Labour’s big money donors

Labour’s big money donors have been revealed:

(2008 donation in brackets)
* Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union: $40,000 (2008: $60,000)
* Dairy Workers’ Union: $25,000 (2008: $12,000)
* Maritime Union: $18,500 (2008: none disclosed)
* Meat Workers’ Union: $18,000 (2008: $25,500)
* Service and Food Workers’ Union: $15,000 (2008: $20,000)
* FIRST Union (not affiliated): $4000 (2008: nil)

Nice to see the Maritime Union had plenty of members hooter to pass around. I wonder what that $18,500 bought? Was it the near silence which is what they are getting? Or was it supposed to be a little bit more support than a couple of Red Alert posts and a press release from Phil Twyford?

Remember when Labour talks about “big money” in elections that they are talking about union money.


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  • Scanner

    It got them a couple of cameo appearances from a toothless old crone, money well spent – NOT

  • Hakim of Phut

    This is way way less than a few of the big donors to National, Tony Astle, Rod McMillian    $50K EACH. 
    If  $18500 buys you something from Labour, what did $50K buy McMillian ? A visit to his show room  for  John Key!

  • Kosh103

    And National gets massive donations from big business.

    This is hardly news or even new information for that matter.

    • They do indeed Kosh, all of which are disclosed. In the meantime, union donations to Labour are hidden away until a journalist goes asking questions.

      Then again, if Labour had policies which encouraged businesses to grow and take on new staff, rather than a mandated and unrealistic minimum wage, they too might get money from big business.

      • Kosh103

        Labour protects the workers not the those that would take advantage of them if they could.

      • Hakim of Phut

        Hidden away ? Official disclosure must be made in March.
        Bet you wont find Nationals donations before then ‘just by asking’ as occured here.And even then they will hide a lot in captive trusts

    • Paulus

      I would not call Tony Astle “Big Business”.
      He ownes and cooks at a very fine restaurant. 

    • Thorn

      And according to Trotter, Labour just steal it from taxpayers.

  • Geez this money is pin money – not wonder they can’t compete with National….Individuals give them more than this – let alone big business and foreign lobby groups like Pharmaceutical companies and the MIAA.

    • Kosh103

      Well thats because the people Labour support and fight for are the little guys, and dont tend to sell out to international companies, unlike National.

      • Good, long may Labour be “the little guys”. 

      • Kosh103

        You keep thinking that. Im sure it helps you get through the nights.

      • Jester

        Some of prefer to get through the nights like that Kosh. Others prefer swapping semen with their civil union hubby.

        What ever floats your boat Kosh:)

      • Kosh103

        Must be awful going through nights like that jester. Living in fear, knowing that one day soon National will fall from power. You poor poor bugger.

      • Thorn

        But surely Kosh you recall  both Phil Goff and and Andrew Little were on the record as having supported Labour’s plans to sell 25% of Air New Zealand to Qantas in 2002. 

        Put on your thinking cap and I bet more and more examples will soar into the vacuum between your ears. 

      • Jester

        Why would i need to lay awake Kosh? My world is in good shape. Im in the good books with the wife, my share parcels are holding there own and JK is at the helm for the forseeable future. Ahhh…ain’t life grand:)

        Anyway I guess you would be absolutely salivating whilst typing the word “bugger” Paul so I will leave you too it.

      • SerSydney


  • I wonder if the MUNZ (Local 13) boys are considering whether Darien Fenton represents bang for their buck. That apart, Labour seems to have hung MUNZ out to dry.

    • Anon

      Depends what you mean by Darien’s “bang for bucks”; that conjures up something terrible to contemplate.

    • I’d rather not think about any kind of “bang” being given by Darien Fenton, just quietly. 

  • Steve and Monique

    Shit would rather put my money on a winning horse.Beats the next loser.Uhu glue anyone

  • Bobo the Idiot

    is why joining the union has to be voluntary.  

     I bet the members of the particular union did
    not get to have a say where their contributions went, I know many that are in a
    union, and they do not support this gaggling weirdo party.    I would
    not mind it if the Labour party were still for the working man or woman as they
    were in the past, but alas they no longer are.   They are intent on
    keeping the poor, poor and any other crackpot loons in their pocket so as they
    can get more votes.

    Their policies are weak and the only ones still faithful are the teenage
    texting, weak minded and believe anything teachers like Kosh103.

    • Jester

      Geeez Bobo. That’s a bit harsh on Kosh! I would hardly call a panty wearing, middle aged teacher with a penchant for male nurses teenage.

      • Kosh103

        Its ok. I dont mind the right using personal attacks like that. It proves that I am right and they are weakminded.

  • I think any individual should be allowed to support any political party however they choose. But the key word should be individual. 

    I really believe that if the Unions cared about making life better for workers, they would leave those dollars they donated to Labour in their members’ pay packets. By all means, they could encourage their members to donate to Labour, but they should  (at the very least) be given a choice in the matter. Especially in the cases where union membership is compulsory (or undue pressure is placed on employees). 

    I choose freely to give (a small amount) to National (in exchange for which they give me a party membership), and I think everyone should be afforded the same choice in the matter.

  • Bobo the Idiot

    agree they should not be able to give union fees contributed to a collective
    pool, it is not what contributions are for.   The funds should be to
    take action against unscrupulous employers.  Private donations are fine
    but these politically motivated unionist creeps should not think that it is
    their private fund to advance their own political aspirations.

    support the original ideals of Labour e.g. for the rights of workers and fair
    pay for fair work, I do not however support the current Labour social engineering
    and nanny state ideas.   Only I know what is best for me.

  • Phar Lap

    Would be interesting to see how much “Union Kelly ” leaches off her members.