Meet the Wharfies – Andrew Angus

Cactus Kate has already blogged about the racist and sexist attitudes of the Wharfies. One of the racist wharfies is Andrew Angus. He is the one that wrote:

The union is on a publicity drive and so is publishing photos of the striking wharfies carrying placards. We have seen photos of casual workers opposing casual work. This is Andrew Angus:

Since he thinks that the company values are “bullshit”, presumably he thinks they should be replaced with his and the unions racist and sexist values.


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  • captain kidd

    Why cant the management of POA put the business first and simply sack each and every one of these baffoons,sure it may cost in redundantcy but it will clear the decks and help ensure the profitability of the company.Seems to me that they are not great managers and may need to go themselfs.

  • Scanner

    What is this piece of shit carrying a placard for, he doesn’t even work there, totally fucking irrelevant.
    At least we now know what shit looks like when you stack it high enough and dry it in the sun, just another card carrying union bully that probably stood (if he hadn’t been fired) to get a very large redundancy when all his dopey mats get the sack.

  • Anon

    I understand that a good number of “mature” Unionists would welcome redundancy as they stand to get considerable sums, and expect to join contractors afterwards. They also have huge pension sums some as high as $800k. Like one of whom I am aware he has a building company and he would really like to concentrate on that than picket, as daytime picketing is time consuming, not giving him enough time to get quotes for building work out.

  • Lesley

    Tuvaluans work very hard when they get a job in NZ. They say Tuvalu is sinking and disappearing. Let’s hope lots more Tuvaluans are allowed into NZ, now that there will soon be lots of jobs on offer at the Ports of Auckland .

  • Steve and Monique

    Tuvaluans sound like the sort of immigrant workers that come here.They work hard,they are happy to work,and they get on with it.And they could not give a shit about unions.Ports of Auckland,start a recruitment office on there island.So we dont have to look at these gobshite union propaganda pics anymore.

  • captain kidd

    I was once an engineer at Kinleigh pulp mill back in the 80s.
    The union was that strong that the company made them all redundant and employed contractors.
    They had a list of people that they would not accept back on site,so like the present warfies i bet when they are made redundant none of them will be welcome back.So smug they think they own the place.