Losing the Argument, Ctd

Continuing on from my earlier post discussing the hijacking of society by liberal elites in the UK:

So rampant and all-pervasive was the influence of this liberal-Left elite that by the end almost every meaningful action taken by the democratically elected John Major government could be sabotaged or blocked outright by a progressive alliance, which stretched through the Civil Service, the BBC, and the universities.

These progressives believed that the institutions of the British state were corrupt, that state spending was automatically virtuous, that traditions should be destroyed, that the European federal idea was benign, that the British monarchy was outdated and wrong, that mass immigration was an unmitigated boon, and that any criticism of the welfare state should be dismissed.

They had a powerful sense of their own moral virtue. Anyone who challenged them was automatically assumed to be venal. We Conservative supporters were, by definition, vermin: immoral, arrogant, self-interested. Own up to being a Conservative and you were made to feel like a criminal, not fit for polite society, an object of contempt.

We can see this in New Zealand with the rise of the nasty party.

The liberal Left was in charge of the government for 13 years and by the end had come close to destroying Britain. There was only one comfort: the scale of the disaster was so great that even members of its elite now admit the scale of their errors.

It was nine years here, but the saving grace for National is that Labour is yet to realise the scale of their errors. They still think that the electorate just made a horrible mistake and one day soon we will all wake up to it.

Next the economy and other key policy areas  and the differing views on that.


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  • Apolonia

    The biggest problem in New Zealand is we don’t just have red Labour, we also have green Labour and blue Labour. All content to have a bloated public sector, an over-taxed private sector and subject to whatever the United Nothings tell them to do.

  • Allyson

    The best thing to come out of Labours crushing election defeat will be the lesson handed to these snivelling socialists.
    Their arrogance was best evidenced by the absolute crappola of a body of policies they presented. Even they knew they were rubbish, they just assumed we wanted them back at any cost. Well they were wrong. Kiwis have a built-in bullshit detector, and they were being activated so frequently their party vote all but dissapeared. No one beleives a party so factionalised into self-serving interest groups can have the good of the whole country at heart. This explains
    the rise of the Green/Winstons. So much needs to change for Labor to be a success again. They cannot rely on the unpopularity of our current Leaders to swing them enough votes. They have to change, smash their divisive internal interest groups, and get some better policies. I do not see enough time this term for this to be completed,  (Chards Shearer has hardly hit the ground running). This could be the end of the road for can’t change, wont change Labour.

    • Anonymous

      “This could be the end of the road for can’t change, wont change Labour.”
      I hope so. 

  • Urban Redneck

    Do you really think that because the National Party is in there that this sort of this is not still going along unabated in NZ? Are you shittin’ me?

    The Nats are too naive politically and to weak mentally to do anything. Instead, they prefer to sit back and ignore the rot in the public service and education system (making Hekia Parata Education Minister makes that intuitively obvious) , settling instead to enjoy the limo rides, the first-class travel, the fine food and wine, sitting in their offices with their brass nameplates on the doors, molding their chairs in to the shape of their arses . . all the while the left wing bureaucracy and intelligentsia continues to gnaw away from within, like termites eating away at the foundations, generations of Marxist educators have brainwashed our children into swallowing a little bit more of the poison each year.

    • Anonymous

      At least the Nats have opened the door to charter schools. That should mean that a likeminded group of people who dislike the current education system can set up a school which offers an alternative.
      This would never happen in a million years under Labour.

      • Gazzaw

        The next step in education should be to review the teaching practises in the university Education faculties (the old Training Colleges) to stamp out the rampant PCism & reverse racism. I believe the NZEI & PPTA even get time to push their messages.

  • bristol

    The Marxist, Antonio Gramsci, advocated years ago that the way for
    Communism to dominate diverse societies was through ‘cultural hegemony’.
    Gramsci’s way of thinking is sometimes referred to as ‘the long march
    through the institutions’. Seems that Socialists at home and abroad have
    been taking Gramsci’s theories and putting them into practice. I’m
    a little surprised that the Daily Telegraph writer has not mentioned the insidious organisation called ‘Common Purpose’, a tailor-made vehicle to spread Socialism by stealth.     

    • Phronesis

      Indeed. Arguably this shift away from the left can be seen in the context of declining interest in the humanities at all levels of education. The infiltration of our academic institutions by Socialists is complete and the end result has been the loss of any real academic debate and the slow death of humanities department everwhere. It is hard now to even imagine a University Professor having anything useful to contribute to a National debate.