Missing in action

Len Brown is unavailable for comment as he is on holiday while his Ports of Auckland company is being held to ransom by demanding, greedy unions. He is showing all care but no responsibility as he suns him self on Waiheke Island.

Last I heard cellphones and the internet worked just fine on Waiheke.

Meanwhile the union is bombarding talkback with their flunkies spinning all sorts of lines. What they can’t anser though is why exactly they are striking. The Port has offered substantial increases, far larger than any other sector has obtained or won and still they are announcing further strikes.

There is some good news though…if you are a Ports of Tauranga shareholder, your shares went up:

If Fonterra follows through, it will mean the loss of a second major customer for the port in a month following shipping line Maersk’s decision to re-route its Southern Star service to the Port of Tauranga.

The prospect of more business has given Port of Tauranga’s share price a boost. The stock rallied by 15c yesterday to close at $10.10 – a record high.

Back in Auckland ratepayers are watching while a small group of lazy, greedy unionists are bleating about the employer wanting them to work when the employer wants them to work not when the workers want to work. I kid you not, that is what they are saying in calls to NewstalkZB.

The Maritime Union is holding New Zealand’s biggest port to ransom and it appears they are being aided and abetted by some councillors like Mike Lee.


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  • Anonymous

    How on earth did Lazy Len get the mayoralty?
    Who the f**k voted for him?

    • Willsomers101

      heaps more  votes than  ‘runner up’ Banks.

      Last time I checked Fonterra  doesnt have any plants in Auckland for export.  In fact their biggest plants  are all south of Te Rapa- thats where they are exporting from.

      Then there is Auckland City Investments who are the legal shareholder in POAL,   3 of its 5 directors were appointed by  Rodney Hide. 
      Browns time is better spent on long term strategic issues not day to day storms in a tea cup.

      • Dion

        Then why the hell was Fonterra paying the port $5 million a year?

        As an aside, if the possible destruction of one of the country’s largest ports by a militant union isn’t a “long term”, “strategic” issue then I don’t know what is.

      • Dion

        Then why the hell was Fonterra paying the port $5 million a year?

        As an aside, if the possible destruction of one of the country’s largest ports by a militant union isn’t a “long term”, “strategic” issue then I don’t know what is.

      • Guest

        Are you mad? It’s a one billion dollar asset – correction, WAS a billion dollar asset. It deserves Len Brown’s closest attention. As ratepayers, we deserve to know that the Port owner is actually interested in fixing the problem!

      • Coventry

        Bzzzzzzzzzzzt wrong !

        Fonterra Brands – Takanini – producers of Yogurt, Dairy Food, Beverages, etc.
        Grated Cheese Company – Glen Innes – Would you believe Grated Cheese ?
        Fonterra Brands (Tip Top) – Mt Wellington – producers of Ice Cream

        From Auckland/North you have 2 Fonterra raw milk processing plants (read Powder, WPC, etc) – one is at Maungaturoto and the other is at Kauri (Whangarei).

      • GPT

        So $5billion a year loss of revenue is a storm in a teacup?  Must be one hell of a teacup.

      • GPT

        Sorry, $1.4billion.  Getting confused with the $5million figure that One News is using.

      • Dion

        Another question worth asking is why a port isn’t worthy of his attention, but building a trainset that goes in a circle around the Auckland CBD is.

      • Gazzaw

        You’re not Kosh are you?

    • ConwayCaptain

      He was voted in because he mobilised all the people in Manukau City that was.

      The people on N Shore, Auckland City sat at home and thought Banks woukd romp home.

      So next mayoral election get out and vote and get Loopy Len the Choo Choo train bloke out.

      He is so into trains beacuse he didnt have a Thomas the Tank engine set when he was a kid.

    • Thorn

      Auckland’s untermenschen.

  • kevin

    come on, own up…

  • Guest

    He is deliberately hiding on Waiheke because if he was put under pressure he’d start thumping his chest, slapping his face, and offering to sit on a chair in the middle of Bledisloe Wharf to listen to wharfies’ problems. 

  • Bo Jangles

    Where is Mike Lee holidaying / hiding?

  • GPT

    I wonder how the Union will explain the loss of their members’ $91k PA jobs?  Not really standing up for the worker.

  • HSV325

    Brown needs to start doing what he was elected to do and start sorting these fuckers out. Life does’nt stop just because its xmas new year. He would just aboutt be guaranteed another term if he did a ‘Qantas’ on them.

  • Gazzaw

    Cam, I note that you are quoting callers to Newstalk ZB. You’re a brave man indeed to be listening to Corkery & her band of geriatric followers & her rent-a-red mob. I’ve turned off ZB for the duration until Smith & Williams return. Don’t know what the management is thinking with the locums that they seem to have promoted from the graveyard shifts.   

    • Guest

      That Corkery Psycho, probably ranting on air under the influence of “Phillip” Sherry and her old seafaring mate Captain Morgan.

  • Apolonia

    What would the dynamic Len do if Auckland started getting earthquakes like Christchurch?
    Surely it must be time for him to give himself a “traditional” slapping again!

  • Sweetd

    Am wondering if Key will do another flanking position on Brown and take over POA through some empowering legislation, similar to what he did after Brown botched up hthe opening of the RWC?

  • Give the guy a break – that is what they pay the directors to do. Warren Buffet who is far richer than Auckland council takes almost no interest in the daily running of Bershire Hathaway’s assets. 

    • Tony

      Sorry – he is the peoples’ representative and his job is to safeguard the peoples’ assets. As the saying goes, “the buck stops here”.

      As the mayor of the political / economic powerhouse that is super-Auckland he should say something – if only to tell Fletcher to be quite.

    • Rockfield

      Buffet and the people who report to him are exremely competent  .,… Other end of the spectrum for Loopy Len and his Buffoons.


    • Anonymous

      The directors answer to the shareholder(s). The only shareholder is the Auckland  Council. In other words, Aucklanders. Len and his cronies are too spineless to do what is clearly right for the Port. Instead, they are worried about the few wharfies who are striking at a cost to 1.48 million Aucklanders. Len needs get his priorities right: put aside his lefty/union inclinations and do what is right for the Port and its shareholders, NOT what is best for some wharfies.

      Here’s a nice cut and paste from Wikipedia:

      “According to an economic impact assessment, 173,000 jobs in the Auckland Region rely on trade through the ports and the ports have an impact on a third of the local economy.[15] Ports of Auckland is 100% held by Auckland Regional Holdings, an Auckland Regional Council (ARC) investment entity. Annual dividends to the ratepayers within the last 15 years (as of 2006) have totalled NZ$500 million.[9]”

      That’s some important shit.

      • Rockfield

        Jezz do i agree with that post.


    • Pharmachick

      Buffett has an encyclopedic knowledge of the ins-and-outs of his investment firm and its day-to-day mechanics. No, he’s not a micromanager, but due tot he close eye he keeps he is nimble enough to swoop in quickly when things go pear-shaped. Buffett’s nick-name (The Oracle of Omaha) stems in part from this. His “prescience” is partly just that and mostly a minute and detailed knowledge of (and guiding hand on) his organization.

      • Willsomers101

        Really  ? 
        Heres a list of his subsidiaries, in addition there’s the companies hes a passive  shareholder like Coca Cola etc
        Acme Brick…..Star Furniture and 45 or so in between.

        There is NO way he has a detailed knowledge  from brick making to furniture and with a railroad  AND a corporate jet  hire  in the middle

      • Pharmachick

        Yes really Willsomers101,
        if he was a physicisist or mathematician you’d say “Oh yes, okay … the man can have that sort of intricate and detailed knowledge, involving years of study”. 

        So why not in business.

        Moreover, Warren Buffett IS NOT your average joe. He is exceptional and spectacular (that’s partly why we’re discussing him).

        So YES, I think he **CAN** have detailed knowledge of all of those. Then again, I actually know some rocket scientists and experimental physicists (and they utterly astound me too, with their detailed knowledge of e.g. symphony orchestras, the stock market and fine art).

        Wall Street pays very, very well for eidetics or semi-eidetics. 

  • Steve (North Shore)

    It is not Uncle Len’s money. He wants the big land sell to finance a deposit on his train set.
    No more trucks, no more containers, no more ships, no more ugly cranes. The cost does not matter when you have the public on trains and everyone can walk freely on the great Auckland waterfront.
    Auckland Boulevard

    • ConwayCaptain

      So cargo destined for Akl will have to be trucked up SH 2 from TGA or on trains.

      POAL handles about 250,000 boxes per annum.  That is 20,000 pm on either SH 2 or the trains.  Plus the cars that have to be imported then put on transporters to Akl.  Say 5,000 cars pm and each transporter take 5 that is 1000 truck movement each way on SH 2.

      All container cargo for Northland will have to be trucked/trained up and any export product back again.

      This is RIDICULOUS.

      • Steve (North Shore)

        You should be telling Uncle Len, not me Captain

      • EX Navy Greg

        Can’t send it by road up north, the so called “holiday highway” isn’t built yet, and I’m not sure if the rail line is set up for the 17.5 tonne axle loading required.
        You are spot on Captain, this is ridiculous.
        Len, pull your finger out of your arse and DO YOUR JOB.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Steve (North Shore)

      I voted for Banks in th election and lived on tghe N Shore so got off my butt as I could see what Loopy Len was like.  Typical Socialist and as Maggie T says They spend othere peoples money until it runs out then they borrow.

      I have moved from Loopy Lnes Super City as it will get worse and worse.

      He wants 1 m more people in Akl in the next 30 yearfs.  It cant handle what its got.