Media Strategy for Christchurch City Council

The Christchurch City Council has commissioned an $80,000 review of its communication with the public after a barrage of public criticism over recent controversies.

The council has come under fire in recent months over several issues, including its decision to give council chief executive Tony Marryatt a $68,000 pay rise and to move its call centre to the North Island.

In a joint statement released this afternoon, Marryatt and Mayor Bob Parker said “justified” criticism of the performance of Marryatt and the council had convinced them that change was needed.

They said Marryatt would spend the year “out and about in the community” to listen to residents’ concerns about the council and make changes where necessary.

The council had commissioned an independent review of its public communication to determine what it was doing well and where improvements needed to be made.

The review, which would cost about $80,000, would involve discussion with up to 120 people within the council and the community.

Or they could pay me $80,000 to tell them not to do dumb shit.


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  • Read and Weep

    ENOUGH, this council is insane – everyone knows that
    Felicity Price is no researcher, it’s irrelevant that her company name was
    changed yesterday, this is all about bucks and lots of them – Christchurch
    ratepayers just lost ANOTHER $80,000 for worthless posturing.  The government must step in urgently to stop
    this obscene and blatant waste before Christchurch is totally bankrupt. Parker,
    Marryatt and all councillors must be replaced by statutory managers and the
    sooner the better, because as it is they are totally out of control.

    • bb

      completely agree. the thought of maryatt roaming the streets talking to people just make me frustrated again that they have missed the mark on the issue. to spend another 80k on a miss-spent 68k is just lunacy and shows yhey have the wrong people running the chch city council. another good reason not to live in chch – frivilous spending of taxpayer money not actually going on the re-build.

    • Gazzaw

      WTF! The rest of the country is already pouring billions into Ch’ch. Unless these internal problems are affecting NZ taxpayers funds rather than just Ch’ch ratepayers then Ch’ch can surely sort its own local politicians out.

  • Notrotsky

    “They said Marryatt would spend the year “out and about in the community” to listen to residents’ concerns about the council and make changes where necessary.”
    Doesn’t this translate to 

    …’ as well as receiving his generous ratepayer salary Tony will be troughing it up on the large out and about this year, this will include numerous trips offshore to sister cities, boozy lunches around town, meetings at the 18th hole and other activities designed to fuck the ratepayer off…”

    Fucking cunts should be taken out and machine gunned, what makes me spew is the scum in power in auckland, wellington and throughout the public sector are all the same……. now how do we access the trough, can the penguin write an article to give us some tips ?

  • kevin

    How about ChCh host the V8’s?  They have just the ‘right’ guy to get it happening…

    • Orange

      too many pot holes?

      • kevin

        My comment was a bit silly but, marryatt has negative Hamilton V8 history. How did he end up accepted into ChCh council? They should have run a mile.
        What is it with the local body top end job seekers? Seems a nationwide problem.

    • Gazzaw

      His mate Michael Redman might be able to help him.

  • bb

    only failed senior management like maryatt can exist in public servant roles – the corporate sector see through these guys and don’t even make the selection process. they would be far too accountable for their own liking and they would be shown up for their lack of skill for the job too quickly.

  • Southshore

    I really don’t think it is a good idea for Marryatt to go walkabout in Christchurch – too high risk there is already talk of “tarring and feathering”?!!

  • Dion

    Where is the $80k coming from I wonder.

    • Scanner

      I know a quick and easy way to get a spare $68k

    • Southshore

      Council says from the COMMUNICATIONS budget – so maybe they knew that they had problems even last year Ha Ha – and don;t forget that we paid for Marryatt to go on a joryride to the US to study Media communications!.

  • Anonymousecoward

    There were similar discord and lack of trust issues around Flowershow Bob during his previous gig as Mayor of the now defunct Banks Peninsula District Council

  • MrV

    You do see the futility of the situation from the councils perspective though?

    a) If they do nothing, they get accused of not listening.
    b) If Bob Parker says he’s taken the comments on board and will seek to improve the situation, he gets abused personally, accused of not listening, or not being ‘open’ about it.
    c) If they spend money on a report, they get accused of wasting money.

  • Dr Wang


  • Paulus

    Bob – your time has come, not helped by your CEO.
    Let Lianne Dalziel take the reins – she really knows how to spend other people’s money, being an expert.

  • Gazzaw

    If a knighthood was offered to Bob in the New Years Honours I think that he should maybe have accepted. At this rate he won’t even get to have an epsiode of ‘This is your life’.  

  • Euan Rt

    $80000 and they are going to talk to up to 120 people. That’s $666.67 per person. They can talk to me for a measly $100 and I’ll be happy to tell them what I think of them!

  • JohnBChCh

    Price is seriously conflicted and should never have got caught with the CCC madness

  • JohnBChCh

    And didn’t Price get caught out big time trying to suggest she had never worked for the Council when since 1996 she’s been advising the Councils holding company CCHL!