Negotiated Infidelity

With all the furore over Newt Gingrich’s rooting it and his ex-missus declaring that Newt wanted an open marriage, I tought it amusing to see this article in Stuff about “Negotiated Infidelity”:

“Negotiated infidelity,” she termed it, telling CNN that “the woman that negotiates infidelity with her partner is far more powerful than a woman who is sitting home wondering why he’s late from the office Christmas party”.

She continued: “It’s better to walk the dog on a leash than let it escape through an unseen hole in the back fence.”

There is plenty more in the article but I think that couple of paragraphs is more than enough for some fun today. Discuss.

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  • Kthxbai

    “She continued: “It’s better to walk the dog on a leash than let it escape through an unseen hole in the back fence.””

    Nah.  Spoken like a woman who doesn’t want to earn her own living and has no self-respect.  Time to call it and walk off with your half of the assets.

    • Spanishbride

      Poor analogy. Here is a better one. Lets say my son is poorly behaved and I have been unable to get him to stop using foul language, to tidy his room, or to come home on time.
      Instead of disciplining him and giving him consequences for his actions I instead say……….I have discussed this problem with my son and we have come to an agreement. He will use foul language whenever he feels like. I will turn a blind eye to his lateness and untidy room. This is good because it means that I am in control as I negotiated this agreement and he will no longer go behind my back and try to sneak in late at night. He will simply come and go as he wishes instead.

  • Pete George

    When power is the priority in a marriage it is little more than a co-existence relationship, a sham marriage based on possession rather than passion, destined for loveless litigation.

    • Orange

      Very poetic

  • Hakim of Phut

    Its the same situation as in NZ . The guy  whos played around  ( Brash)  will all ways lose the political game against the  happily married guy ( Key).
    Newton doesnt have a hope as his marital problems mean his ability to do the top job is called into question. Especially against  Willard Romney whos squeaky clean.

    • No one in politics is squeaky clean

  • Brian Smaller

    But apparently Clinton was able to do the top job while sticking cigars into a fat girl’s pussy on the big desk.

  • JC

    Why believe her?

    She had over a decade to get this out but never did. Looks more like sour grapes to me (and she has a right to be pissed off).


    • Hakim of Phut

      A decade a go Newton  wasnt  in a pole position to become President..

      • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

        His pole position is the point at hand!

  • Cactus Kate

    No fun of you have permission.
    This woman needs her head read.