Maybe he could work for the Maritime Union

This guy could have a job for life working with the Maritime Union, he seems perfectly qualified:

A meat inspector who called colleagues at his Ashburton workplace “fat-arsed bitches” has been awarded almost $13,000 for “distress” arising from his dismissal.

Stephen Thomas, who had been an inspector on and off since 1975, was fired by AsureQuality in 2010 after walking off the job following a disagreement with collegues.

He went to the Employment Relations Authority seeking reinstatement, compensation and lost wages, but in a ruling released today, member Philip Cheyne refused because Mr Thomas had contributed to his sacking.

However he awarded him $12,800 for the “proven effects of the dismissal” which included “significant distress” arising from rumours about why he was sacked.

Mr Thomas suffered weight loss and poor appetite, sleep, motivation and concentration after his dismissal.

At the time of his sacking he was on a written warning after colleagues complained about his conduct.

One objected to him referring to workmates as “fat-arsed bitches” and another complained of verbal harassment.

The authority heard two other meat inspectors said Mr Thomas was “manipulative, overbearing, patronising and intimidating” and the work environment was much better after he was sacked.

Mr Cheyne said there was “animosity towards Mr Thomas from nearly half of his work colleagues” and “vehement” opposition to him returning to work.


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  • David M

    The Employment Court is a pathetic joke. Judges take forever to make decisions and keep people waiting in limbo – but WTF they’re above the general public that appear before them. Crusher needs to sort this part of the justice system out. 

    There is no hope that Chester Wheelbarrow will do anything constructive in this space.

  • Kthxbai

    This was the Employment Relations Authority rather than the Employment Court.  The employers could appeal – but it’s probably better from their viewpoint to pay the guy the cash and walk away.

  • Agent BallSack

    I agree with Kthxbai, let the offensive cretin go, surprised around meat workers he wasn’t found disembowelled and hanging in the freezer with that sort of attitude.

  • Anonymous

    Its all about the process.  Odious as this guy sounds like he was, if the company didn’t follow the correct process in the dismissal they end up having to pay.
    The Employment Court is tough for employer’s but if you follow procedures things pan out.

    Anyway it was probably cheaper to pay this money than appeal, employye advocates work on this principal a lot as well.

  • Blair Mulholland

    I live in Texas –  a “right to work” state, which is a nice way of saying that a boss can fire you on the spot for pretty much any reason outside of your race age or gender, and you have no comeback.  It works fantastically.  Yes, it makes employees vulnerable, but the flipside is that because firings are a lot more common, employers aren’t so bothered if you have been fired, and the risk to them is lower if they do hire you.  It makes jobs very easy to come by, and means that useless people aren’t hung onto like dead weight.  Things would be so much better in New Zealand if they got rid of the ridiculous bureaucratic employment laws.

  • silverfox

    era  is toohless tiger who fail to see the wood for the trees i have just filled a case to human rights where one person has won a case on the exactly the same points i was refused the left hand doesn know what the rights doing