MUNZ has competition for the stupidity crown

Behold – 28 loons challenge MUNZ for King Idiot status.

Well well well, three holes in the ground, what do we have here by a press release co-signed by 28 left wing local board loons of Auckland.

Just when we thought that MUNZ had a monopoly on self-immolating stupidity, the Auckland political left rises up to challenge for King Idiot status.

“In an unprecedented move, 28 Auckland Local Board members from 10 different Boards are uniting to call for Ports of Auckland to return to good faith bargaining and drop plans to outsource jobs at the port.”

The idiots are:

Shale Chambers (Goff mate)
Michael Woods (Goff mate and penis lolly defeatist)
Denise Roche (now a Green MP, hopelessly conflicted in her political hat wearing, shouldn’t she have resigned – November 27 was 7 weeks ago?)
Pippa Cooms (Greenie cyclist action fruit)
Leila Boyle (ex Labour candidate)
Greg Presland (taking the Mickey out of politics as per usual)
Josephine Bartley (ex Labour candidate)
Grant Gillon (ex Alliance MP)
Grame Easte (the left wing Gnome of Mt Albert)

So then, a number of questions for the media to consider:

  1. Have the 28 local board loons run out of local issues to consider, and must know apply their considerable business skills to solving the Ports crisis?
  2. Did Len Brown know about his army of 28 loons launching into the Ports of Auckland in advance? if yes, did he try and counsel them against stickybeaking? If no, does that mean that Len has been marginalised by his comrades?
  3. Does Len Brown approve of the stance of the 28, or does he continue to “back both sides”?
  4. If Len disagrees with the 28, will he tell them to shut up and get back to local issues instead of stickybeaking into a council CCO that is tasked by the Mayor and Council to get on with their work?
  5. If he won’t condemn them for stickybeaking, does that then mean this is now an official matter to discuss at future council meetings?
  6. Is that presser a sign that Labour and the Greens are testing the waters for a plunge into the Ports crisis?
  7. Is this just Michael Wood jockeying for position to take over from Phil Goff in Mt Roskill

I wonder what answers might come back after a bit of digging?


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  • Hakim of Phut

    Greek workers , on average  do 42 hours a week, German workers on average 35 hours per week ( they have longer holidays amoung others), so why isnt it Germany on the skids instead of Greece? – Kiwis I think  work even longer than  the Greeks.
    The reason why is productivity is an employer problem, the germans being more productive for their hours worked, better equipment, more automation etc.
    If POAL has a productivity problem its the ports fault, mainly a lack of space for the containers so they have to be moved many times, as well the layout of the wharfs  date back to the 1940s or so rather than the single ‘long’ wharf they have in Tauranga which has been built  since the 80s.

    • ConwayCaptain

      When the POAL in their previous existence as the AHB were planning the buiklding of the Container Berths the Pilots wanted the berth built so that the ships could berth at a long wharf running  E-W.  This was for ease of berthing into the prevailing wind and currents.

      However the AHB decidied to go with traditional berths running out from Quay street into the harbour.  The container storage area was therefore limited by this lay out.

      Also the existing berths had to be kept working whilst the construction went on.  At TGA Sulphur Pont is well away from the original berths and could be built without interferring with the operation of these berths.

      Hopefully now that POAL has people on the board who know about Port ops some of these problems can be solved when they expand after getting rid of Parsloe and his Mates

  • Arnold

    another group of folks with an over-inflated opinion of themselves. Why do local politicians, throughout the country, thinkl trhey suddenly are a lot brainer than they are when they get elected…geeze…sack the port of auckland workers, contract the work out and run it like a business…

  • Westie

    REF: Grame Easte (the left wing Gnome of Mt Albert)  someone please get him to use deodorant!

  • Hollyfield

    Perhaps, as elected members of the local boards, they should first canvass opinions of the people they are supposed to represent. 

  • Kthxbai

    “..Is that … a sign that Labour and the Greens are testing the waters for a plunge into the Ports crisis?..”

    Please, please yes.  Give them some more rope, quick.

  • Gazzaw

    What the fuck have local boards got to do with this issue. I thought that they made decisions about bus shelters and kindy playgorunds. Regardless, that lot would be hard pushed to even
    collectively make the right decision about those issues.

    It’s time for Len to stop hunting with the hares and chasing with the hounds – he seems to forget that there is an election next year.

  • Paulus

    Keep it up, Labour/Greenpeace Party.
    You are doing yourselves proud showing yourselves to  be self serving PRICKS.

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  • Vlad

    A report by Jenny Keown on Stuff states that these complainers “represent” the local boards and are therefore presenting the local boards’ view on the matter.   Is this true, or is this a sloppy bit of misrepresentation?   I suspect ((2) given the shallow, lazy, witless behaviour of the plonkers who crank out cut and paste copies of press releases for a living in the MSM.  Once and for all, are these the opinions of individuals who happen to be on these boards or are they the resolutions of the whole Boards?   Material, I would have thought.