Move to Auckland? Nah, we are coming to you

The population of Auckland is set to bust through 1.5 million:

Auckland’s population will be pushed over 1.5 million next week, Statistics New Zealand says.

And it’s likely that will be a literal push, with the 1.5 millionth person likely to be a new baby.

“The 1.5 millionth person could be a migrant coming from overseas or from within New Zealand but it is most likely to be a new baby,” population statistics manager Andrea Blackburn said.

“That’s because births add more than net migration to Auckland’s population growth.”

Auckland had dominated the nation’s population growth for the past 60 years and was most likely to hit the 1.5 million mark on February 1, Ms Blackburn said.

It had taken 35 years to jump from 500,000 to 1,000,000 but only 16 years to reach 1.5 million – and account for 34 per cent of New Zealand’s population.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    The continual expansion of Akl is not good for either Akl or the country.  To have 34% and increasing of your population situated in a relatively small area is stupoid.

    Akl cannot handle 1.5 million now, how the hell Loopy and Co thinl Akl can handle another 1.5 in the next 30 years is incredulous.

    The Govt should really think about getting people to move out of Akl and run businesses from other areas.  We were told that the internet would mean that people could work from home anywhere and a better lifestyle yet lemming like people are gravitatingb to an already overburdened city.

    People are now moving out of Sydney becvause of this problem..  The price of hoousiong will become more and more unaffordable and the transit syatems will not be able to cope.  Akl is too small population wise andntoo wide spread to even think of putting in a metro system as a retro fit. 

    With the POAL wanting to expand the port, which it must we already have the latte sipping NIMBYs jumping up and down and the outlandish idea that they put a container port in Onehunga!!!!!!  or transporting milliosn of boxes from Wrei/TGA to Akl by road /rail

    The whole development of AKL needs someone to bring some sense to Loopy Ideas and not just from Loopus Lennibus.

    I will be offline for the next few days I turned 65 last week and my son has organised a party for me in aAKL.

    • Gazzaw

      Happy birthday Captain. Welcome to the club & it’s reassuring I am sure for the younger members of the WO Army that hitting 65 doesn’t automatically mean another vote for Mr Trotman.

      The trends that you talk about are already happening in Auckland. I run my business from home & never make appointments in the CBD at rush hour. More and more people work in or near the suburbs that they live in. People are moving out though because of housing prices, several young families renting in our neighbourhood have moved to Tauranga, New Plymouth, Nelson & Hawkes Bay rather than purchase in the outer suburbs of Auckland & face a horrible daily double-commute on asub-standard public transport system or clogged motorways.   

      Have a great weekend!

    • BoJangles

      Joining the club myself this year, and getting my gold card, Wacco!!,  but wont be changing my vote to Winnie the Poo.  However I disagree with your – no growth for Ak summary.  Ak is like LA, spread out massively north to south and coast to coast, but it remains the best place to live in NZ and will double in size in 25yrs and be half the pop of NZ, absolutely dominant.   And having superior freight (deep water) ports to the North and south servicing a south auckland transport hub makes strategic long term sense.  Building carparks on our waterfront to house car imports is nonsense, brain dead solution 
      A modern passenger terminal is a must at downtown Ak. Ak could be the cruising hub for the South Pacific / Asia region if such infrastructure was provided.  And kick out the petroleum terminal at Wynyard while we are at it. 

  • phronesis

    Just make sure you leave room on the waterfront for that Nuclear power station.

  • Gazzaw

    Unfortunately BoJangles I do not think that we will win the cruise hub from Sydney. P&O are pulling out of Auckland on a year round basis as the market just isn’t here and our population too small. Both Princess & Holland America Lines moved their operations from Auckland to Sydney last year where passengers from the US & Europe plus crew changes are flown to & from their cruises. That represented a huge loss of business to Auckland as those passengers required shoreside accommodation before or after their cruises and many also toured NZ as well.

    All Auckland really gets now on a year round basis is stopovers which provides us with shopping, sightseeing and some providoring. Geographically we are too far south for winter cruising.

  • Kosh103

    Why anyone wants to live in Auckland is beyond me.