Marshall – “Give me strength”

I’m liking the cut of the new Police Commissioner’s jib:

The police commissioner has spoken out over an investigation into whether three police officers wore matching identification during Monday’s raid on Occupy Auckland protesters.

“I hope it isn’t true, but if such stupidity did occur – give me strength,” Peter Marshall wrote in his blog on the police national website.

“Talk about scoring an own goal. This is to be the subject of an employment hearing and the truth will be established.”

In the blog, Marshall also praised the officer’s involved in the raids “softly-softly” approach and said police had been complimented by people including veteran protester John Minto “who is hardly a cheerleader for police”.

Police today arrested 19 people when, supported by security guards, they returned to Aotea Square to clear the remaining tents belonging to  protesters.

One day the mainstream media will link to a source blog. For the record here is Peter Marshall’s blog post.

We can thank Judith Collins for such a fine Commissioner.


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  • Anonymous

    I like the new Commissioner’s cut too! I can’t blame the police officers for wearing the same number. The police officer is just doing what he/she is paid to do and they don’t need any personal attacks from crazy ones for doing their job. There are some real nasty protesters out there.

    • Blair Mulholland

      Are you serious?!  That number is what makes them a cop and gives them authority.

      If you can’t behave honorably when you put on the uniform and be willing to subject yourself to a higher standard than the average citizen, then you shouldn’t be a cop.  We don’t live in a police state, New Zealanders have rights, and if you let cops get away with breaking the law, the public lose respect for them.  As it is, the cops have lost a lot of respect over the last twenty years, and I think it is great that we have a commissioner who is not prepared to put up with ill discipline and a continuation of the attitude of “defend the officer, no matter what”.

      It’s ironic that Collins appointed this man, as she was one of the worst practitioners of that appalling attitude.  So pleased that we are finally starting to see the culture of the police change in New Zealand.

  • Phar Lap

    Marshall should have had the job, before Helen Clark appointed the little guy called Broad.The problem with Marshall, as Helen saw it ,he could not be manipulated or jump through hoops. Hmmm.What an indictment of the Clark Government to keep such a fine police officer out in the cold.At last NZ is getting policing    without fear or favour which Clark refused to enact.

    • Hakim of Phut

      Well Marshall seems to be happy making all the cuts to the Police that Tolley and her predecessor wanted, so who is jumping through hoops

  • Lovely fantasy you were living believing
    that Phar Lap….Have to say that so far Marshall is acting like all the past Commissioners’
    of Police should have for – roughly – the last thirty one years.

    • Phar Lap

      He certainly is a good NZ.He has his finger on the pulse,listen to Greg O’connor who tells it like it is.Check out his comments like for like Broad v  Marshall. Broad seemed to destroy police moral with his politically motivated decisions.Marshal now has to rebuild the moral without political interference.Let us not forget he deserves a fair go Kiwi style.

      • Paul Rain

        And without Labour’s lapdogs, there would be little for police officers to fear from politically motivated harassment. If I were a beat cop I would be far from confident that the government would look after my end against the anarchist scum.

  • jay cee

    as i recall broad got the job because he wasn’t tainted with the behaviour of rickard and co,not  because clark wanted a lapdog.since the same situation i.e multiple officers wearing
    the same number did not occur under broad’s watch as well it s a bit tough to make comparisons on their respective handling of the job.

    • Phar Lap

      Think you got that wrong.Clarke got rid of Peter Doone on a questionable excuse and installed Broad. Rickard was not even an also ran.