NZ on Air – “a prominent communication vehicle for the Labour Party”

Clare Curran has had a crack at David Farrar in a blog post, worse she admits what many have long suspected, that NZ on Air funding is part of the apparatus of the Labour party. It certainly explains why Martyn Bradbury continues to recieve funding:

His comments on Radio NZ this morning with regard to censoring the broadcast media contradicts his comments on his blog with regard to the internet. I pointed that out. Hypocrisy is important to point out when one is a political commentator in the public eye as Farrar is, and when he is part of a group which is intent on censoring a prominent communication vehicle for the Labour Party.

Gotta love Red Alert, hope they keep it.


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  • Scanner

    Interesting that Clare should “have a go” on Red Alert, I guess it’s much easier to filter the comments when you control the messenger.
    Red Alert has turned into a farce, anyone with a viewpoint slightly differing from the appointed line gets suspended or banned, so rather than a meeting point for differing ideas and discussion the axe comes out, you can still have rules and standards, most would observe them, instead it’s sort of become the Standard Lite really.
    Sorry Clare, Helen has left town you can actually have an opinion now, or does the iron fist reach all the way from New York, censorship and hypocrisy, hell it looks like they are enshrined in your founding documents.

  • James Gray

    She’s later elaborated that she meant Red Alert, not NZ on Air. Strange though, I don’t know how you can confuse suggestions that the labour party would do well to take more care in what it publishes, with intent on censoring…

    • Paul Rain

      Well, it’s the sort of Orwellian language she would use to describe Labour’s moves to actually censor people, with legislation like the Electoral Finance Act.

  • Anon

    Wish she would get an airbrushed picture. She looks like tramp with that hair.
    Yes, I have been banned onn Red Jerk before.

  • Dr Wang

    The stupid bint is now trying (in vain) in the comments to argue that she meant that Farrar was intent on censoring Red Alert (“the prominent communication vehicle for the Labour Party”) – yeah right!

    Farrar made no mention at all of Red Alert, he was talking about NZOA. Doesn’t matter how much Clare tries to spin this one – the facts are in black and white.

    Curran has made one colossal Freudian slip here, identifying NZOA as a prominent Labour Party propaganda mouthpiece – no amount of back-pedalling can erase that one!

    • BoJangles

      crediting Curran with a Freudian slip is to classy.   She Goofed 

  • Anonymous

    “I certainly don’t think that politicians should be interferring in, when and if material can be shown on television during an election campaign.”

    So then why did Labour pass Election laws that prevent parties purchasing advertising time with their own money?

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