Meat Salad

Master Whaleoil was cooking tonight. His recipe was “Meat Salad”

You need:

6 pork sausages (Cucumber slices)
Home made meatballs (Radish)
4 Venison (Red Deer) steaks (cow lettuce)
1 Rump steak (cow lettuce)
some cubed ham (croutons)
Salamai sliced (Tomato)
Pepperoni slices  (carrot sticks)
Eggs and Beer to make beer batters to coat chicken
2 chicken breasts sliced

Cook it all up and mix in a bowl…Serve:

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  • callumb

    That is 100% pure awesome.

  • Orange

    Can you explain the egg-chicken bit please.

    • you make a beer batter and coat the chicken in it and then fry it up before putting in the salad.

    • Spanishbride

      Master Wo found the recipe on Epic meal time, the same place he got his Meat turtle recipe from. Unfortunately it didn’t explain the beer batter well. We knew it had egg and beer but no other details were given. I think it needed flour as it tasted of beer but looked more like a chicken omlette in the end! It was supposed to be coated in a crisp looking beer batter.

      • maninblack

        beer batter is just cup normal flour, half a cup of corn flour, and lager beer to make a nice runny batter. its great for chicken and fish.

  • Anonymous

    So….. was it good, WO?  

    • Fucking awesome! The boy can cook meals anytime just so long as they are meat

  • EX Navy Greg

    That will do me, awesome

  • Spiker

    I think my days of eating like that are done. Last year I killed an old stag & turned him into beer sticks & salami. Then tried to eat it all myself.. sent my cholesterol levels trough the roof. Quit eating it apart from the rare taste & gave most of the remaining away. :-(

  • Killjoy

    So men can eat salads??

  • Spanishbride

    P.S he used BBQ sauce as salad dressing

  • Spanishbride

    PPS here is the video for your viewing pleasure

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps he could do a turbacon special. You could invite the loyal whaleoil army over for a taste!

  • EX Navy Greg

    Actually, we probably should organize a barbie for the boys at some stage.Would be good to put a face to the names of the regulars. Let master WO know he’s cooking for 1500.

  • Nadis

    Hello colonal-rectal cancer!

    • Juana Atkins

      Rectum? Damn near killed him.

  • Cactus Kate

    Spanish Bride can you report the calorie content. Not for criticizing but for awesomeness.

  • Brian Smaller

    My son made the same one – Epic Meal Time. Just make sure you ahve plenty of bacon in the house and kill another steer or two:)  Still, Whale, sounds like he had most of the food groups covered.

  • Juana Atkins

    Approx 18000 calories going by the estimations on their video. ( as we did not include the bacon bits or the bacon dressing ) Thankfully Master WO is tall and slim and this is just a phase he is going through. I will always support a male of the species when they have the urge to cook, no matter how ridiculous the meal. He made us candied bacon for dessert the night before which was a big hit all round :)

    • Cactus Kate


  • Brian Smaller

    @Spanishbride – My son made he same a few weeks back. Has yours tried the lattice of streaky bacon and cheese yet? It is another Epic Mealtime calorie fest. :)

  • ConwayCaptain

    How old is Master WO???  We taught our son to cook and he does v well.

    Take a butterflied leg of lamb.  Coat both sides with wholegrain mustard and put GARLIC and rosemary on the inside as you fold loosely.  Put in a slow cooker and put on high then turn to low.

    About 1 hr per KG.  Use the juices to make the gravy

  • Steve

    I think you should buy him a Webber Charcoal Grill for his birthday….