Mythbusting: Destiny’s Town

Brian Tamaki has hit the press with fantastic and extravagant plans for a new base for his church, a university and a “city” in South Auckland. He says he has got a resource consent from the Council to do it all.

In Parliamentary “speak”, he is a stranger to the truth. He could almost qualify himself as a political spin-doctor. Alternatively his statements might qualify him for a Tui billboard! (You could suggest this to Tui, but the company would probably not use the idea.)

The site at 25 Druces Road, formerly the site of Quik-Stik NZ Ltd label plant, has an area of 3.1159ha.

The media have variously spouted the opinions of the Teachers Union, and other opinions in attempting to attack Brian Tamaki. What they should ahve done is trot down to the council like I did and ask for the resource consent details. It is far easier to attack Brian Tamaki using the truth and facts provided by the council.

The Council decision provides a “certificate of compliance” with the rules in the district plan in very precise terms, the terms on which he sought the answer. The certificate states that the specified activities are permitted activities. Note that there is no mention of a “city” nor a university, at least not in the terms Mr Tamaki is publicising. There is not room for either on the site!

You can use Google Earth to match the photo evidence with the plan – I think all the buildings shown are in existence already.

Destiny Church plans

As stated the decision is a deemed resource consent, confirming the information his advisers could have obtained directly from the district plan, however it does provide assurance that the activities stated may be undertaken within 5 years even if the rules in the plan are changed in that period.

It is a shame Brian Tamaki has to always speak woth hyperbole because his organisation despite all the grandiose adherence of loyalty and silly titles actually does do some good things. But when you bluster and talk big it makes the truth that much more damaging.

What astounds me is that the media just blindly repeated the spin from various organisations including the NZEI, Destiny Church and other opinionated dribblers without actually bothering to check with the council. Now they can just cut/paste my post.

I don’t know what is worse, Brian Tamaki’s lies or the media’s laziness.

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  • Guest

    Quite right WO, if Tamaki came out and said,

    “We’re building a church, a sports club for youths, a cafe for parents and a primary school. in time, we have ambitions to expand into a high school and higher learning, perhaps adult training”, then people would say ‘good on him’

  • Mickrodge

    Yeah i’m with you Cam.

    Brian Tamaki is a tool of the absolute highest order but I agree that (on appearances) Destiny tend to have more success with the “heaving underclass” than most other agencies appear to.

    Destiny are clever fuckers too…they’ll know exactly how to squeeze every last taxpayer dollar out of the social agencies available to them to build Jonestown v 2.0

    • ConwayCaptain

      Tamaki is an expert manipulator of people of low educational standards and intellect.  He is a stand over merchant along gthe lines of Parsloe etc/.  He goes around with a bunch of goons in dark suits and dark glasses and these are the people who pass the plate of EFTPOS machine around at his services.

      Cruises on the QM2 paid for by his flock, flash cars, watches and then his sidekick who tried to take over the Maori Women’s Womens Welfar zLeague.

    • aobugs

      I think there was a typo there “Tamaki is a tool of”, shouldn’t that have been ‘fool’?
      I also remember his quote (not sure is it about 10yrs ago) that destiny will be in government in 5yrs! Another Tui ad.

      • Anonymous

        no he meant tool. Calling someone a tool is equivalent to calling them a fool, douchebag, idiot, moron etc…

    • Thorn

      He is giving a sense of purpose to people who are happy to pay for it. 

  • Mickrodge

    Yeah i’m with you Cam.

    Brian Tamaki is a tool of the absolute highest order but I agree that (on appearances) Destiny tend to have more success with the “heaving underclass” than most other agencies appear to.

    Destiny are clever fuckers too…they’ll know exactly how to squeeze every last taxpayer dollar out of the social agencies available to them to build Jonestown v 2.0

  • Gary

    Impressive research as always Cam.

  • Kosh103

    There is not one redeaming feature about Brians cult.

    • Troy

      True – he’s all for himself and his wife, who both seem to baske in the glory of richness, palatial homes, cars and overseas travel – yup, strange religion to most.

      • Peter Wilson

        Yes, an absolute disgrace. Talking in riddles, building a gated community, providing schooling.

        He says, “we’re basically building a town.” Now that’s a lot different from “building a town.”

        Not sure what it is that threatens people so much, he’s just another politico as far as I can see. Feathering his own nest – which political leader isn’t rich?

    • Paul Rain

      Not ideal for everyone, but I’m sure his members are the better off for being a part of it. Following the Winston Peters of religion, or raping kids in Turangi? Not that tough a decision.

  • Agent BallSack

    I see a shit load of shipping containers on the google image – Apt university buildings for immigrants?

  • sthnjeff

    I have always called bullshit on his “City” Plan from day 1. The Site size is three Hectares. Assuming he builds a church with capacity for 800 or so, when say 300 carparks are ttaken into account,  That is damn near the 3 hectares gone as the plan shows. Maybe he plans to piss off all surrounding neighbours and buy there properties at a discounted rate

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Churchillian phrase was “a terminological inexactitude”

  • Wetfootmammal

    Credit where credit’s due. Good research Cam.

  • Mark

    Scroll down to the bottom of this article to see video of Tamaki’s prophecy that they will rule NZ.

  • Anonymous

    You are all forgetting…Jesus wants you to be a millionaire.

    • Ant

      Psalm 25:13
      He himself shall dwell in prosperity, And his descendants shall inherit the earth.
      Psalm 25:12-14 (in Context)
      Psalm 25 (Whole Chapter)

    • Ant

      and a new testament one…
      3 John 1:2
      Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.
      3 John 1:1-3 (in Context)
      3 John 1 (Whole Chapter)

    • Ant

      You are totally right with this comment titanuranus… what you have means you can then help others. If you are broke yourself how are you supposed to help others crawl out of the cycles of debt and poverty.

      Genesis 12:2New King James Version (NKJV)
       2 I will make you a great nation;      I will bless you       And make your name great;       And you shall be a blessing.

  • Andrew McMillan

    The Media’s laziness is worse than Brian Tamaki’s lies for sure.

  • bb

    cool. thanks to your factual info i can be pissed at both bishop brian lazy ass journalists. nice work. kudos to you w.o.

  • Steve and Monique

    I see this self proclaimed “Bishop” as nothing short of a criminal. In one sense he appears to be doing an okay thing but then questions pop up that need answers. If/when he builds a school or some sort of educational facility, is he entitled to funding from the Government because he ticks a few boxes? The answer is yes, he only has to fit the criteria regardless of motives and he’s in the money, also, because it’s under the guise of a “church/religion” does that mean portions of it a tax write off? and last but not least, when his followers/Sheep sign over 10% of their earnings to the church when they join, is that tax free as it is called a donation instead of being called what it is – extortion. When someone says you can only be part of a religion or church unless you pay is blackmail. I’m sure God doesn’t teach people to do that, that would surely go against the essence of religion. Why is he preying on South Auckland? People will be using a portion of their benefit to give to this gold digger. What a slap in the face for followers that are struggling to see him come out in his designer suits and expensive shoes and his wife dripping in money. If you want to help them Tamaki, help them with no strings attached and no obvious pay off for you. The way this criminal flaunts his wealth which has been afforded him by his followers, is sickening. 

  • Steve and Monique

    Jones town,now Brian town.Seems like idiots with religion/cult beliefs can milk the poor fools who fall for their bullshit.And to top it off get a help from the taxpayer as well.Wonder where he will stick his huge statue of himself.I have a couple of ideas.

  • Steve and Monique, you missed Brotown…

    1. Bishop Tamaki made no press statement or official announcement through media of the church’s South Auckland plans2. The ‘soundbites’ the media snagged as the basis of the latest hype and headlines were from an announcement he made to members in a church meeting over New Years’  3. Pioneering leaders talk big picture. Your boss probably calls it vision casting. 25 years ago the Bishop preached (out of a rented St John’s Ambulance hall in Te Awamutu) of his plans to build one of the biggest churches in the country.  At that time the only members were his own family. Today he preaches to thousands in churches via television and online. 4. The shift to Manukau is the next stage of development relative to capacity – it’s called progress.But relax buddy. When the bigger picture aspects materialise you’ll probably be long gone. 

  • Ant    a better look at the facts.

  • Well least its that shed that is pictured and not the large amount of blank land at the end of the road opposite huge logistics shed.

    Had plans for that block of land ;) – but that aside ah well mega church and have an indifferent opinion to mega churches any way