No it doesn’t

Stuff has a headline “Rena anger grows” and then goes on to regurgitate the natterings of the child MP Gareth Hughes ad nauseum.

The only anger is from this ninny because he has come back from his glorious taxpayer funded travel around the country for his Summer holidays and bashed out a couple of press releases that in the absence of anything else have been picked up by lazy churnalists.

We really do need to be looking at warning labels on silly “news articles”.


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  • Phar Lap

    Wonder how that pack of strident commie losers called the “Greens”,  would react if they had at least one electorate seat.Who the hell has given them a mandate in any shape or form.Every where i read one of that lot seem to find a negitave in just breathing.They seem to think they are the elected authority of NZ.

  • Agent BallSack

    I have an issue with this article Whale….you didn’t describe him as child *list* MP Gareth fucking Hughes.

  • Paulus

    As a Tauranga resident who hs just “coffee’d” at the Mount I have no idea what the article is about.
    Pure made up Bullshit, but that’s normal for the MSM, prompted by the Greenpeace Party.
    Welcome back Lazarus Jeanette Fitzsimons also. MSM needs you.

  • sue

    I’m not a Greens fan in any shape or form. Waste of space if you ask me. But I am a Tauranga resident and I’m bloody mad at what the Rena’s done to our beautiful beaches. We have a moron for a Mayor saying ‘this is actually good for Tauranga…” WTF?? So coffee’d up, you had a nice coffee downtown the mount – well come and have a look at Papamoa beach. You’re a moron too.

    • Peter Wilson

      Yeah, but who actually died here? I get a bit tired of people wanting to keep a pristine environment but not prepared to make the sacrifices to keep it, AND their glorious materialistic lifestyle.

      Reminds me of the complaints about the pollution level in Wellington harbour. People are complaining it’s not pure anymore. A harbour, in the the capital city. Hello.

  • Anonymous

    Gareth is being potentially racist. The sort of recommendations he would like to see from a Royal Commission wold be to ban ships flying flags of convenience, crewed with people from third world countries, etc (the Greens would like to ban everything except organic foods and quack medicines). There is an underlying implication that Filipino masters and deck officers are just not up to the job, and if the Rena had a European master and deck officers the disaster just would not have happened. It could be argued that a certain Kiwi pilot on the Mikhail Lermontov was arguably also not up to the job. Hence the sort of bans which I guess that Gareth would like see would be racist.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Agreed, but unfortunately Philipino maritime standards are way lower than European standards. This is not new, there are rumblings around the world about the dropping Standards. IMHO, The poms train the best officers from what I have seen.
      Conway Captain will have far better information on this topic, Are you on deck Captain ?