Manufacturing a crisis

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It seems some MUNZ workers are now talking out of school.

MUNZ are dominated on the floor in Auckland by a bunch (probably around 20) of gnarly old wharfies who have been with the Port for a long time. Years.

They are probably getting near retirement, and will be due pensions in the not too distant future. One pension I’m told exceeds $800,000.

Is it possible that this whole dispute thing is really about them getting redundancy as well as pension through this process.

They would get a large redundancy payment, given the time they have been with the Port, and lose none of their pension.

They are much better off than the newer employees who haven’t amassed a large pension, or many service years.

Is it possible that they have jacked this up to suit themselves?

We already know that they are greedy rich pricks when it comes to working hours and remuneration, is the top echelon of the union really so greedy and callous as to throw their workmates under the straddle carriers so they can cream off the cash?

I think they might be.


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  • Zelda

    Sure looks like it, an interesting perspective!

  • beenthere

    On the nail..

  • Anonymous

    I’d say you’re right, WO.

  • Mickrodge


    Interesting theory. Nothing like sowing a small seed of doubt in the minds of the junior workers too.

  • Light

    I’ve worked at the port and know a lot of people who are still there.  It’s possible the union originally went on strike for a different reason but now that redundancy is up for grabs there are guys there who are deliberately digging in to make negotiations impossible to resolve because they’ve got a sniff of the money.  Many of them have multiple properties and are mortgage free.  They have an attitude of entitlement and that the redundancy is their right.  Those who have been casuals for years or who have not amassed many years of service will be the losers and those who are the biggest agitators will be rich.

    • Diego

      That’s exactly right Light. There are plenty there with mortgage free homes and investment properties. On another note, I have heard through very reliable sources that munz have paid casuals a one off payment to keep them fighting for their cause and that they have also elected to strike again on 22, 23 & 24 of January. They also intend to swell their ranks with other unions and hope to damage a whole lot of non union staff vehicles! Only time will tell!

  • Clarence Kay

    This was standard operating procedure in the freezing workers union in the 1980s. A group of older workers dominated the union at all the major meat works, and they could see nothing but upside in industrial action which might close the plant.

    A strike was a win-win for them – if it succeeded, they received the benefit in pay and conditions; if it led to closure they received redundancy.