Losing the argument

This post is going to seriously bend the pinko lurkers out of shape and for that reason I will post it.

The Chief Political Commentator at The Daily Telegraph says that “In every area of our public life, the Left is losing the argument.

It is now widely accepted that the years of New?Labour?government were an almost unalloyed national disaster. Whichever measure you take ? moral, social, economic, or the respect in which Britain is held in the world ? we went into reverse.

Nevertheless, historians may come to judge that these 13 years of Labour misrule served a vital purpose. In retrospect, the?Brown/Blairperiod may be seen as a prolonged experiment which taught the liberal Left that its ideas cannot work, do not work, and have no chance of ever working.

It takes time to ruin a country. Four years, the average period between elections, was never going to be enough. But 13 years of Left-wing government has produced a mountain of evidence that the?Conservative?analysis is better and more truthful.

We are as much victims of this leftism as Britain is with Labour here adopting many of Blair’s “Third Way” rubbish.

The vital importance of this experiment lay in the special circumstances of the post-war period. Throughout this time, the liberal Left, as general election results show, has tended to be unpopular with voters. But its progressive ideas have enjoyed a disproportionate amount of traction among British governing elites.

This, in turn, led to a structural imbalance. By the mid-Nineties, the Right had secured victory in four consecutive general elections. However, the broad Left had secured control of vast tracts of our national life. It was powerful way beyond its traditional power bases of the Labour Party, the trade unions and the British working classes. It dominated the higher reaches of the universities, education, the public service bureaucracy, local government, Whitehall, the media (and in particular the BBC), the churches, and the police.

Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?