haven’t got the heart.

With David Shearer absent and disinterested in helping the interests of the union workers over Ports Crisis, and now in charge of a party with no money and no balls, it’s like John Key has Shearer’s mojo in a little box on the mantlepiece, ready for Key to take out and be amused by whenever he feels like it.


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  • Dr Wang

    Labour is just shit-scared of the skeletons that would be exposed in their own closet. The challenge was never going to happen – no-brainer really.

    • Troy

      But moreso, maybe they didn’t really want to have Caramel Septucemia back in the House – after her performance over the last 3 years which was extraordinarily poor.  As the old saying goes, if you want to be successful, don’t surround yourself with losers – Labour hasn’t learnt that yet – Fenton, Mallard, Moroney, Chauvel and more are still there.

  • Kosh103

    Misleading thread title there. More accurate would be Smart move.

    It would cost Labour a massive amount, and not give them the Govt benches – so whats the point?

    Clever and cost saving move by Labour. Well done.

    • Mickrodge

      Polish the turd however you like Kosh me old China.

    • Money they don’t have. Unlike government spending when they are in power, the Labour party knows that these bills will need to be paid by THEM.

      • Cue the evil chuckle of Statler and Waldorf (muppets)…tehehehe so very true.

    • Gazzaw

      Do you think that they would hesitate Kosh if they could use taxpayers’ money to fund a challenge?

    • Agent BallSack

      Your ability to make those square pegs fit the round holes never fails to amuse Kosh.

    • Anonymous

      If it was such an obvious move, why did it take them so long to announce it? Shouldn’t they have just heard the result, had a meeting and then announced their intentions the next day?

    • Mully

      The point was that in theory, they could have unseated a sitting Minister. And the Social Development Minister to boot.
      That would have been a massive coup.
      You are right in one way; it’s a very smart move to sweep the whole episode under the rug and forget it ever happened.

  • jonno1

    Perhaps a poll is in order: Dr Wang’s comment vs Kosh103’s comment. I’ll settle for Dr Wang, as does Mick above. So 2 nil so far.

    • Anonymous

      Make that 3 nil

    • Liberty

      Make that 4 nil

    • Michael Duke

      5 Nil

    • Michael Duke

      5 Nil

    • Elaycee

      6 Nil

    • joe bloggs

      7 Nil

      Game, set and Match to Dr Wang

      • Wetfootmammal

        make that bahhhh!

    • Vij

      Add one more vote for me, Kosh103 is a moron why does he/she bother with such drivel

    • Nine-zip

  • Gravedodger

    Whatever happened to the chorus from the Standard that an electoral petition would have Ms Bennett tossed out of the parliament and the subsequent evaporation of the National Governments mandate to sell assetts.
    Surely the prize was worth a bit of risk capital.
    Bugger I was going to buy airfares and watch it live.

    • Vij

      Come on Kosh103, answer this

  • Paddles83

    Liebour were never going to challenge as they are: 1.  Arse broke
    2.  Shit  nervous of an electoral petition that would expose malpractice.

  • Kosh103

    Well done Labour, excellent choice. Esp seeing as the right a dribbling on about it.

    • joe bloggs

      Kosh, as a budding clinician I’m worried about you. Are you struggling to balance your meds?

      Perhaps you should talk to your therapist about a course of aripiprazole – 30 mg/day for 3 months. As your delusional disorders reduce you should be able to cut back to 10 mg/day.

      These new generation atypical antipsychotics are quite effective and don’t have the side effects that the older generation antipsychotics have….

      • Vij

        No need for medication, he is a moron

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – ahhhhh you know you are in the right when *cough* “budding clinicians” think they are any where near capable of dignosing someone via the net.

      • Vij

        Let me repeat, Kosh103 is a moron

      • Kosh103

        Oh look Vij has nothing to add to the actual thread. How typical of the empty headed fool.

      • joe bloggs

        Sorry Kosh – I forgot to add that from the outstanding view up your rectum that you’ve shown us, your prostate is in great shape – no worries there…

      • Tom

        No point in trying to medicate Mr Kosh.. There’s no cure for plain stupid.

  • Kiwidon

    I believe it’s now 8 nil…….
    And it’s a bloody shame we are denied the spectacle of what we all suspect would have been exposed! Bugger!

  • Paulus

    Labour have too much to hide to have the risk of being found out. I hope the Electoral Commission take a harder look at some of these electorates in future.
    Remember that some “voting irregularities” occurred in the Auckland Election in South Auckland where some 70 voters were found to be living in the same house, but they could only find a few.  Not sure that the police actually did anything.
    I believe that there should be a much tighter scrutiny in all elections, local government, and national. ID cards for a start, with photo.

    • Anonymous

      They’re called drivers licenses.

      • Charles2336

        Not everyone has a Driver Licence, and at any one time thousands are without them because they have been disqualified from driving.

        The tried-and-proven method used in third-world countries is to make each voter dip their finger in an inkwell that leaves a stain on their finger for a few days. That’s a sure-fire way to halt multiple voting by one person.

      • Paul Rain

        Of course if the roll was cut down to people with some semblance of common sense using some kind of qualification based on income taxes paid or similar, it would be entirely practical to issue special voter ID cards (although if such a change were made every voter would likely already have a driver’s license anyway).

      • Groans

        And the scary things have a spider web pattern on the back of them.

  • Do you think Kosh might in fact be Trevor Mallard trying to up his comment quota? His syntax/BS quota is kind of similar….

    • Agent BallSack

      Not nasty enough.

    • Vij

      Sound more like Wetfoolmammal, not the Duck

  • Anonymous

    A big disappointment for Labour. The potential prize was significant – Paula out on her ear and National having to rely on the Maori Party for support or even the possibility lead Labour coalition.  Jim Anderton surely could have rounded up a 100k or so for it. However the political risk was too high.

  • Anonymous

    9 Nil. 

  • Anonymous

    If I was an ‘ Owen Glenn ‘ I would seek an electoral petition for Labour, on behalf of National.

    • Mully

      *gasp* – that would be *awesome*

      Can we pass a hat around? Or is it too late? I’d throw a few bucks in the kitty. (Hey, John Key would probably good for a few grand towards it)

  • Arnold

    10- Nil..want my vote recorded…Kosh, what colour is the sky in your world, cause you are not living in the real world…

    • Super Guest

      Well it’s red obviously. Blue is evil and is really mean to the poor beneficiaries.

  • What ever the number is now – nil :D

  • jay cee

    sorry to take away the moral high ground folks, but thanks to gst everyone is a taxpayer. what have labour got to be afraid of? some real evidence please not “grassy knoll” conspiracy theories.
    be careful what you wish for,if common sense was the main criteria for being able to vote a lot people might have seen through the “smile and wave” routine

    • jonno1

      I think the accepted measure in this context is “net taxpayer”.

  • EX Navy Greg

    According to Kosh, It was John Key on the grassy knoll….

    9000 – nil

  • Ploughman

    Is this another manifestation of the end of days for Labour?  Do they no longer have the cash, the membership or the philosophy to ever be a major force in NZ politics again?  Will the Greens take over the left from Labour?  
    I suspect Key is going to eat them in parliamentary debates and at question time.  And the old, and useless guard in Labour is going to to poison them and ruin their chances next election. 
    So should we just ignore them and spread a dignified shroud over the remnants of a once great party?