Moaning about Sharks

It must be summer, there is plenty of moaning about sharks in the water at beaches.

Newsflash fools…it is their playground not yours. They have been looking for food in those waters forever…if you want to pretend to be food then they will pretend to eat you.


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  • Anonymous

    Same with crocodiles in the Kakadu National Park. Someone got eaten by one some years ago. They thought it would affect touist numbers which it did – upward.

  • Anonymous

    The government should pass a law requiring any shark wanting to come within 100 meters of the coast to be microchipped.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the Ministry of Fisheries could hold hunting ballots annually at the beginning of each summer for any sharks wanting to feed within the economic exclusion zone….or people could just leave ’em the fuck alone. Those articles are nothing more space fillers in the newspaper, abysmal news reporting.

  • Greigb

    Russel Norman and the Greens should arrange for restorative justice meetings for shark and prey – calling them victims disrespects their civil rights to be idiots – and if needed, long state funded rehabilitation programs targetting at-risk sharks and finding ways to include them in the community.

  • Nemo

    Yep, water is their territory. Hate it when ‘docos’ screen stupid things like “why do sharks attack humans?”. Stupid.

  • Brian Smaller

    Apparently wwe wont have to worry because in another twenty years there wont be any left. They last bowl of shark fin soup will be served in China.

  • Dutyfree

    I always figure it is summer when the main news item each day is how many people have been killed car crashes