Martyn Bradbury has run out of ideas

It is something to behold when the left eat their own. Martyn Bradbury has decided to attack The Standard…..and Scott Yorke. Scott at Imperator Fish re-blogs an old post in retaliation…it is still funny, and still holds true. I agree with him, it’s not at all petty:

In a shock announcement, radio and TV host and blogger Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury has announced he has run out of opinions.

Bradbury is well known for expressing strong opinions on just about every topic. Bradbury regularly uses his radio and TV appearances to castigate right-wing politicians, and to push his strongly leftist views on multiple issues.

But on Friday morning Bradbury was rushed to hospital after experiencing a sudden opinion failure.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Bradbury explained what happened.

“I was in the midst of typing a scathing blogpost eviscerating John Key’s evil National government for the steaming pile of dog-turd it has become, and explaining why we needed a Mana Party world government, when suddenly my hands dropped from the keyboard and I felt an overwhelming sense of numbness.

“I knew something was wrong, because I felt this sudden release, as if all the seething righteous indignation was being voided from my body. That’s when I called 111.”


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  • lovinthatchangefeeling

    I’m STILL laughing at Bumber a couple of months later. The useful village idiot of the leftards, (aka Hooten’s Bitch) a day or two before the elction, ejaculated all over his screen and the interweb, that Mana were at 2.6% on ipredict.

    nek minnit

  • Thorn

    This dung puncher is in hospital recovering from having his hemorrhoids lanced – again! Apparently the staff have had to call security to restrain him from wandering into the children’s ward. 

  • tas

    Every time I try to load tumeke my browser has a seizure and flash crashes. Anyone else have this problem?

    What on earth does he have on that site. I’ve never even seen it.

  • M3N78L

    Mate, I hate to point this out, but your headline infers he had “some ideas” in the first instance.
    He clearly doesn’t.

  • maninblack

    the left a fucked to start and end with.
    if the left were to be taken seriously they would shut vile spewing mouth peices like bomber up as its literly just rubbish that no one takes seriously.