Not involved?

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Taken at 11:30am on Anzac Ave in town – Garry Parsloe and David Shearer together on their way to morning tea. Looks like Shearer is going down the do as say not as I do route.

Perhaps Parsloe is having a chat about the lack of progress after their big donation. If they were any closer they could have been holding hands.


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  • Where’s Bradley Ambrose when you need him?

  • Anonymous

    Excellent. More proof (if any were needed) that Labour are in bed with the unions.

  • TCrwdb

    lol, I reckon the Whale Army knows more about what’s going on than the SIS and Police combined!! :)

  • Kosh103

    LMAO – oh this is pathetic. Bitch bitch bitch, David is not doing/saying anything. Bitch bitch bitch David is doing/saying something.

    • Anonymous

      we told you last time kosh, nobody wants to lick you all over.

      A teacher using teenagers text message terminology, no wonder kids are getting thicker each year, as dense as a bucket of sand.

      • Kosh103

        Gee surprise surprise, Trav has nothing to add excpet pointless childish comments.

        Getting ready for Key to offer you a ministership are you?

      • Anonymous

        kosh with irony of that magnitude you should be writing lyrics for Alanis Morisette

      • Scanner

        Come on Trav we all know teachers are men amongst boys, and boys amongst men.

    • Dr Wang

      I think the point is that Shearer said he was staying out of this stoush, they were better to sort it out without his involvement. As Mr WhaleOil has pointed out: Shearer is obviously saying one thing, but doing another.

      Agreed in one sense it is not newsworthy though: latest Labour leader tells porkies, same as the last one, same as the one before that…etc etc. Nothing new there.

    • Dr Frank Cant read

      Hey dickhead – the observations  about sheaer doing nothing were valid given teh funding get from labour. The bitching that he is getting involv3ed comes AFTER shearer’s mob telling NZ that they wont get involved…..

      • Angry Croc

        The correct term for Kosh is Fuckwit, Dr Frank.

      • Kosh103

        And do you know what was discussed between the 2 men at all?

    • Granny

      Here’s an interesting Google query for you all to while away this fine afternoon
      +Kosh103 +school +nz

      • Angry Croc

        = Disaster.

    • Angry Croc

      FFs Kosh you are still as big a fuckwit as you were yesterday. Why don’t you go and do your lesson plans for next term?

      • Kosh is an idiot

        No need, Kosh will be recycling teh ones that have been used for the last 10 years, which he bought for $1.50 at TECOL.

      • Kosh103

        Oh croc so good to see you proving yet again the right are as clever as a stick in mud.

  • Hakim of Phut

    Stalking ? Looks like Nationals research unit has someone posted outside MUNZ offices ( in Anzac Ave)
     Proof Labour in bed with unions? Where are you from Mars, of course they are.

  • Scanner

    “Now Gary you will use the Vaseline like you promised”


    Pretty sure Key had a post-election meeting with Turei and Norman OMFG THEY’RE WORKING TOGETHER CONSPIRACY NYAAAARRRRR!



    • Steve and Monique

      Has key offered to pay for his sex change??

  • Steve and Monique

    Cant believe anything the bastards say.Labour/unions unite,and become the steaming pile of shit we know you to be.

  • EX Navy Greg

    Mass redundacies expected at port, herald online, heh!

    • Anonymous

      we can only hope…

  • Must be something to it Cameron; the trolls are out in force this afternoon.

    Then again, once they are redundant, you’ll probably see even more of them

  • Auto_immune

    Shearer is surely smart enough to know that future votes are worth more than future bundles of $18K, right? RIGHT?

  • Apolonia

    Looks like Shearer is only a glove puppet after all.

    • Gazzaw

      This is absolutely the last scenario that Shearer wanted. There’s no hiding now – he has to come down off the fence & back Parsloe which will trash labour’s struggling rep with the public. If he doesn’t then the unions will be all over him for being a traitor to the working classes.

  • Fozzie61

    Prove it !

    • Kosh103

      You are asking the right to prove their tinfoil hat ramblings??? A bit much to ask of them I would have thought.

      • Angry Croc

        Still a moron Kosh, why don’t you piss off while the going is good. What scool are you at? I don’t want my grandkids going there.

      • Angry Croc

        Sorry Kaosh I learnt my spelling from you, should be SCHOOL.

      • Kosh103

        Awww croc, thats just a lame comeback, even for someone like you.

  • jay cee

    why doesn’t shearer get involved in the strike? the lame duck. shearer seen walking and presumably talking with parsloe,shock horror must be a conspiracy! damned if you do – damned if you don’t.

    • EX Navy Greg

       Shearer is in a no win situation, If he backs the union, which the vast majority of NZ doesn’t, It will erode their support even further. If he does not back the union, that will damage Labour’s ” traditional”  vote.
      This is a real test of his skills, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  • Steve and Monique

    Guess which creek they are up

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  • Ken Crawford

    Get a job, beefy