Lawyers vs Wharfies

Continuing my series of comparisons of pay rates between various occupations it is time for something a little different. Comparing lawyers pay rates with Wharfie pay rates.

Ironically both professions have had their pay rates released via Cactus Kate, just a week or two apart. The wharfies and their assorted apologists have screamed and moaned despite all the evidence supporting what Cactus said all along.

It would seems that spending years at University studying, copping student loan sitting bar exams gets you nowhere near what a wharfie gets paid. Worse still you have slave for hours and hours in a law firm removing staples and exposing yourself to the carcinogenic properties of the photocopy room for years on end before you get noticed.

Only after 7 years of 80 hour weeks photocopying law books and judgments will you be approaching anywhere near what a wharfie gets.

I would hazard a guess that wharfies get far more than partners at third rate flea lawyers in West Auckland. Which is probably why Greg Presland has been trying desperately and futilely to discredit the facts of wharfie pay. As a top level Labour functionary he is mortally embarrassed now that he has died I a ditch for rich prick labourers who earn more than him.

The hard pressed qualified lawyer has to slave for far more hours than the 28 hours a wharfie gets paid for. Bearing in mind that the wharfie gets paid 43 hours for every 28 hours they work. They on average get paid for 35 of the time they actually have nothing to do.

No staff lawyer I know enjoys 5 weeks annual leave, a full medical insurance benefit and I seriously doubt that any staff lawyer enjoys 6 months redundancy provisions for permanent staff or a generous super scheme like the one at the Ports.

I have a word of advice for the average student contemplating studying law. Don’t. Get a job at the Ports of Auckland and after 9 years working you too could have amassed a fortune most people would only dream of to retire on. You won’t have a student loan, you will be getting on average $91,000 p.a.. Enjoy sweet holidays, full medical benefits, gold plated super scheme and only have to work 28 hours a week.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    A friend of my sons had a double degree Law and accounting and worked for Maersk.  They expected their kilo of flesh and he was paid about 50K and worked about 10 hrs per day.  He left and apparently the turnover at Maersk is quite high.

    His brother who installed Sky TV earnt 50% more +

  • Greg Presland

    Cameron I don’t know what is funnier, the complete lack of knowledge you obviously have, the gross inaccuracies or the defamatory statements.

    • Elaycee

      Greg / Micky Savage: Where are the inaccuracies? Which statements are defamatory? 

    • lunacy

      actually he is pretty close. if your lashing you do on average 3.5 hours work and get paid for 8. Unless your not in the union then you get bullied and harrased and end up doing most of the work, so on average the non union, lashing does about 6.5.

    • Super Guest

      Defamatory statements? You aren’t even attempting a rebuttal are you? Typical of the left to just piss and moan and throw around terms like “defamatory”. Next you’ll be calling him sexist, or racist, and still not even trying a rebuttal.

      • Super Guest

        And, Mickster, I’ve always wanted to ask, why do you silence dissenting opinions on the Standard? Is it true that the only way the left can get it’s message out is by gagging those with the sense not to buy into childish “life’s not fair!” nature of socialism? See I couldn’t ask you this on your blog, one filled with communists and people who support eugenics, because you’d ban me for even asking. Is this the modern lefty’s view of the way the world should be run? In the manner of East Germany circa 1973?

  • GPT

    In most summary matters the highest paid person in the Court, after the Judge, are the Police.