Losing the argument

This post is going to seriously bend the pinko lurkers out of shape and for that reason I will post it.

The Chief Political Commentator at The Daily Telegraph says that “In every area of our public life, the Left is losing the argument.

It is now widely accepted that the years of New Labour government were an almost unalloyed national disaster. Whichever measure you take – moral, social, economic, or the respect in which Britain is held in the world – we went into reverse.

Nevertheless, historians may come to judge that these 13 years of Labour misrule served a vital purpose. In retrospect, the Brown/Blairperiod may be seen as a prolonged experiment which taught the liberal Left that its ideas cannot work, do not work, and have no chance of ever working.

It takes time to ruin a country. Four years, the average period between elections, was never going to be enough. But 13 years of Left-wing government has produced a mountain of evidence that the Conservative analysis is better and more truthful.

We are as much victims of this leftism as Britain is with Labour here adopting many of Blair’s “Third Way” rubbish.

The vital importance of this experiment lay in the special circumstances of the post-war period. Throughout this time, the liberal Left, as general election results show, has tended to be unpopular with voters. But its progressive ideas have enjoyed a disproportionate amount of traction among British governing elites.

This, in turn, led to a structural imbalance. By the mid-Nineties, the Right had secured victory in four consecutive general elections. However, the broad Left had secured control of vast tracts of our national life. It was powerful way beyond its traditional power bases of the Labour Party, the trade unions and the British working classes. It dominated the higher reaches of the universities, education, the public service bureaucracy, local government, Whitehall, the media (and in particular the BBC), the churches, and the police.

Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?


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  • Ask any of the many recent arivals in NZ, the UK has been all but destroyed.

  • Anonymous

    Travel to the UK and get outside of the tourist traps, the UK is an absolute shit hole. Apart form the odd great country pub lunch out in the country, the UK is a basket case…

    I was stunned when working there last July, hadnt been back for 2 years.

    But that article mirrors what a decade of Pinko rule has done to NZ, then the GFC and here we are… 

    What is happening at the POAL is exactly what the above depicts, very timely….

  • Mooloo

    It’s even a greater problem here ,  reason being our electoral system .
    When the leading political party garners 48% of the vote yet it potentially could have been shut out of Government if it’s percentage had dropped, high lights what a dog the system is .
    I believe the party with the highest percentage of vote should always form the government and that it’s up to other parties to worlk alongside them on confidence and supply. originally that’s what we were sold. But this last election if labour had been able to cobble a government together with 30% of the vote they would have been in boots and all. If and when it happens the right block should riot in the streets I for one will be a starter . It won’t happen as it’s not in most consrvative / right wing voters mind set, this mind set needs to change, or we will be walked all over in the coming decades, losing or rights and democracy along the way. Be very weary .

    • Anonymous

      I agree, Mooloo.  MMP is a shit of a system.
      I also agree that the left has lost the argument.
      Welfare doesn’t work. The nanny-state doesn’t work.
      Immigration of Muslims doesn’t work.
      Borrow-and-spend doesn’t work. Unions no longer work.
      Political correctness doesn’t work. It leads to the loss of freedom of speech – this has been very clearly seen in Europe and the U.K., where Muslims can say and do anything they like, but if you criticise Islam then you are likely to be hauled into court and locked up. It doesn’t matter that you’re telling the truth – apparently “being offended” or “causing offense” now trumps the truth.

      • Groans

        Well said

      • TCrwdb

        100% agree, the bigger problem is they’ve unleashed the monster, the hard-left  have come out of hiding and seem intent on destroying our modern industrialised society with the aim to gain power.  They are nothing other than pure evil.

      • Alex

        In India’s case it is probably justified — provocative material is routinely used to stir up sectarian violence over there, and it results in the deaths of hundreds each time.  However, with the European countries, they providing radical Muslims with a weapon with which to undermine what Western civilisation is inherently about — freedom of conscience.  I suspect that we will see Enoch Powell’s vision of rivers of blood if the GFC gets worse.  Many Europeans harbour huge resentment towards Muslim and third world migrants, and their inability to express it without fear of abuse and recrimination is just leading to a very inflammatory environment.  The interesting thing is that resentment is no longer limited to the working classes.  For example, a Spanish friend of mine –a very urbane, gay, relatively liberal, educated, comfortably middle class.  Tolerant about everything, but then ask him what he thinks about Arabs, and you cop an earful.

    • Willsomers101

      Arithmetic my dear fellow , arithmetic. Since when did 47.5% become more than 50% ?

      You seriously need to go back to primary school.

      Dont forget FFP  would sometimes give the smaller party more seats.
      A bit like George Bush who got less votes  US wide than  Al Gore

      • Anonymous

        He didn’t say 47.5% was greater than 50%.
        He said “the leading political party garnered 48%.”
        You can go back to primary school as well – to learn to read. 
        Never mind. I guess it hurts to still be a supporter of a thoroughly-discredited ideology (socialism).

  • Willsomers101

    “47.5% ( lets get the numbers right) shut out of government”

    Thats because it aint 50.1%.

    You dont seem to be able to see reality in  52.5% didnt vote National ( a majority)

    • Anonymous

      I’m very well aware of that (that the Nats didn’t get a majority of the vote, hence the need for agreements with ACT and United Future). 
      If you want to play the “majority” game, 72% (thereabouts) didn’t vote Labour. That’s an even bigger majority.
      So, your point is? 
      You reckon that Labour (with their pathetic 28-odd percent) have a “mandate”?  A better one than National?
      Yeah, right.
      Three more years. Get used to it.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, but put some partners together and I am sure that clicks over 50%
      My books a straight forward majority, National + UF + ACT + Maori Party
      Yip I say that is a majority – away we go :D

    • Anonymous

      1999 Labour gets 38.7%
      2002 Labour gets 41.3%
      2005 Labour gets 41.1%

      Thats a much larger majority not voting for Labour 99-05 than who didn’t vote National in 11 and what do you know where were the crys of ‘no mandate’ from the lefties and the media during the Clark years?