No Brains

TVNZ has launched a new ad for their new season promos.

They are so detached from reality they don’t realise the stupidity of someone running through a forest with a lit safety flare.

This is now the height of the risky forest fire season.

Further more he is holding an emergency distress smoke  flare which is a signal for distress.

Is this a reflection of TVNZ’s current financial situation.

A few seconds of complete irresponsibility…both in using a pyrotechnic device in a  forest and utilising a distress flare for fun instead of its intended purpose.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    What do you expect from a numpty organisation full of over paid teleprompt readers, Bimbo and Bimbette Reporters and so called Media Stars

    • ConwayCaptain

      BTW  the HEAT that these put out is incredible.

  • maninblack

    So TVNZ are broke, and so is TV3.. why is Nz television in such a terrible financial state of affairs? any ideas?

    • ConwayCaptain

      Paying the mega wages of the so called Managers,teleprompt readers, so called Stars and as no one watches the CRAP they put on no advertising revenue.

    • Gazzaw

      Have you checked out Sky TV shares of late?

  • Jman

    It’s even worse when you consider the accompanying lyrics – “I’m free to do what I want, any old time”

  • John Q Pubic

    ….”cause I’m free..” You’d think that was a problematic lyric for TV 1 & 2 when TV 3 is your competition, given the accuracy of the common vernacular in NZ, and the generally heard pronunciation of the word the ‘three’.

    Or was just my first impression?

    Conway- have you seen what they charge for a 30 second ad? Have you noticed a shortage of them lately? Me neither.

    • Paul Rain

      And what do the weather reading robots with their hilar-ious jokes, and their slightly more human brethren reading the news, add to the value for advertisers? Sure, there are plenty of ads- there are also plenty of worthwhile overseas shows that you have to see the ads to watch.

  • Anonymous

    A bit disappointed, saw the title and assumed it was a blog about kosh103. Maybe next time.

    • bb

      love it!!!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Looks like an idea from a person new to TV. Straight out of High School or Uni, into a NZTV think tank for new ideas. Expect more from the morons who have learnt nothing in their education

  • Dion

    One thing I get sick of is their journalists preaching to us about how to drive on their news bulletins.  

    Public safety messages and news are two different things.

  • James Gray

    Television is the worst fucking thing ever. People who never do any of the other activities featured in the ad waste their lives in front of it.

  • Steve and Monique

    Aside from the promo, I think the most craziest thing of all is their new promo for Breakfast – when will they get rid of Petra?! Accept it already, Petra isn’t the right mix for Breakfast, not strong enough. Ever since Paul and Pippa went, it’s just weak and with no substance, just a bunch of babbling, head wobbing amateurs.

  • Anonymous

    I knew when I saw this promo that somebody would complain about the flare. I just didn’t expect it would be WhaleOil.

    I’m not saying the flare isn’t stupid, btw. Just that I was doing a mental countdown until something was made of it.

  • Balanced View

    Let’s not get to PC about all of this. It’s just a bit of entertainment, and I don’t see it being irresponsible at all. The same people that complain about this will be the same people that complain about the violence in Bugs Bunny cartoons.

  • Scanner

    Long since made the change to MY SKY, now I watch what I want, when I want, without ads.

    Public (free to air) broadcasting in this country is fucked, it has stooped to being a brainwashing service for those without one, and a feel up for the egos of the 5% that want to look clever, ie Concert program, National radio.

  • Cadwallader

    I haven’t watched TV news for a couple of decades. I recall my initial repugnance was brought about by the bimbo stating “what do WE have in store for you tonight..” Sorry bimbo, you don’t have anything in are a pipeline not a source.