Monorail going cheap

There is a move in Sydney, which is undergoing a major tourism infrastructure upgrade programme, to tear down their monorail:

The state’s top infrastructure advisers are encouraging developers planning Sydney’s new convention centre precinct to tear down the much-maligned monorail.

Infrastructure NSW is drafting plans to redevelop the Darling Harbour Convention Centre in partnership with one of three consortiums on a shortlist for the multimillion-dollar building contract.

A final tender round will be released in March but senior government sources say the organisation is happy to see the monorail’s ageing infrastructure removed if it is missing from the design of the winning bidder.

The chairman of Infrastructure NSW, Nick Greiner, who inherited the monorail when he was elected premier in 1988, and its chief executive, Paul Broad, have told those around them they expect the monorail to be pulled down.

The Herald has been told that bidders regard the 3.6-kilometre circuit as a constraint on the scope of the redevelopment.

A source from one consortium said no decision had been made ”but the word from the government is ‘don’t let the monorail constrain your thinking”’.

Shhh…no one tell Len Brown that a monorail could be available real cheap at knock down prices, and it is just the thing he would think Auckland needs. I might have to nickname him Len “Lyle Lanely” Brown otherwise.

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  • Anonymous

    Nothing too surprising then. The only thing a monorail would be good for here would be the city circuit, already going through well-defined streets and not actually impacting development potential. But then again, we already have the buses and they cost a fraction of the cost to run.

  • Anonymous

    Disneyland dismantled its ‘people mover’ 16 years ago. See:

    They still have a monorail though.

  • Agent BallSack

    As a Wellingtonian I can understand the need for rail services (So KiwiRail get your shit together please),  and actually think a monorail system could be effective in Auckland with a couple of provisos – It should be able to be moved easily so that in the case of infrastructure development it doesn’t become redundant, and every Aucklander should sing the Monorail song as per above.

  • Gazzaw

    About time. The Sydney monorail is a fuckin eyesore.

  • Ploughman

    The Sydney monorail would be ideal for Auckland: it is ugly, has low capacity, it periodically bangs into itself, it’s expensive, and it runs around in a circle getting nowhere!