Maybe he could work for the Maritime Union, Ctd

We know the Maritime Union is a blokefest, they currently have a couple of members before the employment courts for the sexist and racist attitudes.

Maybe this racist could possibly get a job with the Maritime Union:

A young Auckland man, who contributed to a racially charged online conversation, will keep his job but has learned a valuable lesson about social media.

An Australian blogger called for Auckland restaurant Urban Turban to be boycotted this week after an employee was involved in a racist tirade against Aborigines on Facebook.

Many of the online comments were aimed at a young Aboriginal girl pictured in a poster encouraging greater education for Aborigines.

Urban Turban employee Brian Castello wrote “maybe don’t live in remote aborigine communities, then your kids can read”.

A manager at the restaurant, Glenn, said he had spoken to Castello and other staff about the dangers of posting comments online that could be linked to their employer.

“I don’t think the remark merited him losing his job.

“We have had a conversation about our policies. I have made it clear to him to remove us an employer on Facebook,” he said.

Glenn, who declined to give his surname, said Castello is young and impressionable and may not have realised how his comment may be interpreted.

As an employer, he said he was reluctant to force his views on staff or censor them in their personal lives.

“But it has highlighted what is required of staff in terms of social media and public persona.”


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  • Hakim of Phut

    Have you seen the MUNZ picket line, its more racially mixed than the National party caucus.

    Then  again there will all ways be one who has racial sterotypes, small hands anyone?

    • Super Guest

      Who cares? Everything should be about the best man for the job. Not tokenism.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    The young fella was simply telling the stark, unpalatable truth.  He’s no racist, just a realist.

  • Luke

    Since when was telling the truth racist? If you live in any remote community, of course you’re going to be poorly educated.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Nothing wrong with what he said at all.  It seems like there is a conspiracy to keep Aboriginals on their reservations and on benefits.  That’s the real racism of the issue.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing racist there.
    I’m inclined to praise a thoughtful employer, aware about potential issues surrounding social media and willing to look at the incident rationally. Too many jump off the deep end this days with knee jerk reactions.