Losing the argument, Ctd

Continuing the exploration of how the liberal elite bankrupt our nation via Clark’s and Labour’s adherence to the Blairism from the UK:

Let’s start with economic management, the scene of New Labour’s most obvious debacle. In the early months after the 2010 general election, Labour’s shadow chancellor, Ed Balls, refused to accept the clear fact that high spending and high borrowing had driven us to economic disaster. He called on George Osborne to spend even more in order to avert recession.

Again this is sounding increasingly familiar. In the recent election Labour simultaneously hammers National for their borrowing but at the same time told us all they would borrow billions more and miraculously pay it all off sooner.

A year on, Balls has lost the argument. Even he agrees with the need for drastic cuts in public spending. The only remaining matter of dispute between Government and Opposition is the relatively minor detail of timing – ie how quickly the cuts should be made. In all essentials, Ed Miliband’s Labour Party now accepts the fundamental economic insights of the Cameron Coalition.

NZ Labour is yet to admit they were wrong on their economic planning. They still oppose any cuts, in fact they want to spend even more money we don’t have.

It’s the same story with the welfare state. This is an area where, for more than half a century, the liberal Left has refused to countenance any meaningful change. In his early years as prime minister, Tony Blair explored the idea of radical reform, but he backed off at the first sign of opposition.

Hence the importance of Tuesday’s remarkable intervention by Labour’s welfare spokesman, Liam Byrne. In a Guardian article designed to anticipate this year’s 70th anniversary of the Beveridge report, which founded the post-war welfare state, Byrne made a very brave admission: something has gone horribly wrong with William Beveridge’s brainchild, which is in need of urgent surgery.

Byrne does not say so explicitly, but his article amounts to a belated acceptance that Iain Duncan Smith’s programme of radical welfare reform is fully justified. Labour has come to accept Duncan Smith’s profound insight that welfare payments can trap people in poverty, rather than offer them a hand out of it, thus forcing generations of families into dependence on the state.

It is fairly monotonous is it not? The similarities, the issues, the problems. All the same and the causes similar too. Rampant liberal meddling. And so it is the same with teachers and teacher unions.

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  • Yes, but of course John Key will not say the things that this newspaper article says. I think he might if he was left to be himself, but he won’t say it while he is surrounded by a pack of left wing “media advisers”.

    Key should sack his media advisers and just be himself. He would probably rise to even greater popularity.

    • Apolonia

      The only difference between Key and Clark is that Key can’t grow a moustache .

    • Anonymous

      Redb – The tide is turning, the left pinko media outlets are & will be forced to change, am loving it. Yep am impatient & its not happening quick enough, but change is amidst…

      • Whafe- Politicians like Cameron are only turning back to Conservatism because they are being forced to by a steadily changing electorate.

        If Cameron was not under pressure, he would be the same old liberal.

        The tide is turning. You are right there. It is turning against Progressivism/ Marxism as the failures of this destructive political ideology become more and more apparent.

        Key may change, but if he does, it will only be because of pressure from the voters. Especially those who vote for the Conservative Party.

        Key will stop listening to his cadre of faceless out of touch left wing media “advisers” and start listening to the voters.

        Colin Craig  will force him to that course of action, and so will we.

        We just need to keep expressing publicly those ideas that so confront and enrage the Cultural Marxists.

  • Labour with the policy to rob Peter to pay Paul can be assured of the
    support of Paul

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Just a little off topic but,
    I have a pommy workmate. He came to NZ many years ago and worked with me. A few years ago he and his partner went back, stayed for 2 years and had a child.
    Now he is back here, working within 2 weeks of arriving. I asked him why?
    He said “I come from the UK but I can not bring my kid up there, it is now a shithole”

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Back on topic,
    The Teachers and Teacher Unions here are in for a big fight soon, just as are the Wharfies and their Communist Union. Both are festering sores, like  boils or carbunkles.
    The shit will squirt soon and it needs lancing to cure it

  • Anonymous

    During 13 years of New Labour, the steady encroachment of Brussels was not so noticeable. But EU thinking is wholly inconsistent with most of the philosophies of the Cameron Government.

    There is a fascinating post on the Conservative Party blog regarding the EU’s major environmental policy, claiming the ETS is only producing crime, corruption and profiteering –   http://tinyurl.com/8yltr2w.
    For example, the EU Law Agency estimates that 90% of all market activity in 2009 was fraudulent. Just one type of VAT fraud cost E5 billion.

    And most EU countries have 2012 caps higher than their actual emissions in 2005. Energy companies can sell their surplus credits, but still pass on the theoretical cost to customers – earning extra profits of at least E16 billion.

    The main purpose of the ETS is to give the Eurocrats something to do. Its their largest single programme, but has produced a zero reduction in carbon emissions over the last 7 years.