Losing the argument, Ctd

The similarities are immense between the problems that Britain faces after 13 years of Labour rule and the 9 years of Labour rule here. Nowhere is it more apparent than the linkage between the teachers unions and the Labour party:

Likewise, schools. Stephen Twigg, the shadow education secretary, has to move very carefully because teachers comprise (I am told by party insiders) roughly half of the Labour Party membership. But my reading of his public pronouncements suggests that he is in favour of Michael Gove’s massive programme of education reform. Gove is the first post-war education secretary to challenge effectively the power of the teaching unions – and move against an educational establishment that is constitutionally opposed to excellence and high standards. Amazingly, he seems to be bringing the Labour Party with him.

And so too do we have the battles in education. The Labour party aided and abetted by their partners in crime the NZEI and the NZPF opposed every minor change in education as if their very lives depended upon it. national stood strong and needs to continue to stand strong in the face of a union dominated Labour party softened by liberal elites.

But we must be vigilant:

A sea change is at work. In practically every area of British public life – state spending, the economy, education, welfare, the European Union (where Ed Miliband refused to condemn Cameron’s pre-Christmas veto), mass immigration, law and order – Conservatives are winning the argument and taking policy in their direction.

Again and again the liberal Left, such a dominant force until very recently, is in retreat, abandoning long-held dogmas and very painfully admitting that Conservatives have been right on the greatest moral, social and political issues of our age.

Those who doubt this might care to study Blair’s compulsively readable autobiography, A Journey, which tells the story of how a naive young socialist gradually turned into a Conservative in all but name.

Helen Clark is unlikely to ever embrace conservativism, but David Shearer might. The problem he faces is being axed byt the very liberal elites who seek to protect that which they won.


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  • kevin

    Interesting times…

  • Control of education is always the most important thing to the left.

    That is because they know without such a means of channeling their ideas into young impressionable minds, those ideas would have died out decades ago.

    Left wing ideas cannot be embraced by any rational adult. The only people who subscribe to them are those who were introduced to the ideology at a young age. IOW, indoctrinated. (Jacinda Ardern good example)

    The left know that if they lose control of education, they’re gone. That is why they always fight tooth and nail against any means to free education from their poisonous grip.

    The same desperation underpinned their fight against compulsory student unions.

    Break the left’s control of education and you will free our society from its greatest plague since the black death, that being the irrational dogma of socialism/ Marxism.

    • Mark Brown

      What is striking RedBait is that she is not content with being indoctrinated, she wants to indoctrinate others. 

      The video of her at the World Socialist Youth Congress is scary viewing if only for her use of the word “Comrade”

    • Pauleastbay

      Great comment Red

  • niggly

    These posts should be recommended reading in School/College – Social Studies/University – NZ Political/History classes …

    Well at least thankfully these are now becoming mainstream for discussion purposes, so Labour NZ will only be further in the firing-gun as people/media contrast the change in attitude of Labour UK (acceptance of mis-managing the past) and the “laggers” in Labour NZ (that’s all of them past and present) who have maintained a steely, cold determination to not take any collective or individual responsibility for their wrong doings (including causing hurt on innocent people including public servants etc).

    And on a different aspect why doesn’t the MSM think to run a few page features on these changes of attitudes seeing it’s all part of the contemporary political/social landscape etc?

    • Anonymous

      “And on a different aspect why doesn’t the MSM think to run a few page features on these changes of attitudes seeing it’s all part of the contemporary political/social landscape etc?”

      Simply because in this country there has been no such change in attitudes.
      You seem to be forgetting that, in recent elections, the centre-right only just managed to squeek through by the barest of margins.
      This despite that fact that it was up against a Labour party that was openly advocating for even more spending, expansion of the welfare system, larger deficits and higher taxes.

      And even the elected ‘centre right’ government is running huge deficits, has yet to implement any truly significant welfare/taxation reforms, introduced the ETS, and has no problem supporting legislation which sees government intruding into families’ lives, such as the ‘anti-smacking’ law. 

      No Sir, whilst over in Britain they may have finally woken up to the fallacy of many left-wing ideas and concepts, we here in NZ are still many, many years behind.

  • Kosh103

    LOL. I love how the right blather on about how the left control education. The truth is the right are so anti education the left is the only real supporter of eudcating kids as opposed to dragging learning back into the dark ages.

    • Anonymous

      Kosh103 – Pull your head out of your ass man…. What a statement, shows were you are at

      • Anonymous

        Take a random sample of (say) 5 people every week from National voters, and 5 each week from Labour voters.
        Each week, run a Nats vs Labour quiz with those people. I guarantee you that kosh’s Labour mates wouldn’t even win a single week. They’d be utterly pissed on all over.

      • Kosh103

        I stand by that comment. National are anti education.

    • Like a groper tot he bait, mention education and the poorly performing year 8 teacher trots along spewing shite everywhere.

    • Ploughman

      Rubbish Kosh103.  Education in NZ is based on invalid research and poor philosophy, such as post-modernism.  If you are right then why is that right-tending chrurch and other private schools outperform state schools so massively?  

  • BR

    What do you mean “dragging learning back into the dark ages”? Explain.


    • Anonymous

      He means dragging learning back to a time when teachers, supported by their unions, did everything they could to prevent parents being able to truly assess how their children are performing at school, in a blatent attempt to cover up their own professional inadequacies, thereby clearly putting their own interests ahead of those of the students.

      Oh, wait…………

      • Kosh103

        Telling lies I see.

    • Kosh103

      Trying to use out dated one size fits all systems and thinking all kids learn the same way and at the same speed.

      This is, and for as long as I can remember, Nationals educational stance.

  • Anonymous

    Dear kosh – if the “right” are so anti-education (as you say), then why is it that the National-voting suburbs like Karori and Remuera have much higher educational achievement than the “education-loving” suburbs like Mangere and Otara? Must be all those Nats going to the universities that they “hate” so much.
    If your theory holds, then the Labour strongholds like those should be the most well-educated in the country. 
    EPIC FAIL. Fucking moron.

    • Kosh103

      No fail at all. National are anti education.

      • Agent BallSack

        Do you ever take a breath and read the drivel you spout? National are rich pricks and anti education? Oxymoron yourself much?

  • Phronesis

    In the world of Kosh: The Dark Ages = Before Marx
                     Education = Indoctrination

    • Kosh103

      More lies I see.

      • EX Navy Greg

        If the system that you support so strongly is so good, why are 20 % of the children that we are paying you to teach, failing ?

      • BR

        Gee Kosh, no-one can hold a candle to you in a debate.

        When I was at school in the 1970s, there wasn’t one child in the school
        who could not read, write and do arithmetic. If there were any such
        children, everyone else in the school would have known about it.
        Nowadays it is commonplace for children to leave school with almost
        non-existent written English skills. These days children are taught what
        to think instead of than how to think, and it shows. The time to 
        abandon the failed educational methods that now prevail, and return to
        the time tested methods of the past is long overdue.


      • ConwayCaptain

        My son is dyslexic.  WE homeschooled him for 4 years as he got no help in the system.  He went back to school in the 6th form and they were bloody good.  He left school with 6 x 6th form certs, 4 x Bursary and a- i a Uni paper.  Now has a BA in Hist and Politics and 2 x Photography Diplomas and now works in Parliament.

        Problem is most teachers have no idea how to 1) analyse children who have learning difficulties and 2) put it in the too hard basket.  A friend has a 5 year old son and she found that he was sitting under the desk or wandering round the room all day and he was bored.  She has now got professional help for her son.  The school should have done this.

        My son had two teachers who knew his problem one in a private school with a class of 15-18 and one in a State school with a class of 38.  The nest teacher he had after these two were complete Fwits and he went downhill We took him out of school at end of year 1 at Intermediate and this was a Normal Intermediate that was meant to train teachers!!!!!!!

        There are methods of reaching these kids in a normal classroom.  I suggest that you research Meil Mackay who has done 3 sell out tours of NZ speaking to RTLB teachers and the like.

  • Kosh103

    @ BR – LMAO you were very ignorent of the truth then if this is your view of 1970s education.

    • Agent BallSack

      Kosh…its ‘ignorant’ The sooner the government sacks fuckwit teachers like you the better for our youth.

  • phronesis

    Ignorant moron.