My word, haven’t times changed

In just a few short months Trevor Mallard has gone from abusing Josie Pagani:

[blackbirdpie id=”136923371366658048″]

…to praising her:

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My word haven’t times changed…what could have brought that on…maybe their synchronicity on welfare reform.


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  • Kiwicanary

    And some of my taxes pay for these words of wisdom from Mallard?

  • Apolonia

    Is she getting a tattoo?

  • Alex

    It’s all shop dressing.  They don’t believe it at all.  They think this is what the voters want to “hear” and so they’ll read out the necessary lines without a shred of sincerity.  

    Mallard is just playing to the script as well.  Just how long before he spits the dummy again I don’t know.  Probably when the poll results show that Shearer hasn’t proven to be the new Obama-messiah.

    They had a similar sackcloth and ashes moment after the 2008 election.  But then, as now, underneath they’re still thinking “how dare the voters not vote for us; they were misinformed etc etc” and (the new line) National doesn’t have a mandate.   

    I saw in Pagani’s Herald piece that she refers to Labour needing to make the economic pie larger rather than just cut it into smaller bits.  A very overt theft of right wing critiques of Labour policy.  I expect that Labour MPs will now be parroting on and on about making the pie bigger, along with references to the squeezed middle. 

    The thing that amazes me is that they just still obviously don’t respect the voters enough to know that the voters can see through all their shop dressing.

  • Alex

    As an addendum to my comment, isn’t it just risible that Pagani is simply writing what Labour were being told over and over again months and months before the election that their campaign was putting people off.  Then Pagani just repeats what was shouted out at Labour at that time  — and only after the election — Labour party supporters then start saying how wonderfully perceptive Pagani is,and marvel that Labour hasn’t completely lost it if it still has candidates of the calibre of Pagani.  I mean WTF?!