Nuckin Futs

This whole story is nuckin futs:

A snack maker, marketing its product to pubs, nightclubs and other entertainment venues, is calling its snack Nuckin Futs, after getting the green light from Australian regulators.

The Trade Marks Examiner initially decided Nuckin Futs was scandalous and inappropriate and rejected a trademark application.

The company’s lawyers had argued the four-letter word implied in the product name by juxtapositioning the words’ initials, is a normal part of Australian speech and therefore not offensive.

That argument may not have been accepted.

But the trademark was eventually allowed on condition the Queensland owner does not market the product to children.

The edible snack, which contains nuts, will only be sold in pubs, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.


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  • Davidw

    Probably needs a health warning also “May contain traces of nuts”

  • poorman

    How do they get to do this?

    I thought KOSH held the sole rights to Nuckin Futs.

    • bb

      no. kosh is a fut nucker

  • Troy

    No wuckin forries… i mean really, i thought most of the world was way past the ancient concept of losing their rags over what might be apparently bad for people – it’s actually really good to have some humour in our lives, ..  seems there are plenty of numpties out there still who wet themselves over the difference between good and bad taste.. pack of goat’s cocks they are.

  • Spanishbride
    Master WO drank this for a while simply because he has a sick sense of humor like his parents.

  • Gazzaw

    Follow up product I hear is Chuckin Fips.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Made by Betty Swollocks?